LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The next influx of UC students may be asked to state their sexual orientation.

In January, the Academic Senate recommended that upon accepting admission offers from a University of California school students should have the option of identifying themselves as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender.

The UC Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools had mixed reactions but agreed that the question would allow them to collect important statistical information. They recommended putting the question on the SIR forms instead of college applications to protect students’ privacy.

The news made the front page of UCLA’s campus paper Daily Bruin and is stirring controversy across UC campuses.

(credit: CBS)

Supporters say the declaration will help campuses better plan for the needs of LGBT students.

Queer Alliance Board member Luis Roman said he has spoken with university officials about the proposal, which he enthusiastically supports, because he believes it will bring badly needed services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students.

Some members of that community believe it would show that there are many more LGBT students than university officials realize.

“I think the numbers are way bigger than we really imagine or know,” Roman said.

The sexual orientation question would likely be optional. That may mean that a sizable number of students would not respond or would do so dishonestly — skewing the results, said Raja Bhattar, the director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center at UCLA.

The data would be collected from incoming freshmen and transfer students.

High school senior Brian Vo, who was visiting his friend Quincy Vien on campus, said he wouldn’t mind being asked.

“I think it’s fine. They’re just collecting information to kind of cater to the population. It’s not obligatory — it’s voluntary — so it’s up to you whether you want to or not.”

None of the UCLA students who spoke with CBS2 objected to the idea of being asked about their sexual orientation — on the condition that it was optional.

Although UCLA has a reputation as a LGBT-friendly campus, Camilia Lacques warns that LGBT students have been victims of prejudice.

“You can walk around and hear gay, you can hear f—-t, you can hear awful remarks, you can [see] stares at some of my self-identified male friends that wear heels for example that get harassed everyday…so, as much support as there is, there is definitely anti-queer backlash on this campus,” the student said.

UCLA student Ernesto Valles said the sexual orientation survey might lead to special dormitory floors that would create a safe environment for LGBT students.

For now, the idea remains a proposal and, if approved, it would apply to all schools within the UC system.

According to the Daily Bruin, the sexual orientation question has been approved to appear in forms presented to incoming students within the Cal State and community college system.

The newspaper also reported that Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Lawrence H. Pitts will be responsible for deciding whether to pass the proposed measure for the UC school system.

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  1. McGehee says:

    It’s none of the university’s damn business.

    1. krp says:

      It is if liberal art perfessers, like say, if Bonnie Fwank wanted to give lectures after his retirement, wanted to know which students to have apply for internships. This helps to streamline the selection process.

      1. Larry A. says:

        “perfessers”? Wow, you certainly are a product of the failed UC system.

      2. SchoolsOut says:

        Ridiculous! So much of the news is made up after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

      3. Zip says:

        If its doesn’t have to pertain to their education, then it shouldn’t be asked.

        We are in interesting times

    2. TDS says:

      Amen! Anyone with three brain cells is LEAVING CA!

      The inmates are running the system! “If” you pay taxes you are being told by those who don’t and never will what they would like for breakfast, lunch, dinner, transportation, parks, libraries, high school and college!

      O ya, keep your junk in the closet! Who cares! Get over yourself!

    3. applepie-stickybush says:

      I prefer to have sexual relations with a warm apple pie and believe that I was not meant to be born a male or woman, but instead a catus plant. WHERES THE CHECK BOX FOR ME???

  2. Skipper says:

    I really wish CA would secede from the USA. Please go on your own CA and have your utopia.

    1. Chad says:

      Orange and lemon groves are paved over. The avocados wither in the Environmentalist-induced drought. The almonds die with the shut off of the state water by the feds.

      Most of the tech firms have relocated to east Asia or Texas…with only a shell of their former selves in the San Jose area.

      The redwoods are largely off limits as such restrictive rules are in place that people may have to way months – or years – to get into the parks.

      And California used to be sixth…it’s sunk to 8th, if you’re correct…and it will continue to sink further as Leftist politicians kill California.

      Skipper is like me I suspect. He doesn’t hate California, he hates the suicide of California by Californians and ultimately paid for by the other 270 million Americans.

    2. Major Johnson says:

      And is on the verge of bankruptcy despite its vast resources. Actually because of its vast resources, its like the trailer trash that wins a million in the lottery, next thing you know they’re broke, surrounded by expensive googaws they cannot afford to maintain and buried under promises they cannot keep.

    3. meeester says:

      maybe it’s like “if we knew how much trouble they’d be, we would have picked the cotton ourselves”.
      It’s awkward to remember that not all Californians are slackers, morons or clueless.

    4. mewp12 says:

      No, dear, California is just strange. If you can’t see that then you have been there too long. Get out and see the rest of the world.

    5. Ned Stark says:

      Nope, love all those things. Hate the liberal morons running that train wreck. As someone else pointed out, Ca with it’s vast resources is like trailer trash winning the lottery. In 5 years they are worse off than they started.

    6. George Johnson says:

      Everything you named, is an inanimate object. It’s not them we object to, they can’t help where they’re located.
      We hate the radical liberals that live there and ruin it for EVERYBODY, even their neighbors in other states.
      Personally, I despise radical liberals, and marxist, and communist, and socialist. But I really, really hate those that try to foist it upon me, just as they hate religious people that try to foist their religion upon them!

    7. Fluoric says:

      Chad – You nailed it.

    8. el polacko says:

      the only people who spout off about what an awful place it is can’t possibly have ever been to california. it’s unquestionably the most beautiful state in the union with majestic views of it’s mountains, beaches, forests, deserts, and world-class cities. politically, there’s as many conservative folk here as liberal .there’s room for everybody to enjoy all that california has to offer and we welcome tourists from all over the world.. but if you must insist that’s it’s just a terrible place because of the diversity of people here then please do stay away. we could use less traffic.

      1. Proudly Unaffiliated says:

        No problem, we will.

      2. SchloRide says:

        I was born and raised in CA. Born in Sunnyvale, raised in Simi Valley, Fullerton, and the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. I KNOW the state, and I could not be happier that I left at age 18 and joined the military. I am now retired in Kansas, And I just look at what California has become and shake my head. CA has sunk into a cesspool of moral relativism and progressive facism. You can’t even own your own property anymore – you are now a slave to local dictators and statutes that control and dominate your lives. It’s sickening that such a beautiful state has been so disgustingly warped.

      3. JustAGuy says:

        I’m a California native. Born and raised. Spent half my life in California,. But I left. One of the best decisions I made in my life!

      4. The Clintidote says:

        I spent the first 40 years of my life in California.

        If I didn’t still have some family there, I’d never see it again. So let’s just say “I’ve been there”.

      5. KC Truby says:

        There is no tolerance or room for conservative thinking in my zip code. I am selling out and moving to TX or FL my opinions and ideas are not to be heard according to my neighbors.

      6. CTW says:

        I escaped from San Francisco. Though there are some things I miss about it, you couldn’t pay me enough to live there again. The beauty of the state doesn’t make up for the insanity. There are some conservatives there, yes, but they have very little input or ability to influence anything there. Nice try Bucko El Polacko

      7. radicaltruth says:

        way to put on the blinders and ignore reality, el polacko. it used to be a great state.. could still be one again, but the policies and agenda of the state gov over the past decades have made it nearly bankrupt, full of debt, and increasingly a horrible place to have a business. yes, the geography and nature is beautiful… but that’s not what’s being bemoaned here in the comments.

      8. David says:

        Left Sept 1 08. Continue to live in your delusions.

      9. Uh, I beg to differ. I was born in California and have lived here all my life. The direction California is moving is driving many life long californians out of the state. I love the state (geographically), but I grieve over our leadership. It seems like they are doing everything they can to drive out small businesses and people who have moral standards.

      10. Tim says:

        Name one world class city in California. As you know, all fruits, nuts and flakes.

      11. thedsapper says:

        You couldn’t be more wrong, born and raised in Newport Beach, left for the military, stationed in Colorado and now stationed back in CA. I’ve seen what America can and should be in states like MT, CO, WY, ID and the rest of the Rocky Mountain region.

        California gets exactly what it deserves, a bankrupt state that has catered to every social program, every small interest group and every liberal in the State. No wonder small businesses are fleeing and the state with its union-led workers have crippled the economy.

        There is not room for conservatives in CA, hence all the shenanigans that have led to increased regulations and high state taxes on small businesses, the shutting off of water to farmers in San Joaquin Valley due to a stupid delta smelt, increase in vehicle registration fees, increase in property tax and an overall increase in COLA.

        If you look at all the conservative states as opposed to the liberal-led states, they are far better off economically and have the job growth in those states. You’ve clearly listened to all the liberal teachers in your HS and or college. The sad thing is that is all you’ve ever heard, all you’ve ever known and all you’ll choose to support.

        I do know that people like you think that people like me are racist and intollerant because we believe that you should earn what you keep and keep what you earn.

      12. MarkJ says:

        The old Soviet Union had “majestic” scenery and a diverse population too. But nobody wanted to live there either.

      13. Karen says:

        I moved to California because of the weather. I agree that the scenery is gorgeous. I think this is the most divisive, dumb idea I have ever heard. I could care less what people do behind closed doors. Keep it there. This is just another way that gay people want to be more special. Who cares seems to be the main comment among posters here and I agree. Who cares. This is dumb and has no place on an application form. Being gay is not the same as being a man or woman. Period.

    9. james says:

      California did not create the technology such as apple, HP etc. Individuals created them, from california or not, it was still humnas, not the state which creates.

    10. Karl Massieu says:

      I hate California because your state, 30 seconds after the polls closed at 7pm that fateful November day in 2008, went immediately for Ob*ma and put him over the top to become Dear Leader.

      We are all suffering for what you have done.

    11. lee says:

      the natural beauty and success of California is because it has natural beauty, and resources….do you really think Steve Jobs would be able to operate in today’s California business climate?…..no,….never…he’d be in Nevada..

      since California is in some places one big super highway, perhaps California likes the oil from Okla. and Texas, and North Dakota, and Wyoming….

      perhaps California likes the .coal from Wyoming or West Virginia to fuel its power plants, since California uses so much energy…

    12. Taxbilly says:

      Lived in California for the first 52 years of my life. I left in 2000 and never looked back, best thing I ever did for my life. Lived in San Jose when it was orchards and free from gangs and left after getting my car shot-up for parking in the wrong neighborhood.

      Your economy is in the dumps.

    13. krp says:

      Florida avocados (alligator pears) are MUCH better than the Hass ones that come from California.

      Florida oranges are better too. That’s why they have the Florida Sunshine tree to show which orange juices are made from 100% Florida Oranges. What about the California Sunshine Tree? There isn’t any. California orange juice is mixed with juice from Brazil. There is no such thing as 100% California orange juice.

      And most of that technology, actually comes from China. The only thing in California are the NIMBY libturds that thought about it. but couldn’t get their hands dirty actually building it.

      We should give California back to Mexico.

    14. reject says:

      We all don’t hate California; we just wouldn’t mind it if we had to show our passports to enter the “state.”

      While I’m sure there are many, many nice people there and I have enjoyed nice vacations in CA, it has sort of become the moral armpit of the country.

    15. ROWDY BOOTS says:

      uh, yeah, you actually have it right,



    16. Canof Sand says:

      Ask the average Southern Californian how they feel about the majority of the state’s politicians and the people voting them in, and you’ll get your answer. Hint: They’ve tried pushing a secession movement (from the state) multiple times.

    17. dfghdf says:

      correction 8th largest FAILING economy – all of that produce is also grown elsewhere or could be – you equate hating California with hating trees? Mostly we hate California becasue of morons such as yourself that inhabit it. You should be ashamed that people like you have created a repuation for lunacy and abnormality that has completely overshadowed all those nice things. Still laughing over the economy thing…

    18. Bay Area Baby says:

      I know how you feel. I am a third generation Californian and I hate what has happen to my beautiful state. The weather brought the East Coast to our California shores. They blew in and tainted us with their cancerous progressivism. They wormed their way into the University System and spread their propaganda. The Bay Area at one time was conservative, hard to believe! U.C. Berkeley was first established to keep students away from the immorality of San Francisco. Make you want to laugh know doesn’t it. God help California because the Devil is hell bent on destroying it.

      1. Charles Andjelic says:

        I left California too. And I as a heterosexual person would not want to be imposed on to live with a gay, bi, tran-gender, or transvestite. I would prefer to life with a Male who is interested in FEMALES! What happened to that young guy who killed himself at RUTGER University was Said; none the less, why was his straight roommate forced to live with a Gay Roommate Inaddition, It was a joke and a gag on his roommate. He didn’t push him out of the Dorm. The Young kid had emotional problems about his sexuality if he committed suicide. No one pushed him out the building.

    19. Johnny B Goode says:

      Just hate people like you.

    20. Gerri Thomas says:

      When will the media stop reporting made up stories? Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

      Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

    21. Joe Bob says:

      It’s not like we hate all the fruits and nuts in California. 😉

    22. Judy says:

      All you California bashers we sure have a alot of people coming to the state. And they’re not all immigrants. Every state has it’s negative parts. Bitter cold, 98 degree temps with 98% humidity, fire ants, misquitos the size of quarters, tornados, hurricanes, massive floods. Yea, we have earthquakes but not near as often as that severe weather stuff. Besides, it helps get rid of those that don’t want to be here, rattle your brains a bit and you’re out of here.NoCal wanted to split from SoCal long before they did. And the one that left CA when he was 18 and you say you know California. You don’t anything. You weren’t even a real adult yet.

      80% of the worlds supply of almonds are from California

      Guess you haven’t been in the San Juaquin valley recently to see what’s growning

      guess you haven’t been in the Bay Area and seen the logos of so many of the high tech firms. They are everywhere. Granted, the stuff may be made elsewhere but I’ll wager we have more masters degrees and doctorates than anywhere else in the world.

      The redwoods are quite accessible. Much is protected from outsiders that would come in such numbers that the trees would be destroyed. There’s enough to be seen. And you can have solitude.

      So if you don’t like CA please don’t come, we really don’t want or need you.

    23. ella funt says:

      I totaly agree with your first statement ( California has a lot of FRUITS & NUTS.)

    24. Ernaldo T says:

      I thought they already did?

  3. doug says:

    I would check all the boxes just because…

    1. michael says:

      There should a box marked…..unknown/uncertain…welcome to the land of fruit&nuts.

    2. reject says:

      Everyone who applies for admission to UC should just lie. Check whatever box you want to check, regardless of its relation to the truth. Who says you’d be *wrong* to do that? There is no such thing – any more – as objective right or objective wrong, is there?!

    3. MichaelC says:

      There should be a box marked – whatever. Or one marked – yes. Or maybe one marked – whatever is handy. Flipping CA, the most out-to-lunch state in the union, and that’s saying a lot.

      1. PapaU says:

        They need a box for “tri-sexual”… I’ll try anything, once!!

  4. Toni says:

    Can one identify oneself as normal?

    1. George Johnson says:

      No. Because in their world, those are the only “normal” options.
      They’ve been pushing this agenda for decades,and it’s finally worked. They even asked grade school kids, ‘How do you know you’re NOT gay”?? Now how sick is that? The implication is everybody is gay, you just don’t know it yet.
      And, what’s worse, is THIS is the reason the radicals wanted to be in charge (or obtained) control of the school system, so they can push their agenda and indoctrinate all the kids. Nobody is speaking out against the radical liberal control.
      But just look at the other agendas they’re pushing, the hoax of global warming, radical environmentalism, socialism, communism in places, etc… etc.. etc….
      Schools have been a place for them to push their social agenda for decades, and it’s worked for them, do you want the rest of their agenda to succeed also?

    2. Nick says:

      Never. It’s a subjective notion. Normal is an objective concept.

      1. Canof Sand says:

        Only to people who lack common sense.

      2. dfghdf says:

        It is both subjective and objective depending on how you use it you dipshyt. If you want to play intellectual perhaps you should have some standing in logic to start with.

      3. The Clintidote says:

        Normal is normal. If you don’t understand that, Nick, you’re not normal.

  5. Climp Jones says:

    be all that you can’t be

  6. Calsewer says:

    Affirmative action for blacks and white perverts. Need to add illegals to the list.

    1. Lib H8tr says:

      Illegals are a given and are granted special treatment.

      1. Nick says:

        So will the LGBT students. Just wait and see…

      2. JustAGuy says:

        And single women will get plentiful , free access to contraception. Especially if they’re law school students. They’ll get a free double helping! 🙂

    2. Nick says:

      The only perversion is your smug self-righteous ideologies. IF YOU AREN’T LIKE ME YOU’RE WRONG! Narcissistic much?

      1. Canof Sand says:

        What a straw man. It’s not about “like me”. It’s about not being a radical agenda-pushing pervert. Sorry you can’t tell the difference. The bank robber isn’t “like me”; is it bigoted for us to outlaw robbery, then? My brother-in-law isn’t “like me” racially, yet I don’t attack him for that. So we see that your accusation is baseless. It’s just the standard Leftist card you play when you don’t have a real argument, you mental midget.

        Have you ever seen a “gay pride” parade? Yeah, they’re perverts, and don’t tell me those are just a tiny minority people giving the rest of you a bad name when there’s not a single well-known “gay” organization that actively fights their filth and corruption. Some *individuals* are disgusted by that filth, but the so-called “gay community” does not, so your “community” should shrivel up and die while the individuals who aren’t pushing that filth on us can go about their private affairs and we’ll leave them alone so long as they break no laws and don’t ask for any special favors or try to shove their lifestyles in our or our children’s faces in a bid for “acceptance”.

      2. The Engineer says:

        Well Said Canof Sand

      3. Karen says:

        Canof Sand I have no idea what you are saying.

    3. GROWAPAIR says:

      Calsewer, note my use of quotation marks do you know what they signify, pu$$y dumbf**k? I doubt it. Okay, you’ve more than confirmed d!ckbrain pu$$y dumbf**k, crawl back on your daddy.

  7. 300_lb_gorrilla says:

    Big Brother is watching! The radical left does not give a hoot about privacy. The hypocrites fostering this idiocy will all be exempt of course.

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      It won’t do them any good though…I mean it’s not like we wouldn’t be able to guess.

  8. David Maxwell says:

    Liberals are clinically insane.

    1. Nick says:

      Repeating the same experiments while expecting different results is insanity. Go read some books. They have facts that aren’t opinionated declarations of truth.

      1. death by liberals says:

        Nick, That is exactly why he is right. Liberals continue to support the same failed social, economic & environmental programs over and over with the same miserable results.

      2. dfghdf says:

        Well Nick you seem to never miss an opportunity to look stupid – that si a quote not a definition of the term you dope.

      3. dfghdf says:

        Well Nick you seem to never miss an opportunity to look stupid – that is a quote not a definition of the term you dope. That represents someone opinionated declaration of truth – I can only assume you must have just attended a class somewhere and are convinced that the pats on the head the Lefty self centered professors have given you are an indicator of your ability to “free think” – I will say you are amusing

      4. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        So Nick…what you’re saying is, the book Mein Kampf is full of facts and not opinions?

  9. Capt Phil says:

    What does f___t mean? I wouldn’t go to CA to buy a coffee let alone spend any time there. There is poison water in that well.

  10. Uomo Del Ghiaccio says:

    What happens if you declare one way and then switch teams?

    1. Proudly Unaffiliated says:

      Then you will be playing for the other team.

      1. Proudly Unaffiliated says:

        ….as a free agent.

  11. Marian Foreman says:

    Looking at the options new students can choose. Heterosexual will not be an option that is availabe to the incoming students. Interesting and so so sad.

    1. Nick says:

      Heterosexual is the default. Your inability to realize that is so so sad.

    2. JustAGuy says:

      It is sad that Nick is so uptight he cannot recognize Marian Foreman posted that with her tongue firmly planted in her cheek.

    3. Atomic says:

      You are exactly correct. This is just the next round in the continuing battle to further alienate, marginilize and discriminate against the straight white male in our society.

      1. Judy says:

        It’s hard when the straight, white male in our society is getting a taste of his own medicine.

      2. Melvin says:

        And I suppose you and your kind are going to be the doctor?

    4. Hadenuff says:

      The problem is that Nick only wants a same-sex tongue firmly planted between his cheeks, AND he wants you to cheer about it, and pay for his sex change operation. Flukin clymer!’

    5. SpinSpinSpin says:

      Yeah I’ll buy this story for a dollar. Too much of the news is made up after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

      Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history.

  12. The Clintidote says:

    “Normal” had better be one of the choices.

    1. el polacko says:

      it is…straight and normal….gay and normal….bi and normal…and trans and normal. we’re all the same.

      1. Canof Sand says:

        A boy who thinks he’s “really” a girl, or vice versa, is mentally deluded, just the same as a boy who thinks he’s “really” a wolf is deluded. Yet people like you consider those people normal. YOU THINK IRREFUTABLY MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE ARE “NORMAL”. And some so-called “scientists” and “psychologists” would agree with you, now that “Science” ignores reality and pushes pseudo-science when it comes into conflict with Political Correctness. The great scientists and psychologists of the past roll in their graves! Your ilk has no place judging what is and is not “normal”. YOU are almost as deluded as those mentally ill people you so horrifically misdiagnose!

      2. The Clintidote says:

        Sorry, polacko, you’re obviously not normal if that’s your conclusion.

      3. MichaelC says:

        Actually NO, we’re not all the same, that is the exact reason that this entire conversation, the reason the idea of ‘defining yourself’ – has come about. You’re a person with un-normal sexual urges, I’m not. 90+% of the population has the same sexual urges as I do, that makes me ‘normal’ and you not-normal.

  13. snapboy says:

    It might be interesting to figure out how badly underrepresented blue eyed people or wiccans or 85 year olds are in their admissions rate

  14. Lib H8tr says:

    People is this nation really wonder why this country is failing. Give Cali back to Mexico since both are sh1tholes.

  15. Jay Maloney says:

    There are “Cancer Warning” signs on just about everything in California. At seafood restaurants. On soda cans. Gas stations. You name it.

    The state has turned into an asylum run by politicians who think they own the people. Worse, the people of California have let themselves become the property of the state.

  16. LydiaLydia says:

    Maybe the University of California needs to know how much disease and AIDs they should be prepared for.

  17. jj says:

    I agree! What a mess! Makes you sick inside to see our country so shameless, self-seeking and selfish!

  18. N.A. says:

    The problem if California is that its full of Californians.

    1. craigalls says:

      Unfortunately, they migrate and carry the disease with them.

      1. USSA under King Hussein Obama says:

        Yep – sad to say it but Southern Oregon has slowly become Northern California as retirees from California flock here…

  19. DD says:

    YES! of course… Why not Identify all LGBT as victims? That is the message, isn’t it? What about all the LGBT groups and individuals that attack people,( their advertisers, their employers) if they don’t buy into their demands? Is this is the age of the narcissistic, insecure fool and idiot, like the LGBT that insist on being in the front row of that class? Who cares about sexual orientation, anyway?

  20. JR says:

    As a native and former resident who went through the state system, my response would have been ‘absolutely none of your business’.

    Prepare for the needs of your students? Your students need a fiscally solvent system that doesn’t break their bank. Focus on your real job in instead of looking to be some sort of paternal entity.

  21. Mannie says:

    Given that this is in The Granola State (Flakes, Fruits and Nuts), a prospective student would nor me amiss in presuming that being gay would result in an increased chance of admission. So expect to see a larger than statistically correct population of students self identifying as gay, to reap those benefits.

    The School will report a high percentage of LGBT students, and claim that the orientation is more common than it actually is. Welcome to the world of Liberal Nonsense statistics.

    1. death by liberals says:

      Nail on the head…despite the typos 🙂

  22. Mannie says:

    Should read, “a prospective student would not be amiss.”

    Must learn to proofread!

  23. Cogito says:

    We just get government out of our bedrooms and they want right back in. Where is the wall between bedroom and state?

    1. Proudly Unaffiliated says:

      Good question. The person most qualified to answer is Bill Clinton.

  24. Tom says:

    Dear Mexico.
    Sorry for fighting against you all these years…please feel free to take California

  25. Vina Sestonari says:

    Because it’s anonymous, everybody should just put down that they’re gay.

    It’s like how I did with the census. I wrote in “native american”. lol

    When the state asks you unreasonable questions, give them unreasonable answers whenever possible.

    Throw a monkey wrench into the system!

    1. michael says:

      Pencil in: Perv/Lady-Boy…lol

  26. Californicating California says:

    Just when it looks like California has californicated itself enough, there California goes and comes up with another californicating policy.

  27. UrsusRexx says:

    Re: “They recommended putting the question on the SIR forms instead of college applications to protect students’ privacy…”

    It is BOTH fascinating and harrowing to note that gay people faceing a level of discrimination & violence reminiscent of the 1960’s civil rights marches, Jim crow, etc., STILL need these privacy protections…

    One would think the monotheists would take the ‘hint’!
    Particularly in light of the recent addtion of the I.O.R. Vatican bank to the list of suspected money laundering R.I.C.O.-Crime syndicates!

    1. dfghdf says:

      sicne you are painfully ignorant let me point this out not all Monotheists are Chrisitan, not all Christians are Catholic and therefore not all Monotheists ahve a tie to the Vatican. Good job of shoe hronign the rhetoric in there – it goes from protecting privacy to keeping them from being curbed in the street – wow are you the master of hyperbole?. Also if you had a functioning brain cell you would have read it as written “to protect student’s privacy” not to “protect gay student’s privacy” – can you get any more deceitfully minded? Nice stretch in adding the irrelevent bank thing, here’s an idea how about you flamers take the ‘hint” especially in light of thousands of years of hiding yourselves. Here’s your sign! I also appreciate how you turn a suspicion into the air of conviction – not too lefty knee jerkish are you? here let’s draw some other widl conclusions and see how they fit for you – many serial killers in Califronia have been gay – you’d think gay’s would “get the hint” especially in light of how violent and antisocial they are. See how stupid you are yet?

      1. Kyla says:

        dfghdf — brilliant smackdown. Where’s all this “violence against gay people” anyway? Are these incidents any more numerous than violence against other people? I laughed out loud at the article when it mentioned the harassment against “males who wear heels” — then I realized the guy was serious. Special sections in the dorms for gays? OK — let this university be designated as a beacon for gays — and let them all go there and wear their heels. The rest of us will go elsewhere.

  28. Michael says:

    If administrations wanted this info so they could segregate gay students, the libs would go berserk. Be careful what you wish for.

  29. Mark says:

    Ahhh California. Best decision I ever made in my life was to move away from there. It’s a cesspool of liberal madness, corrupt government and economic disaster.

  30. Typical White Person says:

    I always refused to answer demographic questions on school forms or employment. Their sole purpose is to give someone a job counting how many of this or that they have. Now they are adding it to college applications to add to “diversity”. And in CA they have also added it to apply for bids to do work for gov’t contracts. Are you a gay architect? Probably get a few xtra points on the bidding process. California…tumbles into the sea…

    1. Kyla says:

      ….that’ll be the day I move back to Annandale….:)

  31. Dave Turner says:

    I’m curious what will happen if the LGBT community doesn’t find that it has significantly more “members” ( for lack of a better term ) than they have at present. Will the survey continue or will there be cries of “people are afraid to designate their orientation” or something similar.

    1. dfghdf says:

      The latter of course s usual and utterly predictable. If the facts don;t match their case they just decry the fact gatherers.

    2. disgusted by it all says:

      No matter what the numbers are, gay activists will claim that LGBTT2SOGOs are being under counted because they are afraid to identify themselves. In order to alleviate that fear, additional “sensitivity and awareness” training measures will be demanded. In order to make LGBTT2SOGO students more comfortable, campus activities celebrating LGBTT2SOGOness will be held and more flamboyant LGBTT2SOGO professors will be hired. Naturally, those who refuse to publicly declare how much they love the ghey will be bullied and harassed and will face disciplinary measures.

  32. Typical White Person says:

    Also, I am SHOCKED to hear that a male student wearing high heels is the object of ridicule. Clearly the other students must be sent to a re-education camp pronto to be schooled in the liberal wackos Little Pink Book.

    1. disgusted by it all says:

      Yeah, the first thing I thought when I read that was, “Does Camilia Lacques even realize how daft her perspective is?” Then, I thought, “I’ll bet that Camilia Lacques is an officer in one of the campus freak clubs or is basically a professional activist.”

      Does anyone really believe that CBS couldn’t find students who found the proposal to be outrageous? Did CBS even bother to interview anyone who wasn’t in the office of a leftist political group on campus?

  33. kensaw says:

    Let’s see now; if a person can not tell whether they are male or female maybe they should not be in a tax supported school because of lack of intelligence and or common sense.

    Why not declare that when a heavy object falls that it fall away form the center of the earth and not towards it which would prevent a lot of injuries.

    While they are at it we could make fire cold and ice hot and if you are vertically challenged you could make your own tape measure to claim that you are 6’8″ instead of 5’7″. The more I think about it no one would be obese or anorexic if we could define our own scales.

    How much do these people who swallow our tax money and run the state schools get paid? I use the word paid as they sure don’t earn it. I hear it is over 6 figures (which is over $100,000 per year for those in Rio Lindo).

  34. fed up says:

    This will be used to set affirmative action quotas, and less qualified LGBT applicants will get into college while better qualified normal applicants will be rejected. . . . just as is the case now all over the country with applicants for civil service jobs, where minority races are given preference despite having lower test scores. Sicko.

    1. dfghdf says:

      so if you had a press conference and said we have hired 80 of such and such a type of person because they had lower scores and we wanted ot make up for that you are a hero but if you say 80 of the applicants were of such aand such a “raace” and all of them scored lower and stopped at that sentence you’d be a racist not providing a fact. Inetresting..

  35. Joe E in the IE says:

    Federal, state, county and municipal job applications will be next, followed by Work Opportunity Tax Credits for private sector employers.

    Guess which orientation WON’T be favored.

  36. Everyday Guy says:

    Normal is the default.

    1. THE ARBITER says:

      RIGHT ON.

    2. beth says:

      Actually, it’s not. The default is choosing NOT to answer. The article even mentions that if people choose not to answer, it might be because they are afraid to. A student who doesn’t check on a box will not be assumed to be hetero, although for ‘statistical’ purposes, I bet they’ll be counted as undecided.

    3. JustAGuy says:

      If I were entering the UC system in Fall 2012, I’d be afraid to check hetrosexual. I might become discriminated against.

  37. jake49 says:

    But why mister college administrator? Well son, so you can be eligible for those special “rights” us kooks want you to have.

  38. John says:

    It won’t be long before liberals make it mandatory to know your sexuality. If they think there is an advantage to them, it will happen.
    Suggestion: Add a category: “Animals Preferred”

  39. Everyday Guy says:

    Just loudly proclaim “NORMAL” if anyone gives you any lip, they are intolerant and in need of sensitivity training to keep their abnormalities to themselves.

  40. Joe says:

    Is he serious that being “stared at” because you are a man wearing high heels constitutes bigotry and discrimination? Get a thicker skin! He isn’t exactly helping to do away with the nancy boy stereotype.

  41. William says:

    The Nazis did something like that not so long ago, putting people in categories whether they liked it or not. That turned out really well, didn’t it. Now some of those same targeted groups have a bit of power and are trying to put the special symbols on people, like it or not. It will be interesting to see how that plays out on campus

  42. el polacko says:

    nobody is being forced to reveal anything about themselves but young people today are much more willing to self-identify as gay than in generations past. if this information can help the school better provide for its students then it’s a good thing. why this drives some people into such a tizzy says more about them than it does the school policy.

    1. Everyday Guy says:

      That’s what the Nazis said. “The gold star on your clothes will help us help you.” Sure.

    2. JC says:

      I think Superman should have just let California fall into the ocean.

    3. Joe says:

      How will it stop people from looking at men wearing women’s clothes? According to the Camilia Lacques that justifies starting another civil rights movement. How is checking a box going to end the horrifying bigotry of people glancing at men wearing women’s clothes?

    4. Adam says:

      “if this information can help the school better provide for its students then it’s a good thing.”

      How does it and how can it without taking resources from those who are not in said group? Why not treat all students the same? And what resources are we talking about? A place to get it on? Manuals? A more romantic atmosphere? Strolling musicians? Libations?

      Please inform me.

      1. greaterthepete says:

        Free contraception??

  43. JC says:

    Does anyone know what planet we are living on?

  44. LeSigh says:

    To the kid in the article who cited being stared at as harassment: Really? That’s harassment these days? People staring at someone because they have chosen to dress out of the norm isn’t harassment. What else is skewed in his perception, I wonder?

  45. Jubal says:

    Who cares about their ‘sexual orientation?’ How about proof of legal residency instead?

  46. oldshib says:

    What happened to keep the state out of my bedroom? Now we are going to ask teenagers to declare their sexuality? And I’m sure, like all such data, this will be carefully guarded, no enterprising internet hacker trying to access this data for their own purpose.

  47. Tab Numlock says:

    If you’re a normal white male just mark “gay” so you can get some points.

    1. Kevin says:

      They can detect “fake” gays…

      1. Adam says:

        Then they will “straight shame” you ….

      2. Confused by Statistics says:

        they have a special fake gay detector they hook up to you. Its painless but it does stick out.

      3. Commie_shooter says:

        Talkin about gaydar?

  48. LittleMac says:

    This just goes to show you that the same people who say “view me as a person first, and a gay person, second,” are the ones who keep trying to point it out at every turn.

    1. Kevin says:

      Just like we have to have “hyphnated” names for Americans, huh? It won’t be equal until the libs let it be equal, but then they won’t have a base….

  49. sailordude says:

    Self Identified male friends? What does that mean? I’m confused do they look like chicks but make sure to identify themselves as men? And what kind of services do they need that are so special from everyone else? I’m not trying to be insensitive but what would they need that is different then a straight college student? More gay dances? What?

  50. Proudly Unaffiliated says:

    This will be a tremendous hacking opportunity. Will the results appear on Wikileaks?

  51. mark Dee says:

    Would the sexual orientation question ask: “natural sexual orientation or unnatural sexual orientation” or would it ask, “ordered sexual orientation or disordered sexual orientation”?

  52. cwgf says:

    Californa, please secede and leave us alone. The state is totally insane and loves to be dictated to by Big Nanny Government.

    1. ed says:

      Dear attack watch person. There are no “authorities” at AttackWatch. Pure comedy.

    2. OBAMA FAILED E-VERIFY...google it says:

      Dear ed person. That site is mocking Obama’s “AttackWatch” site. Pure comedy? Yeah, the joke is on YOU!

    3. ed says:

      The writer of the comment is an Obama supporter, so why would I question the veracity of the content? If the site is satirical then the joke is on the OP. The notion that there are “authorites” at the official site is comical and hilarious, is it not? Not sure what you were going for.

  53. Boycott California says:

    Please continue to boycott California. Do not invest there. Do not travel there. Do not buy any products made there. Buy Chilean wine.

  54. SamIam says:

    My big fear is that as California continues to implode there will eventually be a massive exodus of leftists who will then proceed to destroy their new states. Maybe the states can protect themselves by denying California emigrants the right to vote for at least 5 years and then only after certified reeducation/deprogramming restore their franchise.

    1. enoughAlready911 says:

      Agreed….what other ways could we block liberal Californians from moving to our states in the middle of the country.

      We have lots of jobs, low unemployment, lots of space at low cost, fewer stupid taxes and regulations.

      We do not want these leeches coming in to ruin our state. That goes for those pukes from the northeast as well. You think NYC is great? STAY THERE! We do not want you or your moral relativism here.

  55. Ed S says:

    New slogan:
    UCLA: Come learn with us, no…
    UCLA: Come discover with us, no..
    UCLA: Just come with us.

    Because intellectual diversity and achievement is directly related to how you exercise your reproductive organs, we’re UCLA.

  56. Osamas Pajamas says:

    There should be “no” taxpayer-owned / goverment-controlled educational institutions at any level. Overthrow them and privatize them and bust the unions dead flat to the ground and kick the bloodsxcking, tax-eating Democrats out of them altogether. I’m an atheist but I notice that the local Catholic schools turn out better students at much less cost per student. Good. More liberty to them!

    1. carl says:

      the free market always provides better services at lower costs than a government monopoly. ayn rand has fans in both the atheist and religious camps for that reason. leave people alone, and they will always find a better way than the government.

  57. malcom says:

    so check the box are you normal or not? lol liberalism is a mental disorder

  58. gary straight says:

    What’s next? A quota. Affirmative gayness?

  59. Navy Davy says:

    “May be asked to declare” sounds a little forceful. Kind of reminds me of the story of Dylan Clebold asking the student if they were Christian or not as he held a gun to them. This rhetoric depicts a society where choice is at war with those who believe liberty is innate to only their kind. Why are there so many people who feel it is ok to impse their personal beliefs onto groups of people who wish to follow their own beliefs independently with little impact to anyone else. The people interviewed in this article seem to be hardly bothered by this and are probably more concerned over google’s obligatory personal information collection. The schools like diversity as it makes them look more appealing to a larger demographic group (goes without saying) so they are likely trying to gather information to fluff their admissions data as well. Also, it is assumed that if you did not chose the option to state what sexual orientation suits you, you will be assumed heterosexual or that you don’t care or feel the need for yourself to be specially catered to. The real argument should be over whether those students receive preferential treatment, and at what financial cost to students not receiving that treatment. Unfortunately, most are to blind to see the problems that lay beneath the surface. Just because they are social issues doesn’t mean they are always important ones.

    1. disgusted by it all says:

      he schools like diversity as it makes them look more appealing to a larger demographic group

      Nope. Promoting “diversity” is just an excuse to put less qualified applicants ahead in the admissions process. This is done for both ideological and partisan political patronage reasons.

  60. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    There should be an entrance exam.

  61. Dave says:

    Honestly I couldn’t care less what sexual orientation some people are… but this behavior SHOULD NOT be mainstream like it is becoming… so pathetic. Why not you ask… because NATURE declares that two men or two woman cannot reproduce… so don’t blame me, blame nature for this.

    1. ratnacage says:

      “gay” is not contegious. It’s not mainstreaming, but only seems so because the elite media loves to over-cover the topic.

    2. Watanabe says:

      So if science proves gay is natural, then will you accept it as mainstream?

    3. Danny says:

      You do realize science has at different point has proven the world is flat and in the center of the universe right? Sometimes people can pretend to prove things.

    4. Verheek says:

      Science can not prove what is normal. That’s the job of philosophy. And anyway, normal is that which functions according to design. How will you know what that is if there is no God? We can’t exclude religion with the notion that science is pure and tell no lies nor can we exclude science and anti-God. God created both and they need to work together.

    5. Canof Sand says:

      There’s no gene found for “gay” at this point, and they might never find it. But “prone to anger and violence”? Yep, they found that one. So I guess people with that gene going on raging violence sprees should get a pass, right, cuz it’s “normal”?

    6. Brian Astby says:

      I would only agree to legal abortions in the case of rape, incest, or the fetus will be gay.

  62. Kevin says:

    The reason they want to know sexual orientation is so they can give out more entitlements and special treatment to yet another group…

  63. Rudey Obnoxious says:

    They should have an additional categories labeled “Curious” and “Experimental”. It’s not fair to just force someone into a declaration. How does one know until they try it.

  64. Adam says:

    I am a 7th generation Californian.

    This is just stupid.

    It is a public university system. Unless it is offering a degree in “Applied Sexual Activity” the:

    a) Who cares?
    b) No one should care.
    c) University Administrators should certainly not care nor cater to *any* group because that implies under-serving all other groups.

    Here is what the UC should ask:
    1) What is your GPA?
    2) What are your test scores?
    3) Are you a resident of the State of California?
    4) Which campus and program are you applying for?

    1. David from San Diego says:

      5) Are you lawfully present in the United States?

  65. Shelly says:

    This is an attempt to ghettoize gays and limit their options. The gay community has been on the wrong track since the 70’s and the onset of AIDS. I left a long time ago and my closest friends have always been hetero. A gay female.

    1. Adam says:

      Well the dead philosopher Richard Rorty might very well agree. Those lines of distinction that provide for inclusion delineate exclusion. Identity often creates alienation rather than the distinction and esteem intended by the identifiers.

      So, in this example and under this system, even bisexuals can’t have it both ways.

      1. Joe says:

        In a sea of foaming redneck spittle a reference to Rorty! Agree with your point Adam. Members of subaltern groups would do better to resist any political projects founded on notions of identity, lest they forget that the boundaries of those identities are more often than not formed by the dominating strata of society.

  66. John Moser says:

    Does anyone really believe that a man in high heels would even raise eyebrows at UCLA?

  67. Just Facts says:

    I don’t either.
    Moreover, this is Unconstitutional in Nature, and where is the money coming from for all this sick nonsense?

    1. Bloodyspartan says:

      From you and your tax Dollars, What a maroon.
      Be Well

    2. Judge Knot says:

      Sickness: denying human rights to anyone.

      1. Everyday Guy says:

        Major Sickness:You and your point of view.

      2. Mallen says:

        Sickening: Anyone who wants to extend the term “human rights” to mean everything.

    3. dfghdf says:

      JudgeNot – obvioulsy is oen of those that deliberately tries to misrepresent the Bible or is just ignorant as to the meaning of Judge not and it’s not “anything goes” and “everything’s OK”. I’m not familair with a human right to higher education (or any education in that matter). Perhaps instead of making one up to suit your bent agenda you might instead be logical. Sickness is trying to be duplicitious and dishonest – I see you’re sick

    4. Brian Astby says:

      Sub-human mutants need no human rights, because they are not full human due to their inhuman desire to reproduce with members of the same sex.

  68. Hetero says:

    A guy in high heels? What is happening? To my country? THat’s just disgusting. The fact that anyone can take gays seriously is laughable. Oh yeah, and I’d mark gay just so I wouldn’t be hated on. Cause that’s the world we live in!

  69. franklin808 says:

    They should make sure that at least 10% of the admitted students are gay, since that was the percentage reported several years ago.

    1. ROWDY BOOTS says:

      Don’t worry,

      they are working on that very number–so students can keep their grades up.

  70. picolo111111 says:

    Amen Brother

  71. TeaRunner says:

    Important statistical information? Important how exactly?

    Anything you do with it will be discrimination.

  72. Jay says:

    L? B? G? T?

    All of the above. Now gimme my money.

  73. Winkycat says:

    What starts of as voluntary will become obligatory. This whole issue should not be even brought up. Secondly one’s sexual orientation is a private issue. How long before this information becomes government information. How do young people even know what orientation they are for they can switch at a later stage but by this “volunteer question” it would officially label that person for life. Is there a section for celibacy?

  74. Chadin says:

    “Better serve the needs of LGTB” students? At UC schools? What needs, exactly are not being met? They should just have a box to check that says MFS (most favored status).

  75. Bill says:

    Ain’t communism great?

  76. Rob says:

    Ain’t fascism great?

  77. urstrange says:

    Why is sexual orientation replacing affirmative action for a FREE education? Just like being Fluked is the new qualification for FREE contraceptives.

  78. LA says:

    If a student enrolls in college, it is no business what hie sexual orientation is. As long as they work on getting their degrees, without us having to pay for all their expenses. While they are checking the students sexual orientation they also, need to check the facultys and the adminstrations. Who ever said eveyone needs to be telling us every move to make. Teach the students so they can gert their diplomsa. Oh by the way I am a senior citizen .

  79. marj says:

    Let’s see if I understand this. U.S. military is no more ask and don’t tell. Just “be”. Now California State colleges want to be asked? What is wrong with gay people you either want to be asked or don’t. Geeeeeeeez!!!!!!! Why don’t you just try being a nice person who respects others and we’ll all just get along?????????? Unless you’re some sex-crazed freakazoid and then I don’t want you around me gay or straight!

  80. titus says:

    Quite simple. In the space provided for sexual orientation just write in “Yes, I am sexually oriented.”

    1. posenta says:

      The person who reads that response will be offended and sue.

  81. posenta says:

    I am witih you. Where the heck are we? How did we get here? Oh, yes, I remember now, November 2008.

  82. Sandra says:

    The college just needs to know how many students WONT be needing free contraceptives.

  83. Kolgoroth says:

    Why does anyone even live in this hole of a state anymore?

  84. Tim says:

    The UC Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools had mixed reactions but agreed that the question would allow them to collect important statistical information

    Who cares? Why is it these people want to everybody to know their sexual orientation but then tell us it is none of our business when we don’t agree with their lifestyle? If I know they live a lifestyle I don’t agree with I stay away from them but they aren’t satisfied with that either. They want to be in my face about it and dominate my world too. Leave me alone!

  85. Rick says:

    This has epic fail written all over it.

  86. beth says:

    There weren’t enough choices on the form…

    They should at least have an “other” or None of the above…

  87. Jim says:

    Can we just give California to Mexico? i mean they dont like to recognize the constitution, they send cops to reporters homes telling them to change their story, this state is so corrupt it makes Chicago look saintly

  88. KN says:

    Can’t ask if they are legal citizens or not but we can ask their sexual orientation? Am I missing something?

  89. Tommy says:

    I think it should be illegal to ask any questions as personal as that. Job applications cannot ask any questions about race or any other personal items. It is just dumb.

  90. Straight as a arrow says:


  91. ugh says:

    Why can’t people just be people instead of demanding special attention for their special identities? No one cares who you sleep with unless you put it on display and wear it like a badge of honor. That is juvenile and annoying no matter who is doing it.

    1. ROWDY BOOTS says:

      Because, now that the hard working taxpayers are forced to pay for every single group that claims they are being discriminated against, we have to give more money and more status to these poor little hurt feelings groups.




  92. Confused by Statistics says:

    Just check them all. Tell them it really depends what day of the week and how you are feeling at the time. or Eunuch…thats another choice.

    1. Confused by Statistics says:

      I do think that faculty needs to have bedroom monitors to insure that they have various sexual positions fairly represented. You can never be too careful about this and you certainly want to make sure that individual rights are not trampled upon. Bedroom monitors particularly for the Dean. Better yet just televise it so everyone can be sure, because everyone needs to be sure. its about individual liberties, not sex. Sex is just the measurement of those liberties. Heteros need to wear gold stars.

  93. Van says:

    The girl interviewed was lamenting that her gay friends still tell her that people give her cross-dressing friends “looks”.

    Seriously?! How are people supposed to react? People can’t control their natural reactions when they’re confronted with something odd and uncommon. Next she’ll be calling us all horribly judgemental because most of us think Lady Gaga’s choice of wardrobe is bizarre. Stupid people like her are pretty ridiculous…

    1. ericdb says:

      Agreed. I don’t hate anyone, but I do look twice at a muscle head in stilettos.

  94. Confused by Statistics says:

    You know I think extensive homework is abusive and should stop on College campuses because it gets in the way of important extra curricular activity. Professors need to get with it. They don’t understand. Papers are meaningless and grades are a form of fascism.

  95. lobodude says:

    It is none of their f_cking business!

  96. Judge Knot says:

    old timers disease

  97. Chrsity says:

    Why does this not surprise me? Just another form of pandering to the gay agenda.

  98. Smack Dab says:

    It’s none of our business what your sexual orientation is, and it’s not the college’s business either. Not only that, but I don’t want to know, so stop telling me, because I don’t care. You can tell me if I ask you out for a date. People who are not straight have to get over yourselves. Live your life and stop bothering people with your agenda.

  99. Briar says:

    So now they are sexually profiling…..omg…..hang up the bigot hat already.

  100. fiftyville says:

    Let me see if I got this straight. We need a tax increase to help raise more money for our schools so we can pay for the $100,000+ salaries of people in the university system whose sole job is to think up stuff like this.

    Funny, i managed to get a degree without such nonsense, and so have many, many other people.

  101. JohnnyC says:

    Or might they be gathering data for affirmative action. Resulting in straight kids not being accepted.

  102. still here for now says:

    if I wasn’t living here, and hadn’t been to a few other states, I’d agree with alot of the comments but got to say, I think its a pretty cool place. Never a lack for things to do or places to go every wkend. So far as the retro’s that took over the government – can’t explain it but hoping its just because of apathy.

    1. ericdb says:

      Sympathy, not apathy. Sympathy is the destruction of culture and individual self worth.

  103. jack says:

    So was the book 1984 a goal for CA?

  104. ericdb says:

    Well, at least I can get some scholarships now if I say I am gay. The great invisible minority.

  105. ROWDY BOOTS says:

    “I think the numbers are way bigger than we really imagine or know,” Roman said.

    This is a gold mine! Look at all the money we can squeeze out of the taxpayers!


    that is my interpretation. yeah

  106. USSA under King Hussein Obama says:

    More Hope & Change – keep drinking the Kool-Aid…

  107. Gary says:

    So much for gays just wanting to be treated like everyone else eh? They have “special needs?” Like what, anal lubricants? Why do they want this? I don’t get it? How can they expect acceptance when they constantly yell ” I’m gay, I’m gay, look at me I’m special, I’m deprived, I’m a victim, me me me me me me me me!!!!! What pitiful wretches.

  108. Tanya says:

    Meh, it’s not a big deal if it’s optional. Some people are more private and/or don’t care, some people are out and proud, whatever makes them comfortable. I don’t think society needs to dictate how we all react to our own orientations, no matter how much both the LGBT and the heterosexual communities would have it be otherwise. Personal freedom is MUCH more important than widespread agendas of certain groups, so again, if it’s optional, great.

    What’s bothering more about this article is the f____t blank-out. There are other uses for that word. Really and seriously. For many many centuries it was used to refer to a branch or a twig. I won’t have my right to use that word in that context taken away by anyone, and I don’t want to see some sort of Orwellian PC claptrap take over words that have been in use forever. I’m actually getting REALLY tired of that. It really depends on context, but making words disappear because of current contextual derogatory meanings in one single country is pathetic. It not like the n-word, which has ALWAYS only held one meaning. So no, I’m sorry, if I’m in England and someone is talking about a twig and uses that word, it’s my own damn fault if I’m offended. Because over there, that word is still used i that manner, and in lots of older literature. Being afraid to actually type it out in this article is ludicrous and somewhat ominous to me.

  109. The Bruce says:

    So I can assume that liberals are no longer part of the “none of your business” crowd? How Orwellian.

  110. Brian Edwards says:

    in a statewide survey last year, 84 percent of all california business owners said that they would not start a business in california if they were starting out today…..that tells more about the state than anything.

  111. engedi says:

    Sounds intrusive and meddling. I thought the whole point of non-discrimination was to not make a point of someone’s sexual orientation, race, gender, etc.?!–Give people the dignity of their privacy?!
    Will the students have the equal freedom to interview the faculty and staff for THEIR sexual orientation before enrolling? It might influence which professor they ‘feel’ safe with or which one(s) they feel insecure with. And, anyway, won’t facebook already have that data–they can get it from them? haha.

  112. Brian Edwards says:

    below is a ucla literature course…i copied it from internet…everyone should check out calif universitiies’ literature curriculum….a feast of revolution and HUNDREDS of grammatical errors….california glory days ended once the jews took control of the state legislature in the late 1980s.

    Pornography and the Politics of Sexual Representation
    Topics in 20th and 21st-Century American Literature
    Mr. Mott

    For various cultural reasons, sexuality is a particularly sensitive political subject. Indeed, sexual representation remains one of the few cultural forms that is guaranteed to elicit a strong response. Our class will focus on the causes and effects of those responses. More specifically, we will examine sexual representations in terms of the shaping force they have in our lives. To explore a culture force is to investigate a problematic of power, to interrogate the power at work in sexual representation. In other words, we seek to interpret and explicate representations of sexuality in terms of their manipulation of power. To achieve these ends, we will have to use clear definitions of self or subjectivity, liberation, and oppression, as well as the core concepts that inform each of these ideas (e.g., subjectivity as a function of discourse, the problematic of agency, etc.).

  113. Brian Edwards says:

    is everyone aware that each car that enters the state of california is greeted with sniffing dogs and the coast guard….no lie….all cars are stopped as dogs sniff and car drivers must tell customs interrogators ‘i am a citizen of the united states of america’.

    1. Lance Cordill says:

      Too bad they don’t do this along the Baja/California border.

  114. stonehillady says:

    Why don’t they just come out & say, STRAIGHT PEOPLE NEED NOT APPLY !

  115. DD Hughley says:

    Now I hear potential employers want your passwords to social media and email. Welcome to OmeriKa!

    ———— http://911essentials.com

  116. Jimbob says:

    Well put David, neither do I. The inmates have taken over the keys to the asylum.

  117. Nikki says:

    This is wrong and discriminatory. Please stop making “who you sleep with” an issue. For goodness sake, are they going to start asking what positions you prefer next?

  118. Troll says:

    I encourage EVERYONE to declare themselves gay so everyone is treated equally. You cannot give special privileges to anyone if everyone is part of the same special class.

  119. ounceoflogic says:

    Why not shorten all these applications and just put one yes/no question?
    “Would you like to receive special treatment and privileges?” YES/NO

  120. Klaus says:

    It’s important to know so they can be assigned to the appropriate “Gone Wild” video.

  121. fergy says:

    “students may be asked to state their sexual orientation”
    If they do that then they might as well make them state their race, religion, etc. Oh wait, THAT’S ILLEGAL!!

  122. MoCal says:

    Only in the state of nuts and fruits can you ask their sexual orientation but, not if they are illegal aliens……

  123. SGT Ted says:

    Why are th schools asking sexual orientatrion? Are they trying to prescreen the ones to molest?

  124. Matador527 says:

    Wouldn’t the schools be catering to the needs of the students simply by educating them? They haven’t made that a priority is quite some time.

  125. MICHAELNLA says:

    What part of “NYOB” do these clowns not comprehend?

    Just another reason not to attend public schools in CA.

    1. MICHAELNLA says:

      NY0B = NOYB LOL…
      Early here…where’s my coffee?

  126. SGT Ted says:

    The UC is just looking for a new set of “victims” to shower gifts, special “protections” (that means the politics of gay groups will be off limits to criticism as being “anti-gay”) and affirmative action while they attack white heterosexual males some more for “not being fair”.

    The racist/sexist bean counting by Government Officials needs to stop. They always use the numbers to discriminate against white people, particularly heterosexual males, because they are leftwing bigots.

    We must demand:

    NO MORE skin color tests.

    NO MORE ethnic group tests.

    NO MORE sexual orientation tests.

    NO MORE leftwing political bigotry inflicted on others in the school for disagreeing with Government Employees personal politics.

    DO your jobs. Teach people, then shut your cakeholes. If you want to do politics, don’t do it during class time and don’t do it on campus at all. You have a conflict of interest. If your student body is truly diverse, then Government School Employees need to remain professionally neutral while on the job. If you, an English Professor, cannot keep your Marxoid politics out of class, you should be fired.

  127. poorhardworker says:

    First of all…it is none of their business! But if the students are going to be asked their orientation…I would insist that the faculty and staff have to have their orientation published.

  128. stan says:

    It would appear, contrary to the gay commumity, there is a difference between them and society as a whole. Why else would special services be offered?

  129. fbanta says:

    Remember this little ditty: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…”

    And of course this one: “…No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States.. ”

    Heaven forbid that these idiotic administrators should be compelled to honor the Constitutional protections of personal privacy. With near zero comprehension of the Constitution on college campuses today it is little wonder that American’s are virtually clueless of the fundamental rights that have been purchased by the blood and sacrifice of patriots over the past 300 years.

    1. Denan Jones says:

      Excellent observation. While it is legal in some cases to gather information from people that information must be necessary (such as emergency contact information), the government must protect that information; and the information must not be used to discriminate for or against anyone.

  130. Lance Cordill says:

    History has demonstrated that when social matters become as sick and disgusting as they are today, there eventually comes a mass cleansing….lots of people get erased from the map. If we aren’t there already, we certainly are in the countdown.

  131. Denan Jones says:

    Gathering, processing, storing and retrieving the gay/not-gay/did-not-answer information is *not* mandatory and *does* cost some amount of moneyif not huge sums.

    With the state in what is probably a terminal downward fiscal spiral, you’d think that a *responsible* UC ruling elite would spend their time trying to spend *less* money, not more.. but our UC ruling elite don’t care to be responsible, they care about being politically correct and feeling good about their ideology.

    Further, the way to look at any government action is to ask: What next? Some or much of the information required of incoming students at some point was *voluntary” and is now required by the government.

    So, what are they going to do with it? My guess, given the political trends, is that they expect affirmative action to be expanded to cover LGBT…

    Personally, as an old-school liberal I think the government should stay out of the private lives of citizens. Period. If the government in this case concerned itself with improving the education of all students instead of how better to balkanize student society (and so eventually society at large), that would be a big step toward resolving the issues that are slicing and dicing our nation to ribbons.

  132. SDC63 says:

    So LGBT is not a new kind of Sandwich?

    1. SGT Ted says:

      I thought it was Frozen Yogurt chain.

      1. the friendly grizzly says:

        Gads! Another keyboard ruined!

  133. SGT Ted says:

    Every student should check the “gay” box. They can say that they thought the University was asking them if they were happy.

  134. Ing says:

    All of you who think this reporting will REMAIN voluntary please raise your hand.

    Step by step, folks: it’s all part of the plan….

  135. JoeAStroturf says:

    We didn’t make Obama declare why should students. When Obama marries Ballerina Rahm he’ll make it that all people like himself can get married , real teabaggers (Democrats) hold on. Here’s some clues. 1) He never went out with girls until he got married even though he was snorting coke. 2) Likes to hire ballerina boys in big jobs until they get to be mayor of Chicago. 3) He wants gays in the military. 4) He hires schools safety czar to teach our kids about fisting. 5) Is against gay marriage but is rethinking it the heftier his wife gets. 6) Is good friends with Kal Penn who gets rolled in Gay areas in the wee hours of the morning 7) Knows that Scarlett Johansson has a crush on him but would rather play basketball and later shower with Rahm (Ballerina boy), Kal Penn , Reggie Love. 8) first 7 above are true for sure, this is just guess a who took picture of Anthony Weiner in the shower ?? Barney Frank member and promoters of the real teabagger party or a higher ranking member of Jeremiahs “Down Low Club” my guess the latter

    Check out song called “teapartiers I can’t hear you” on youtube

    Here’s a verse

    Doctors are retiring earlier but we’re getting 17000 new IRS
    This is how Obama creates health care jobs I guess
    For 235 years this country’s been God’s blessing.
    Now he’s following Cloward and Piven’s to bankrupt the country I’m guessing
    If Obamacare gives Grandma and Grandpa a scare
    Think how when their rationed and die earlier we’ll save on healthcare

    1. Kyla says:

      Interesting to also note that Obama has proposed budget cuts for active-duty military personnel and military retirees – but not civilian defense workers.

  136. Brian Astby says:

    What are their plans for white male students? They apparently have plans for students based on their differences. What about white males?

  137. spower says:

    Everyone applying should just declare their sexual orientation as gay to create a little chaos.

    What a bunch of idiots!

  138. California is Broke says:

    Only in California with thier massive fiscal problems. A debt to GDP ratio that is very very close to Greece would they stop to spend time working on something like this. What difference does it make you collect all this data on sexual orientation if the Cal State University System is going broke and has tens of millions of un-funded pensions? Can you imagine if you were the president of a company that was losing $50 million every 3 months and your key executive team memebers wanted to focus on employee uniforms? That is what this is like. Germany hates bailing out Greece. Why should Germany have to suffer for Greece? Who will have to bail out California? People talk about what a massive GDP California has and they are correct, if a nation it would be in top 10. But that does not mean anything if they are spending 20% more each year than they bring in. It is still a net negative to our entire country.

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      It ain’t only broke, it is BROKEN!

  139. Joe Drager says:

    For those listing themselves as ‘transgender’, will there be a drop-down menu for either post or pre-op?

    1. Joe Dutra says:

      I am a crocodile trapped in a human body. I want the taxpayers to foot the bill for my species reassignment. Until then you can list my sexual preference as cold blooded.

  140. rtnorm says:

    It’s amazing….these people can’t reproduce, but everytime we look there seems to be more of them. What’s going on??

  141. James says:

    Only in California can this happen. Hence why I firmly believe in that California should no longer be considered a state and be shunned by the rest of the country for the cesspool of perverts, liberals, druggies and other unwanted things it is.

    1. Bob Loblaw says:

      Its time to give CA back to Mexico

  142. Joe Dutra says:

    Follow the money trail. Somehow, someway, this is designed to produce funding for the UC system.

  143. RGVTX says:

    You know, maybe we should let all these LGBT people have access to all the affirmative action they can get their manicured hands on.

    It’s done SO MUCH to improve the lives of every other self-inflicted victim group who achieved the venerated “persecuted minority” status.

  144. tramky says:

    California politics is just incredibly stupid, but you’ve got Jerry Brown and Nancy Pelosi at the top of its politics–that explains everything. Too bad for this once-great state.

    Why does being heterosexual not require a reply to this questionnaire, only LGBT orientations? That is quite bizarre–until you think about what LGBT really is all about: financial benefits. It IS all about sucking at the Federal & state tit, mostly from heterosexuals whose taxes are drained for this ‘specialized’ medical care.

    How ridiculous. Just another crazy thing from the liberal Progressive, LGBT wing of the Democratic Party. It is to be expected, and is disgusting in its exclusivity and elitism.

  145. Justthefacts says:

    What are “the needs of LGBT students”? How do these needs differ from those of non-LGBT students?

    Do LGBT students get peferential treatment?

  146. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Can I have the instructors declare their political biases that would be helpful in understanding how they approach their job in teaching the subject they are most knowledgeable in?

  147. TJP says:

    The only possible reason for asking this is so the college can accept more gays and reject more heteros. Just like they discriminate against whites, Asians, etc. in favor of minorities. In my opinion, the ONLY thing that should matter is your application, not your demographics.

  148. agatematt says:

    If this question ends up being included as part of the college application process, then it must be on a form which is private and also optional. The first is for the obvious privacy rights of the applicant and the latter because at the ages of 16 and 17 — when many high school students begin sending out college applications — a great number of men and women are still working their way through their true sexual orientation and it would hardly be fair to force them on a form which would determine their future in so many ways to officially declare which side of the sexual coin they are on. Once again, it seems we have the academic world trying to tell people how to live, act and think in the real world.

  149. Bob Loblaw says:

    Prediction: Within a few years the state of CA will require this question be asked on job applications or during job interviews.

  150. Walter says:

    If discrimination is not the goal, then what could this possibly accomplish?

  151. New York Nick says:

    ““I think the numbers are way bigger than we really imagine or know,” Roman said.”

    PIPE DREAM, we know there aren’t just by all the so called ‘couples’ who ‘don’t’ show up in the thousands every time another state sticks it’s toes in the decadent waters of same s e x marriage hellll. You’d think the way they talk there’d by tens of thousands of them but you’d be wrong, not even thousands. Nationwide. SO we’re supposed to change it now so they can indoctrinate more members ‘into the decadence cult’ , it’s all a mirage of filth.

  152. Piquerish says:

    Oh dear … the guys wearing heels get stared at. Heaven forefend!

  153. Sheri says:

    This information is none of the school’s damn business!

  154. TD says:

    My sexual orientation? About 8 inches to the north, with a slight bend to the right.

    How about you guys?

  155. BHirsh says:

    ‘Norming’ the abnormal.

    What a GREAT idea! [eyecross]

  156. BHirsh says:

    Watanebe –

    ‘Sicence’ cannot ‘prove’ contrary to what nature has commanded.

  157. Michael says:

    Have you ever noticed conservative never talk/ask about people’s race or sexual orientation but yet they’re always the ones to be called racist & haters. Why is it that only liberals put labels on people, yet they aren’t called haters?

  158. jim says:

    This is great news. Because gay trumps black, and black trumps hispanic, I am advising my straight white son to declare himself some form of LGBT on his UC application. It will vastly improve his chances of getting in, and who is going to know?

  159. bigbiz2 says:

    Id just say I’m gay and be down with it..Definately is more benefical.How are they going to prove it.Probably would get a scholarship to boot.Sad state of affairs California has become.

  160. George says:

    Is “It’s none of your business” given as an option?

  161. TroughMaster says:

    Listen to me now. All applicants that will be signing up this year will get to the very top of the goodies if——–you will tell them that you are (1) transgender (2) You are an ileagle mexican with a black father (3) In your spare time that you are a wild eyed liberal. The California supervisors would swoon over you baby! (or Sir), whichevewr you may be at the time.

  162. David says:

    In high school, the students were asked to fill out a survey. One question asked us to specify our race. I am white and I filled in black. The school district came back with a note and new survey saying I was white not black. I wrote back, “If you are already know this, what is your point?” I was being cheeky, but it is the intrusiveness of it all. Are we students black, white, brown and yellow students?

  163. Rational Man says:

    This will be the Left’s way of collecting information for affirmative action for the victim group, “oppressed life-styles.”

    1. disgusted by it all says:

      I will laugh when, 30 yrs. from now, a bunch of today’s incoming students, the really “open-minded” and “adventurous” ones, will have to explain to people why they checked the boxes that they did. This info will be used to blackmail people.

  164. Worry01 says:

    I think it is rather instrusive. Also, if the political climate changes at all, would it really be such a hot idea to be revealing? I think some advocates had best push back their greed for more benefits, and think a bit more about being on file for observation.

  165. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    After the economic collapse, the new billionaires will be the ones who wisely went into the field of gerbil breeding in CA…

  166. CTW says:

    I don’t care who you are. Your sexual orientation is none of the University’s business. Of course, we all know that it’s to give GLBT people special treatment, which is wrong. You shouldn’t get special treatment due to skin color, race, religion or sexual preference. Whatever happened to everyone wanting to be on the same level? You should earn what you earn by merit, accomplishments and hard work. Not on who you sleep with. It’s twisted logic.

  167. Brian says:

    it is nobodys bussiness who is gay bi and what ever this is outright discrimination if I was the student I will tell them it is not your bussiness as to what is my sexual oreintation unless it was for housing proupuse only and only on campus housing only so they can have comparability but a persons sexuality is nobdys bussines unless the person wishes to disclose this on there free terms

  168. Halloo. says:

    Your private life is nobody’s business.

  169. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    The problem is white heterosexuals are more successful and smarter and the California college system can’t allow that to continue. It is time to come of the closet when it comes to discriminating against white heterosexuals.

  170. B says:

    I’m sure anyone who identifies as straight will be denied admission.

  171. FRU says:

    The only fair thing to do is allow the students to choose “undecided” especially if they are still virgins. After all, most schools allow two years before they demand a major be declared.

  172. Snarky Malarkey says:

    I’d be more interested in their sexual disorientations, if you take my meaning…

  173. txtruth says:

    The liberal idea of freedom is total lack of privacy and choice.

  174. ThomYorke says:

    If I get cheaper tuition, then I’m gay. Prove I’m not.

  175. anonymous-in-san-jose says:

    It is all about power and funding. If you can ID X% of the students as being black, asian gay, straight, etc. you will be able to leverage the political situation to get funding and power for programs that recruit and promote. Every school has such groups. It is just another way for these particular groups to try to get more power. If I had my way all clubs and groups that are based upon racial, gender, religion, ethnic or sexual-orientation would be cut off from official university recognition and funding. Everyone is allowed free speech …and thus there is no need for a university to “protect” specific groups and give them a place to voice their opinion. Let them raise their own funds and rent their own “tents” during university open house events, etc. They can buy their own publicity.

  176. Quiet Dowell says:

    Diversity over excellence is the motto of California. This is moronic tripe. What money is California going to give? They have already groovied themselves into bankruptcy.

  177. Quiet Dowell says:

    Judy’s comment only proves it’s not about equality, it’s about getting even.

  178. Chester says:

    Pediphile -non active. Check.

  179. Baker's Dough says:

    Just googled Camilia Lacques. She is the chairwoman of UCLA’s Mixed Student Union. She is also the recipient of the USAC Community Service Scholarship. She works with the Black Panther (a high school, not the street gang) Mentorship Program to help racial minorities apply to college. In other words, Camila is deeply committed to identity politics and is not at all representative of a UCLA student.

    Ernesto Valles is associated with MeChA, the Chicano racial separatist movement. That’s all you need to know about him.

    Real balanced reporting there, CBS. Does real journalism exist anymore?

  180. bob from account temps says:

    What “Special Services” do the LGBT’s need?

  181. gary allan says:

    Well, what do all you liberals thinsk about it?

  182. Melvin says:

    I have the perfect answer to put on the form. It is called Nunya. For those of us who have been around awhile, are aware of the rest of the phrase.

  183. Paolo says:

    Is liberalism a sexual preference, or is it simply a perversion?

  184. Mallen says:

    Romans 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. 21 For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. 22 Professing to be wise, they became fools, 23 and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures.

    24 Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, so that their bodies would be dishonored among them. 25 For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

    26 For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, 27 and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.

    28 And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper, 29 being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice; they are gossips, 30 slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, 31 without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful; 32 and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.
    28 And just as they did not see fit [l]to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper, 29 being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice; they are gossips, 30 slanderers, [m]haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, 31 without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful; 32 and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.

  185. ablecynic says:

    If most states, as well as the Federal Government, now have laws in place that prevent discrimination against the various sexual orientations. And in these laws they specifically note that it is illegal to ask someone about their sexual orientation. So, how is it going to help to have people voluntarily state their sexual orientation and have it on their record so that they can be discriminated against later on in life?

  186. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Sexual Orientation? Primarily Missionary Style.

  187. Eric in CO says:

    What exactly are the services needed by gays that the university needs the information. I am not sure there should be services different that heterosexual. Just plain dumb.

  188. nolie says:

    How soon after the data is collected will they start to use it as a basis for admission preferances and special money grants to GLBT students? You know that is the main reason behind the entire program.

  189. Mike says:

    Is there a selection “It’s none of your business”? I’d check that one.

  190. jupiterkcc says:

    What we need are two different countries…those that want socialism and those that don’t…we will take care of ourselves and yall can have socialism…pay for yourselves…

  191. Colorado says:

    When all the straight, white males mark down “bisexual/gay/tansgender/African-American/wiccan”, how exactly are they going to prove you’re lying?

    All the folks i know who fit that demo would definitaly put down that they were gay if to get a leg up (ha!). Its not like they can (yet) force you to have sex with a man to prove it.

  192. John says:

    1.) Affirmative Action is illegal in CALIFORNIA. Proposition 209, which made Affirmative Action illegal, passed in 1996. All of you are behind.
    2.) This sexual orientation questioner is there to find the schools demography of the students that attend it.

  193. thedsapper says:

    You couldn’t be more wrong, born and raised in Newport Beach, left for the military, stationed in Colorado and now stationed back in CA. I’ve seen what America can and should be in states like MT, CO, WY, ID and the rest of the Rocky Mountain region.

    California gets exactly what it deserves, a bankrupt state that has catered to every social program, every small interest group and every liberal in the State. No wonder small businesses are fleeing and the state with its union-led workers have crippled the economy.

    There is not room for conservatives in CA, hence all the shenanigans that have led to increased regulations and high state taxes on small businesses, the shutting off of water to farmers in San Joaquin Valley due to a stupid delta smelt, increase in vehicle registration fees, increase in property tax and an overall increase in COLA.

    If you look at all the conservative states as opposed to the liberal-led states, they are far better off economically and have the job growth in those states. You’ve clearly listened to all the liberal teachers in your HS and or college. The sad thing is that is all you’ve ever heard, all you’ve ever known and all you’ll choose to support.

    I do know that people like you think that people like me are racist and intollerant because we believe that you should earn what you keep and keep what you earn.

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