SANTA ANA (CBS) — The family of a Marine sergeant who was fatally shot on campus at an Orange County high school is claiming that police detained their daughters for 13 hours after the shooting.

Attorney Brian T. Dunn offered details Thursday of a claim filed against the Orange County Sheriff’s Department after 31-year-old Manuel Loggins was shot and killed in February at San Clemente High School.

Deputy Darren Sangberg, who last month was identified as the deputy primarily involved in the shooting, said Loggins crashed through the school gate and ignored orders not to restart his sport utility vehicle.

But now the family alleges that Loggins’ daughters, ages 9 and 14, were held for as long as 13 hours following the shooting.

Hunn called the extended detention a form of incarceration.

The Orange County district attorney’s office said the investigation could take as long as one year to complete.

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  1. Chuey says:

    Two kids whose father had been killed in their presence. Their mother was pregnant. It probably DID take 13-hours to find a responsible adult able to take custody of the pair, yes. I am sure the deputies offered some counseling too. But to keep them against their will? Silly….

  2. watchitgo says:

    I find it difficult to believe it would take that long to find someone to take charge of the girls as they probably had cell phones, or the father did. I think it is inexcusable to detain them that long, and I would believe interogating them without a relative would be stepping over the bounds of the law.

    And why will it take a year to complete the investigation? The information is fresh now, DO IT and get it overwith and girls can get on with their lives.

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