ENCINO (CBS) — Several streets were evacuated Tuesday evening following the discovery of a suspicious device in the city of Encino.

“At approximately 6:18 p.m., officers from the West Valley area received a radio call of a possible suspicious device on Newcastle Avenue just south of Ventura Boulevard,” Lt. Don Graham told CBSLA.

“Upon arrival, officers found the device that was commented on in the radio call taped to a vehicle that was parked on the roadway,” he said.

Reports from the scene indicated that the device, which was later deemed harmless, was removed by the bomb squad just before 10 p.m., nearly three hours after it was discovered.

“[The bomb squad] used something called a disruptor where it actually fired a blast at it and totally destroyed whatever that device was,” Sky2’s Stu Mundel reported.

About four blocks of Ventura Boulevard and some residential streets were evacuated, according to Mundel.

No injuries were reported.

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  1. Concerned Taxpaying Citizen says:

    The fascist Hispanic cop at the corner of Newcastle and Ventura was harassing pedestrians and threatened physical violence against a few individuals who had inquired about how to get home safely.

    1. Mike says:

      I’m pretty sure you are exaggerating what you saw just a bit.

  2. Nathan D. says:

    This is 2 houses down my house its not exaggeration I heard the explosion.

  3. Truth says:

    @ Concerned Taxpaying Citizen: Are you sure the cop was hispanic? There is a rogue cop in the west valley area (last name Tulligan or Tullagan) who is known to do such things, but I don’t think he is hispanic.

  4. rlb.1369 says:

    It seems anyone with a gun can do with what they want. Such Probation SEO unit shoving peopke down stairs becasue they are told to shut-up.

  5. Dabner Tripleday says:

    Some people might call this an exercise, or a drill. And having uniformed personnell practicing their best verbal intimidation tactics to successfully gain crowd compliance is an essential element.

    Unless and until there are some specifics provided – the john and jane q. public is left to fill in the blanks themselves.

    Officers responded to a “radio call”. Meaning they responded to a dispatch – routine, except this call has no origin in the field.

    Anybody recognize the vehicle? One of the neigbbors? Or just another unattributed vehicle from the non-descript vehicle casting lot.

    The vehicle is not important, what really matters is that the operation was succesful, nobody was injured and supervisors awarded a passing grade for smooth evacuation of several blocks of highly educated, politically aware and socially passive, compliant john and jane q. citizenry.

    Now everyone can just move along and continue to go about their routine – nothing to be seen here, any pertinent questions have already been addressed.

    The frogs are all comfotably immersed in the bubbling jacuzzi and the temperature just went up another degree – 115 now. Its perfectly lovely – put on your bathing suit and jump in, there is plenty of room for all.

    Go ahead and point your fingers and laugh at Encino Man – the silly skeptic. What does he know? Nothing, really.

    But what do you expect from Encino man – he has been exposed to over 10 -15 years of ocaasional media coverage of government agencies openly refering to contincy planning for response to a “dirty’ explosive threat.

    Which means that 4 or 8 or 25 blocks evacuated is only secondary to encapsulating the suspicious object and transporting it to some remote area before any attempt is made to open it or “disrupt” it. That would be the preferred strategy if at all possible – unless, of course, the content of the supicious object is not hazardous and that is already known to those in charge of the response effort..

    God bless America. That is not a joke. It is 100% sincere.
    God bless our precious America..

  6. Dabner Tripleday says:

    A rumour circulating around Ventura Blvd. sushi and sake bars purports the suspicious object taped to a vehicle on Newcastle ( and “disrupoted” thoroughly and completely by a specialized police squad.) was actually the original final draft copy of the eagerly awaited “post Stenroos internal investigation and conclusions report.”

    You may recall the costly police tactical response at ECRHS and nearby school campus. All caused by and confessed to by LAUSD police offiicer Jeff Stenroos.

    The disgraced Stenroos carries the blame for the disruption and emotional stress suffered by hundreds of school kids, their parents, school staff and community residents caused by his bogus report of being attacked by a gunman on the loose.outside the campus.

    Stenroos was sentenced for his crimes and has been ordered to pay restitution for manpower costs incuurred in responding to his false alarm.

    That has all been squared away and the community won’t forget, but can now move forward.

    The “post-Stenroos report rumoured to be the suspicious object destroyed last evening doesnt involve that long day of upheaval and distress.

    Stenroos is the source of all the confusion and stress suffered that day.

    The post-Stenroos inrenal report was tasked to dig down for answers the community needed concerning the trauma and disruption brought about from Day 2 of the Stenroos affair.

    After a long day of locking down a community in search of the non-existent Stenroos attacker – the schoolkids were eventually released to parents and most of the police contingent were called off and sent to rest.

    But the kids and their parents and the community remain confused about Day 2.
    That was when police returned in numbers to resume their manhunt for anybody whose appearance was a match for the composite sketch which the cops were waiting to get sometime later that day or the next day, perhaps.

    The post-Stenroos internal investigation left no stone unturned.. It contains answers to the communities serious concerns regarding the unsettling events of Stenroos Day 2.

    Unfortunately the final and only draft copy was taped to the car on Newcastle and was vaporized to allow people to return to their homes after last nights evac..

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