PANORAMA CITY (CBS) — The mother of a Panorama High School student who died after reportedly drinking heavily at a party expressed frustration over a failure to intervene by the boy’s football coach.

Salvador Preciado, 17, was found dead on the floor of Jose Martinez’ home Saturday morning after apparently choking on his own vomit.

“One little mistake ruined everything,” said Martinez.

The teen who hosted the party at another location spoke to CBS2 over the weekend.

Friends and family held a vigil Saturday for standout athlete Salvador Preciado. (credit: CBS)

“We threw this party for my friend’s birthday. Everyone brought their own drinks, and everything just got out of control,” the teen said. “Everyone was drinking a lot, but [Preciado] was drinking too much, like he didn’t have self-control. After he passed away, I heard it was his first time drinking.”

Preciado’s friends report he fell off a table and hit his head.

Martinez says he called Panorama High School’s assistant football coach Brian Molina and asked the coach to take Preciado to Martinez’ house.

“Coach didn’t do nothing,” said Preciado’s mom, Irma Guevara. “He just took him to Jose’s house and just dropped him off there. When he knew he had already passed out, and he knew he had a lot to drink, and he had injured his head.”

Terrance Jakubowski, the school’s assistant principal says the LAUSD and LAPD are investigating Molina’s involvement.

“Sometimes actions do have very serious negative implications,” said Jakubowski. “And we want people to understand.”

Jakubowski says Molina is an off-season football coach and not currently on the school’s payroll.

The LA County Coroner’s Office says an autopsy is pending a toxicology report. It could take six to eight weeks to determine a cause of death.




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  1. Manuel says:

    Just don’t understand how some parents put the blame on everyone but themselves.Why was her underage son at any party drinking ?Maybe before she goes putting the blame on anyone,she should take a look at herself..

  2. Missdeed says:

    lausd has a lot of things to answer for, but this is not one of them. These kids are not the districts responsibility when school is out and it’s time to party. It’s an unfortunate accident and it happens pretty often. Usually in college. The coach wasn’t to blame either. He may have used poor judgement going over to lend a hand because no good deed goes unpunished and we are in the midst of an all out war against teachers, but he acted refoexively. He was there to help out and it’s unlikely he paid attention too much attention to a bunch of faded jocks who now claim he knew the dead boy hit his head. Probably a jock himself, he assumed the team would sleep it off and the consequence for their reckless excess would be a well earned hang over.. the mothers grief and the boys’ guilt are making them illogical. They need someone to blame. That coach is guilty of nothing worse than getting up in the middle of the night to answer a cry for help from his students, risking the possibility one would puke in his car and bearing an unpopular label as ” teacher” which is now synonymous with scapegoat.

  3. TK says:


  4. Doug says:

    Gloria Allred is on the way.

  5. colleen says:

    Disagree! This was not a LAUSD function, this was something done off the school ground and the kids went over a friend’s house and bought there own drinks. Now how did the 17 year purchae his own drinks is another question. The coach should not have gotten involved, I’m sure he was probably thinking he was during the kid a favor but now he’s being accused of wrong doing. The parent has to take some responsibiltiy, she should have known where her son was going, and who was the adult that was going to be in the home. I’ve always met the parents of my sons friends, determing if they stay over if it’s a safe enviornment etc…Parents are so quick to sue and blame others, we have a responsibilty as well.

  6. Aunty Bren Aunty says:

    Whats wrong with this picture? The mother blames the coach, he wasn’t at the party for underage kids. Why didn’t they call police or ambulance? Who bought the alcohol ,who sold it, where are the parents. This woman(mother) should take responsibility for her own child.

  7. Kobe says:

    I think the mom should be arrested for allowing the child to attend a party. Why is she not being arrested? Is this the Mayor’s relative?

  8. greg says:

    so far the mom has blamed the coach, the school, the kid who brought him home and not the hospital, the parents of that kid (who are away), seems everyone except her son for drinking like an idiot and herself for letting him out with NO curfew and not knowing where he was, well I guess there’s no payday when you take blame. It’s a tragedy but every tragedy doesn’t = a payday

  9. fay cardona says:

    k you just dont know wat really happened so have respect some people that were in the party know everything n the mom was just trusting my friend RIP like any mother would thank you!

  10. BLAME JORSELVSS... ESE. says:

    And mind you I’m coming from thinking this is a very, very sad accident, and wanting realistic blame placed where it belongs.

  11. Maria says:

    We demand compensation, we leave our great country for the Golden State, that does not mean LAUSD teachers and coaches can Molest our kids, or leave our kids to die. No Justice, No peace.
    LAUSD must pay, once the compensation is paid, we will move back home. This is not the way you treat your guests, Shame on you.

    1. Rick says:

      If your country is so great why did you leave? I hope once you move back home and your undeserved compensation is detected that you will be decapitated for your loot!
      All ‘Marias’ can burn in He!!.

  12. Jose V says:

    This mother needs to take responsibility for her under age son. Unfortunately, this is typical behavior in our society…Blame everyone else, instead of her self. Truth be told, judging by this mothers comments to the media, she has poor english skills & most likely is in this great country illegally & will find a way to prophet off the American Citizens tax money. I feel bad for any parent who has lost a child, but she should have been a better in tuned parent.

    1. Blame Jorselves... homies and hommettes says:

      I have a feeling she is not an illegal but a Mexican woman that had US education but still resisted learning. She is a result of that culture in which they resist speaking English properly, etc. even IF they are born here. Almost all their children are like this, born in the USA but can hardly speak English properly.

    2. Evelyn says:

      weather mrs. irma speaks proper english or not has nuthing to do with the tragic accident that went on! have some respect!!

  13. Sheila V says:

    It should have not happen to any parent. But yes the responsibility lies on the parent shoulder to keep our kids away from alcohol or drugs at any age. We should instill values to our children. He was 17 and allowed to party in a house that the mother does not even know where… I would be scared if my 17 year old son is still out at 8 PM to some place I have no idea where to pick him up…
    Mrs Guevarra you should have kept tabs on where you son was in the middle of the night and what he was doing…

  14. TS says:



  15. Charlie says:


    take a deep breath, here’s how it all works.
    Mother was responsible, but she was not there, Parents of the boy who threw the party was not there, so there were kids, underage, and drinking, with no supervision. All misdemeanors, correct ?
    Sal got drunk, fell down, hit his head, kids call Coach, who is a responsible adult. Coach drove kid home, bring kid inside house, tuck kid into bed. BUT did not inform anybody to keep an eye on him.
    Yes, Coach did good, but Coach should have taken kid to hospital and stuck Mom with the bill. Now, kid is dead, Mom is crying, and LAUSD will settle for a confidential amount because a jury will double/triple her amount to punish LAUSD due to all the bad press they’ve been having. Your property tax and mine will go up for the next 50 years. That’s the honest truth.

  16. A says:

    I know that young man, he was a good kid. I also know that coach unfortunately, and he has always been irresponsible and more concerned about being the athlete’s friends rather than being their coach. He should’ve left that program years ago but no one wanted to fire him. If he was an actual coach who cared for them he would’ve realized that Sal was drunk and needed go home. He could face his consequences in the morning with his parents. Instead he dropped him off at his friend’s house and the mother was called and told that her son was just sleep and that he would be home in the morning. She was not aware that he had been drinking or hit his head. There is enough blame to around. There were plenty of mistakes made that night. The home owners where the party was held, the student who organized the party and allowed others to drink, the friends who sat by and watched their “brother” get hammered without telling him to stop, the coach Brian Molina who did not take him home although he knew he was drunk, the mother who allowed her son to go the party, and Sal himself who could’ve said no to drinking. This isn’t about race, this is about poor judgement on many people’s parts. Kids overdose on drugs, text and drive, drink, and get into fights. It is an unfortunate part of life. STOP MAKING THIS ABOUT RACE…

  17. diana says:

    LOL (?) so no matter what the subject it all goes back to the “illegals” issue. the Latin community contributes more than any other community to this country and yet get discriminated and marginalized more than any other race. n where do u get your “billions” figure from? Lou Dubbs, Rush Limbaugh??? figures….

    1. Blame Jorselves says:

      Mexican community discriminates and marginalizes African Americans in South LA… and other parts of the LA area… AND they discriminate and marginalize OTHER non-Mexican Latinos as well.

      Thats a reality few want to face and discuss. So before you start up with bringing up the race or illegal card and how you’re so discriminated against, you have JUST as BIG a problem with racism than a Dubbs or Limbaugh.

      1. Rick says:

        Mexicans and Mexican Government discriminate more than Americans and the US Government.
        Ask a Mexican what they think of a Guatemalan visitor in Mexico or neighbor here in the good old US.

  18. BRIONNE says:


  19. Jess says:

    You don’t know her, and you didn’t know Sal.. You don’t know half of what’s going on.. Why do you judge them like that? They are both great people, and if you don’t know them, don’t go sticking your damn nose in something that isn’t your business. Especially when you don’t know the people. Sal had a great mother, and yes he was born here, and he spoke English properly. So don’t talk if you don’t know who you’re talking about and you never knew them!

    1. Evelyn says:

      i agree sal wass thee nicest most kindess person ive ever meet ndd people need to stop focousing on race ndd all the shytt there making up ndd lett his family ndd his friends have grive!

  20. Aprilluvv says:

    This is not the fault of LAUSD, blame can fall on many people but at the end of the day … he made a choice to drink too much and his friends made the choice NOT to dial 911 and the coach (who was NOT WORKING FOR LAUSD at the time) made the mistake of not driving to the hospital. It’s sad that it takes the loss of life to make people think about the right choices.

    1. A says:

      The coach isn’t on official payroll, but make no mistake, he was working at the school running the scoreboards for games and with the football staff beginning afterschool football conditioning class.

  21. 1900innoho says:

    Parents are responsible for the actions and lives of their children. NOT anyone else!!!! THe mother must be driven by guilt. If the child were raised to know that drinking is NOT right, he would be alive today. Plain and simple.

  22. k. says:

    It’s HER fault for letting her kid go out to parties and drink while underage, and it’s HIS own fault as well for drinking that much in the first place. No one forced him to drink.

  23. Silvia says:

    My heart goes out to Salvador’s Family!!! Yes I do think it’s mostly Sal’s fault for drinking….he’s only 17 years old YES…I’m sorry mom,,, you shouldn’t let youre son go to a party with no supervision!!

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