PANORAMA CITY (CBS) — The high school student who threw a binge drinking party that may have led to the death of standout athlete Salvador Preciado reached out to KCAL9 and CBS2 Sunday to talk about the tragedy.

Reporter Amanda Burden talked to the teen. We aren’t identifying him and we also chose to blur his image.

“We threw this party for my friend’s birthday. Everyone brought their own drinks, and everything just got out of control,” he told Burden.

Preciado’s mother believes the heavy drinking at the party led to her son’s death. The following morning, she found him passed out. His lips were blue, and it appeared he choked on his own vomit.

“Everyone was drinking a lot, but he was drinking too much. Like he didn’t have self-control. After he passed away, I heard it was his first time drinking,” the teen told Burden.

Preciado’s friends told KCAL9’s Edward Lawrence on Saturday that an intoxicated Preciado had fallen off a table and hit his head.

Dephane Ocampo also attended the party. “I just remember him sitting on the floor one time. He was just laying on the floor,” she said.

Jose Martinez, who describes himself as Preciado’s best friend, took him to his house to sleep it off. He said he called their coach for a ride and that he drove him and Preciado back to Jose’s parents’ home.

While a memorial grows for their friend outside Panorama High School, Ocampo reflects. “We’re all underage,” she said. “We shouldn’t be drinking. Especially when there’s no parents around. And you shouldn’t drink just to look cool with other people — it’s not worth it.”