ALTADENA (CBS) — Police say a pregnant woman and her toddler are safe after they were carjacked and kidnapped Saturday evening in Altadena.

The suspect is in custody, according to officials.

Authorities said the man took off with the woman and her child after being involved in an altercation inside a CHP office in Altadena.

Somehow, after being tased, the suspect was able to escape. He was reportedly being held after an alleged DUI arrest.

He was able to commandeer the vehicle with the mother and child, before crashing the vehicle in Lake View Terrace.

The suspect then bailed and he was apprehended a short time later.

The woman and child’s ages were not immediately available.

Comments (3)
  1. Bob Henning says:

    Everyone should know by now that Taser Guns only work on Humans.

  2. MR.ALVEREZ says:

    This whole report that Mr. All knowing Alan Carter wrote (mind you which is his “detailed interpretation” of the crime, Might have been spot on accuracy had he been there to see it.) is simple and plain acerbating. I mean its not just two time nominee jack ass of the year Alan Carter for being Sir. Master of the obvious, and taking only what officers alligations were and rewriting it. I could care less but so far ive read 12 different reports on the one case. The things peoe pop out with are absurd. Police stated he was bigger then he actually is. Plus its a c.h.p. Station. What kind of moronicundeserved badge carrying idiots allow one man to escape from the cell.well i know the man and i know the story. police had no right to bring him into custody in the first place. He ran out of gas on the freeway despritly striving to ake it to the hospital because a family member was spending there last moments of life on there death bed. When chp pulled him over yes he might have been hystarical. Who wouldnt be. They

  3. MR.ALVEREZ says:

    Meaning c.h.p took him in under suspicion.. They hadnt even gave him the sobriety test untill he was detained in there station. I wouldve aswell been highly infuriorated. For the love i have for my family I might have done alot worse damge given a walk around the block in his shoes that day.. That been said. You dont even know forsure if he shouldve been there in the first place.. by they way id like to say fux bob henning. Tasers only work on humans. Are you that retarted sir?

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