LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Rallies, marches and walkouts are planned at Cal State campuses across the state.

Students at Cal State Los Angeles protested budget cuts and tuition hikes with a walkout Thursday morning.

Freshman Cindy Rivas says her tuition has increased $400 this year alone.

“Tuition is increasing every quarter, so it’s really terrible for us,” Rivas told CBS2.

Senior Nakia Brazier says many students won’t be able to keep up with rising tuition costs.

“The more we pay for public education, the further we’re getting into a private system that’s only available for those who can afford it.” Brazier said.

A rally was also taking place at Cal State Northridge.

Last year, the state cut funding by $650 million, which prompted a 12 percent tuition hike this fall, an increase that came on top of a 10 percent increase that was already in place.

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  1. osiris1964 says:

    I would really appreciate of these pro union liberal rag media would tell the tax paying people of this state….where this money goes….

  2. dave ceake says:

    hey just say your a illegal mexican , get in free ,,

  3. CrimsonRaven says:

    i come from a republican, conservative, legal resident of the state of CA, business minded family….and i protested at this university today. education is getting harder to afford these days, and ive never seen so many kids give up because the cost to be educated was too much for their families to afford. education should be affordable and accessible!