By Suzie Suh

LONG BEACH (CBS) — Kevin and Maren Cobabe of Long Beach felt there was a piece missing from their lives.

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The busy and married couple — and parents to two little boys — felt the passion they once shared was dwindling.

“The days just roll into the next and the next,” says Maren.

“It was hot all the time.” says Kevin.

Now. Not so much.

So, as Suzie Suh reports for CBS2 and KCAL9, the couple came up with a practical and smart solution. The couple pulled out their calendars and set up intimate encounters.

“For the sure thing if it’s on the calendar it will happen,” says Mrs. Cobabe.

“You get so wrapped up in life you forget what’s most important,” says Mr. Cobabe.

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“Sex is no longer an instant pursuit,” says Dr. Christine Milrod, a Hollywood Sex Therapist. She believes penciling in tryst time doesn’t mean you’re writing off spontaneity.

Says Milrod  —  remember you’re scheduling an event, not a behavior.

“The behavior is really up for creativity and what are you in the mood for on that day so it’s not so scripted,” she believes.

For those with different libido levels planning ahead can eliminate the awkward need to “ask” for sex. Mentally you’re getting romp-ready and that increases anticipation, too.

“It’s actually somewhat of a turn on if I call him in the middle of the day and say ‘I just put it on the schedule for tonight,'” says Maren.

Experts say putting a scheduled romantic rendezvous is not for all couples. Some may find it too formal, forced.

“Nothing feels good if it’s forced,” maintains Milrod.

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But for the Cobabes pre-planned pleasure has re-sparked the passion. “It makes us want to keep up on our date nights which is good for all parts of our relationship,” says Mrs. Cobabe.