LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Slash and Betty White have been caught on video, getting wild.

The unlikely duo star in a new commercial for the Los Angeles Zoo’s newest exhibit, The LAIR (Living Amphibian, Invertebrates and Reptiles). The exhibit opens March 8.

The commercial, uploaded to YouTube last week, shows the guitarist and the comedienne peering into a frog exhibit.

White says, “You can tell which one is male or female by the dark pads on their fingers.”

“Really?” Slash says in reply. “That’s cool.”

The LAIR exhibits will include the world’s largest amphibian – the Chinese giant salamander – several species of poison dart frogs, giant horned lizards, Fiji island banded iguanas and the only species of venomous lizards – the gila monster and beaded lizard.

Visitors will also get a chance to check out creepy crawlers like scorpions, centipedes and dozens of types of snakes, like the Mang Shan viper from the mountains of China, a fast slender arboreal snake from Africa and the Bushmaster – the largest venomous snake of the Americas – and the green mamba. (No relation to Kobe Bryant or Jeremy Lin.)

White is chair of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association and Slash is a trustee of the organization.