LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Slash and Betty White have been caught on video, getting wild.

The unlikely duo star in a new commercial for the Los Angeles Zoo’s newest exhibit, The LAIR (Living Amphibian, Invertebrates and Reptiles). The exhibit opens March 8.

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The commercial, uploaded to YouTube last week, shows the guitarist and the comedienne peering into a frog exhibit.

White says, “You can tell which one is male or female by the dark pads on their fingers.”

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“Really?” Slash says in reply. “That’s cool.”

The LAIR exhibits will include the world’s largest amphibian – the Chinese giant salamander – several species of poison dart frogs, giant horned lizards, Fiji island banded iguanas and the only species of venomous lizards – the gila monster and beaded lizard.

Visitors will also get a chance to check out creepy crawlers like scorpions, centipedes and dozens of types of snakes, like the Mang Shan viper from the mountains of China, a fast slender arboreal snake from Africa and the Bushmaster – the largest venomous snake of the Americas – and the green mamba. (No relation to Kobe Bryant or Jeremy Lin.)

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White is chair of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association and Slash is a trustee of the organization.