By Kent Shocknek

Look at the above closely. Of course,  you see all those nice people lined up for their class photo. (My, such stylish neckties! -Ed.) But a second glance toward the second floor reveals those aren’t paper banners hanging down from the roof: they’re buckets-full of water about to splash down on the aforementioned nice people lined up for their class photo.

This is the oldest, but possibly still unmatched best,  prank in history. I fell for a version of  it, in college. The “actives” in my fraternity herded all pledges  into the living room, and told us to surrender our house-keys. Apparently, there’d been thefts from the locked kitchen, and they wanted to see whose key matched. Once collected, a set of previously closed folding doors nearby were flung open, and we had just enough time to realize we were trapped, before we were drenched. At that point, we ran for the windows to escape, only to get a second bath from the back-ups, outside.  Wait, you mean there wasn’t really a theft from the kitchen?

The good thing is, everybody always fell for this trick, every time. And everybody laughed. Now,  it’d be considered risky behavior, or harassment, or some other lawsuit fodder. But,  man, when the picture above was taken, I would have loved to have been there . On the roof, of course.