REDONDO BEACH (CBS) — A man suspected of killing his girlfriend and her mother in Redondo Beach was arrested in Baja California early Wednesday.

The arrest of Jonathan Scott Chacon, of Redondo Beach, involved local, federal and Mexican law enforcement agencies, then was swiftly returned to the United States, authorities said.

Chacon, 23, is now in the custody of Redondo Beach police, and will be booked on suspicion of murder in the deaths of the women, whose bodies were discovered Tuesday morning in an apartment in the 1900 block of Rockefeller Lane, said Redondo Beach police Lt. Joe Hoffman.

Police said they found the car Chacon was believed to have been driving — a black 1996 Mustang with a torn convertible top — parked near the San Diego (5) Freeway in Mission Viejo. A motorist saw the car and called the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Hoffman said.

The victims were 59-year-old Vicki Bergman, and her daughter, 19-year-old Courtney, who was a recent graduate of Redondo Union High School, the Daily Breeze reported. The bodies were found by a co-worker of one of the victims, said Redondo Beach police Capt. Jeff Hink.

“I’m not sure what led to her concern, but the fact remains she was concerned for one of the residents’ welfare; so she came to the house,” Hink said.

After the bodies were found, police sought public help to find Chacon, who was the boyfriend of the younger woman.
How the women were killed — and why — was not immediately disclosed.

Hoffman said police learned late Tuesday that Chacon might have fled to Mexico.

“Detectives worked through the night in conjunction with Homeland Security Investigations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and Mexican authorities to locate Chacon,” Hoffman said.

“Chacon was located at a hotel in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, early this morning, and detained by Mexican authorities,” he said.

Hoffman said Chacon was returned to the United States without delay because he is not a Mexican national but, rather, a U.S. citizen who was carrying a U.S. passport.

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Comments (24)
  1. Pedro says:

    He is being framed, everybody knows Hispanic does not commit crimes, then go back to Mexico to hide. I look forward to his day in court, where the Justice system will be forced to admit they were wrong in accusing this innocent man.

    1. Christina39 says:

      Are you part of the CBS team. I said cut and paste which was incorrect and you said copy and paste which was correct. You are not as dumb as you sound.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Per the statistics, Mexicans and Latinos in general commit the majority of crimes and this guy did no justice to his race, actually he just perpetuated the stereotype in giving Mexicans and Latino’s a bad name. It seems as though all they want to do his start trouble, kill or rob somebody.

      Sure you have the honest and good hard working older Latinos but these young ones seem to have no direction or God in their life. It seems as though they think they can do whatever they want and get away with by either blending into their community or run like scared rabbits back to Mexico where they should have stayed in the first damn place if their intent was to be of no good!

      1. Christina39 says:

        I think Pedro was having one over on us.

    3. icecream says:

      Hey “Pedro”, What kind of drugs are you on ?

    4. Frank says:

      Definitely a Mexican issue here. Always will be the case.

      1. Concerened says:


        I make no apologies for what it is I’m about to say but you couldn’t be more correct, it’s these young gang banging fools who have it all twisted; their definition of what it is to be a man, responsible or an adult is making babies and fighting. Basically, I’m sick and tired of reading, hearing or seeing on the news some Mexican/Latinos breaking into somebody’s house, stealing somebody’s car, high speed chases, robbing someone on the street, fighting somebody, killing somebody, sexually assaulting somebody or some other kind of crime. Go onto the L.A.P.D. website and look at the majority of the wanted criminals; 99.9 % Latinos. Beside the honest hard working law abiding ones, what else good are they, they come here and legal citizens what neighborhoods they can and cannot live in; I mean African Americans but they suck up to White people like we’re Gods as if by doing so they feel validated and accepted. They really are the most insecure race I’ve ever seen and by that I mean they always need to be validated as being Latinos, perfect example of the post by the Mexican with the online name of I’am Mexican American # 1; basically who cares what nationality you are. I think that part of the reason they so criminally minded is because of their insecurities, it makes them vulnerable to commit more crimes than any other race.

    5. FidelityBraveryIntegrity says:

      Shut up Mikey….still meeting people at the Fullerton PD?loser…

  2. alg says:

    It’s simple really. This ah common coward criminal was pizzed that the MOTHER didn’t want her baby going out with this hoodlum, and gang member. Of course he had a gun. I don’t know if he used it, but although I can see why this young lady was attracted to this hoody who obviously was used to getting what he wanted using force or whatever. I can imagine the fight that insued and how he killed the mother first and then the young innocent girl. What a damn shame.
    I am hoping that he is ripped apart by crazy pit bulls and then cooked and fed to the wolves.

  3. KeithS says:

    Good point, alg. I wonder if this is the old scenario of the so-called good(?) lily white girl being attracted to the bad boy and thinking it was cool.By the way, I guess it is no surprise this was the lead story on the 10PM news Tues. night. Funny, a few weeks ago there was a Latino guy who killed his Latino girlfriend and it was story number 3 on the night, behind a fire of a vacant building and something else.Don’t know if there is a message there; just one of those strange facts, I guess.

    1. luckyfela1 says:

      Most everyone realizes I was second guessing everything here. I don’t think I would have commented if the Police hadn’t commented that the guy was ARMED AND DANGEROUS. who knows, he could be innocent, but I doubt it.

  4. Wolfman says:

    If he was not a American Citizen he would have stayed in Mexicao

  5. rankin1 says:

    give Mexico credit, the pathetic cowards are always scooting back to Mexico, thiught these p[eople are Macho?

  6. Davod says:

    I am the next door neighbor and no gun was used in this. It was a brutal incident, the boyfriend left yesterday morning around 330 AM and is the main suspect. Courtney had some issues with her mom and I am guessing some domestic issues played into this amongst other things. He fled to Mexico, if he was innocent he wouldn’t have done that. Plus, he dumped the car. Guilty in my mind. Innocent people don’t do that. I was never at ease when was around. We live on a VERY safe street. This stuff doesn’t happen where we live…

    1. icecream says:

      You live on a “VERY” safe street where the murders, like the ones right next door to you don’t happen ?

      Time to wake up and smell the criminals.

      1. David says:

        It is an isolated incident which was a domestic issue. They were always arguing, police knew about this house before this. You’re right, time to wake up and buy myself a gun.

  7. deepthunk says:

    Any fool can see that the city of Los Angeles is absolutely sick with corruption to its very core, Mayor Villaraigosa and his minions on the city council have allowed children to fall into the hands of pedophiles and proven time and again that the way of their city government is the way of corruption. The simple fact is when there are problems with corruption in government you need only look at the officials elected to run it to find the source.
    How long will the people of Los Angeles put up with this gross mismanagement, gross misconduct, and disgustingly gross incompetence on the part of the mayor and city council? The list of their personal and professional failures, misdeeds, and suspicious activities goes on for miles, and yet still they sit in office where they can run the city into the ground. It simply astounds me.

    1. krg says:

      what does any of that nonsense have to do with some thug killing a mother and daughter?

    2. luckyfela1 says:

      Not that your comment is RELEVANT, BECAUSE IT’S NOT….
      However, putting that aside, I agree with you with several exceptions.
      There is one city councilman who does not vote with the others.
      He is councilman ZINE. This guy is one phenomenal workhorse for his district.
      He VOTED NO on the water increase. After that vote, the damn water district spent almost 100,000 bucks on a party to celebrate. Then they voted themselves a raise.
      Next, they will vote themselves bonuses.
      The water district and DWP needs to have a salary CAP on all salaries, overtime, bonuses, and NO PARTIES. If they want a party they can spend their own money, not the TAXPAYERS.
      Now, the city Treasurer is another person who has along with the help of CHANNEL 2 CBS investigations routed out corruption in our city and country and city agency departments.
      So don’t condemn everyone.
      Again, I do agree with most of your feelings about our city govt. However, if you read the news, there is a lot of corruption in every city government, in state govt., and of course the federal govt.
      Not only that, but I suspect that the watchdogs, and whistleblowers are also
      getting paid off to keep quiet.
      I have also believed that it’s important to NATIONALIZE all of our national treasurer. WATER IS ONE, OIL IS ANOTHER. I’m sure you can think of more.
      good luck.


    The Donkey Chacon rode to Mexico on also turned him in for a nice piece of Reward $$$..

    $$$$$ makes the world go round..

    The Government have their way of getting people to talk.. Where is the Money.. 😀

  9. Gimlet Horrors says:

    That’s a shame.

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