LOS ANGELES (CBS) — They say nothing’s for free in this world — even leaving your vehicle at a busted parking meter.

KNX 1070’s Claudia Peschiutta reports many drivers in the Southland wrongly presume that if it’s out of order, they don’t have to worry about putting change in the slot.

Now one California state lawmaker wants to clarify with the rules with a proposed bill that would allow motorists to park for free at any broken parking meter statewide.

“The idea is sort of truth-in-advertising,” said state Sen. Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord).

The Northern California Democrat has introduced a bill that would allow parking at broken meter within the stated time limit without any threat of getting a ticket.

Senate Bill 1388, which is sponsored by the American Automobile Association (AAA), would allow cities to still reserve the right to limit or prohibit parking at broken meters, but they would have to post notices for drivers.

“Motorists don’t know what to do when they park at a broken meter because rules change from city to city and they aren’t always posted,” said Steve Finnegan of the Automobile Club of Southern California in a statement.

DeSaulnier said he believes the legislation is long overdue and should have no trouble getting passed in Sacramento.

“Seems common sense to me,” he said.

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  1. wobbles says:

    Great idea, except the 50% = of welfare recipients and illegals will just be breaking the heck out of every meter they can. This will get expensive real quick.

      1. Astonished says:

        That’s where your wrong and Wobbles is correct. Trust me. That’s why the City of Los Angeles originally had a section of the Municipal Code that made it illegal to park aat broken meters.

        People were going around jamming the meters so the could get free parking.

  2. deepthunk says:

    Any fool can see that the city of Los Angeles is absolutely sick with corruption to its very core, Mayor Villaraigosa and his minions on the city council have allowed children to fall into the hands of pedophiles and proven time and again that the way of their city government is the way of corruption. The simple fact is when there are problems with corruption in government you need only look at the officials elected to run it to find the source.
    How long will the people of Los Angeles put up with this gross mismanagement, gross misconduct, and disgustingly gross incompetence on the part of the mayor and city council? The list of their personal and professional failures, misdeeds, and suspicious activities goes on for miles, and yet still they sit in office where they can run the city into the ground. It simply astounds me.

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