» UPDATE: Recipient Of Wedding Wish A Convicted Felon

TEMPLE CITY (CBS) — On Monday night, Manuel Sosa, 44, a Temple City man battling end-stage liver disease and Hepatitis C from a childhood blood transfusion, married his bride in an intimate ceremony at The Maxwell House in Pasadena.

After struggling through several years of testing and treatment of this aggressive disease, Sosa’s last option is a liver transplant. Although he is finally on the list, there are many complications to maneuver around, and his wish was to marry Adriana Tafoya before it was too late.

The entire wedding was completely donated by Orange County and Los Angeles wedding vendors through Wish Upon A Wedding, the world’s first nonprofit organization, dedicated to providing weddings and vow renewals for individuals facing a life-threatening illness and other serious life-altering circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation.

“We just can’t be without each other,” the couple said.

Sosa and Tafoya met through a mutual friend in 2006. The first time she saw Manny, Adriana felt an instant connection and told her mother that she had found her future husband.

While life may be extremely difficult for them, neither of them able to work given they spend days at a time and sometimes weeks in the hospital, they have vowed to be there for each other and to cherish every moment they have together.

They envision a future without pain and stress, a successful transplant for Manny, and a healthy life together.

» UPDATE: Recipient Of Wedding Wish A Convicted Felon

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  1. ??? says:

    i’m wishing these 2 the best, and hoping they get whatever they need for a healthy life together. Much happiness to them. Medical problems can cause so much stress, hope all will be ok for them.

  2. juanita meza rodriguez says:

    Im so very touched by your story Manny. We knew eachother in what seems like a lifetime ago. I have been happily married for almost 20 yrs. I am so happy for you that you have found love and happiness. Wishing you and your Bride every happiness and many blessings.
    Your Friend,
    Juanita ( April’s Friend)

  3. Martha Garcia says:

    Love u both so much, I see how much love u have for each other, your wedding was a dream come true for both of you, you both are very strong people and you are fighters, and no matter what was said on the news or in the news papers about Manuel, you two still can go on with your lives, because thats what TRUE, STRONG BOND, and LOVE does, I admire you both <3

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