LONG BEACH (CBS) — Nearly two dozen passengers aboard the Carnival Splendor are back in the Southland Sunday after being robbed at gunpoint during their seven-day voyage in the Mexican Riviera.

The cruise line pulled into the Port of Long Beach around 5:30 a.m.

As they disembarked from the ship, passengers talked with CBS2’s Kristine Lazar about last week’s incident.

Passenger Ladean Hilgenberg described to Lazar in detail another tourist’s account of the ordeal.

“One had a mask on hanging over his head and he said, ‘you see my automatic gun’ and a knife in his belt and he said it in Spanish. He wanted everything he had.

“One fellow pulled his money out of his wallet and he said, ‘no, I want everything… backpacks and all.’ And he raised his gun up.  And they dropped everything — backpacks, everything.”

Hilgenberg, who was not robbed, said she was told the ordeal took “three minutes or less.”

Other passengers told Lazar they don’t plan to return to the Mexican Riviera by cruise and one man said he planned to cancel two future cruises.

On Thursday, 22 passengers were on a bus returning to ship after a guided nature trail excursion in Puerto Vallarta when a gang of masked assailants stopped the bus, according to Mexican media reports.

The armed robbers made off with the passengers’ valuables, including money, jewelry, cameras and passports. No one was hurt.

In a statement, Carnival called the incident “unfortunate and disturbing” and said it is working to reimburse for their lost valuables.

Meantime, CBS Travel Editor Peter Greenberg tells us this is an isolated incident. According to him, this kind of violence is normally not seen against Americans in the Mexican Riviera.

» Dream Vacation Turns Into Nightmare For Cruise Passengers Robbed At Gunpoint

Comments (9)
  1. Thomas Burney says:

    Is this surprising? Armed robbery of tourists in Mexico has been commonplace for a couple of decades. What is surprising is that Norte Americanos keep going there.

  2. Larry Wheaton says:

    I doubt you will see too many people going on these cruises anymore to Mexico. I did once awhile ago and even though we had no problems, I would never go again in the environment there today. I’m thinking a Hawaii cruise would be my next one. I wouldn’t even go to Europe right now with the problems they are having.

  3. Chris S. says:

    This is sloppy reporting! First you quote somebody who was not even on the excursion, but relaying what somebody else told them, then you report contradicting info from the Mexican press. Sloppy journalism – talk to the people who were actually there!

    1. JP says:

      Chris I agree with sloppy reporting. After hearing the facts from a lady on channel 5 who was among the victims-it was only one man! A small pot bellied dude with a single hand gun not pointed at anyone! AND-if Americans really want to know whats really happening in Mexico don’t trust our biased media nor big brother–look up “Gringos in Paradise”. I love Mexico and will continue to travel there. Already have next vacation booked for May.,

  4. rankin1 says:

    see nothing but old people boarding the ship.

  5. JM says:

    After viewing the more accurate updated version tonight on channel 5….I once again have to say how annoying and unprofessional and extremely biased you people on Kcal 9 are….Friday evening Sharon Tay practically salivating reported that several armed masked men robbed 22 tourists at gun point…WELL it was actually a single little pot bellied native looking dude. A lady actually took his picture! He had a hand pistol which he held up near his head and did not point it at anyone. I travel to Mexico frequently and will continue to. If you guys want to hear whats really going on down there you should contact expats living there whom still love their life in paradise. Look up “Gringos in Paradise”…they’ll be more than happy to share with anyone–don’t trust our media and especially not big brother. Shame on KCAL 9 for more half baked reporting where Mexico is concerned!!! We’re looking forward to our Mexican vacation come June. Peace and harmony folks.

  6. LibertyV says:

    Mexico is a lawless cesspool. More than 47500 killed during the drug wars. Why would anyone want to go there?

  7. Johnny Abanto says:

    Come On People, this can happen any time, any where, just an example a Tour at the Bronx in New York City!!!

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