LONG BEACH (CBS) — A dream vacation turned into a nightmare for almost two dozen cruise ship passengers who were robbed at gunpoint by a band of thieves.

According to our CBS Affiliate in Florida, where Carnival is based, the cruise ship sailed out of Long Beach last Sunday.

On Thursday, 22 passengers of Carnival Splendor were on a bus returning to the ship following a ship-sponsored excursion when a gang of masked assailants stopped the bus, according to Mexican media reports and MSNBC.

The bandits made off with money, jewelry, cameras and other valuables. No one was hurt.

The incident apparently happened in the well-known tourist destination of El Nogalito.

We spoke with CBS Travel Editor Peter Greenberg by phone who says this is the first crime of its kind in a tourist destination in Mexico.

“They basically targeted a group of people, not individuals that were being escorted. So this is highly unusual. Normally the kind of street crime that happens in any major city is directed against individuals traveling on their own. Not necessarily in large groups, certainly not on a bus,” he said.

In a statement, Carnival apparently apologized for the “unfortunate and disturbing event” and said it is working with passengers to reimburse them for their lost valuables.

The tour in question has been suspended, our CBS Affiliate in Florida reports.

The ship is expected to dock in Long Beach on Sunday.

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  1. beerluvinchick says:

    That’s a bunch of bologna. It’s MORE common for buses to get it. They do it all the time there, this is nothing new. At night they look for pockets that are muddy, dark, and brushy, then set up road blocks and make the bus drive into deep mudd so it can’t get out. I was robbed at gun point multiple times and once included an invasive cavity /strip search.

  2. Rick says:

    After the cavity search, did he call you for a second date?

  3. Briguy says:

    I agree that it happens more than they say. It happened to a tour bus just leaving the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica while I was there about five years ago.

  4. The Mad Man says:

    The travel warnings follow reports that more than 47,500 people were killed in drug-related violence in Mexico between December 2006 and September 2011, according to the State Department. While most of those murdered were involved in criminal activity, innocent people were also caught in the crossfire, the State Department said.
    State dept issued warnings but did the passengers think they were going to be under an armed guard?
    Stupid is as stupid does.

  5. LCross says:

    I am a long time traveler and resident of Mexico. In the last few years, Mexicans have taken to blaming us for their plight. it goes something like, Americans are racist and they are victims of an unjust war bla, bla, bla. Essentially they are embracing victimhood and blaming everyone but themselves. So they delude themselves the solution is return all properties taken in the Mex-Am war, and that we open our borders. RAZA gets its tactics from Louis Farracam and that sets the tone down there. Solution, do not step foot in Mexico—-Simple!

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