Teach your children compassion through giving back by volunteering with them while they’re still all cute, tiny and impressionable. Determine your child’s interests and abilities. Then just decide how much time you and your child have to volunteer, and choose a cause that is kid-friendly. Try these:

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This non-profit organization helps homeless and low-income individuals and families in Los Angeles and Hollywood. It needs volunteers for weekend distribution of nutritious meals and clothes. Just sign up on the website and bring a $5.00 gift certificate for fast food with you for the work crew that helps clean up the streets while transitioning each member’s life.

This non-profit is the perfect place to get involved right in your own community. No matter how much time you can commitment, there’s always something you can do. By signing up with this organization, you will be able to see where you and your family fit in the grand scheme of volunteering.

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This is an environmental non-profit group focusing on the power of trees. Check out the volunteer events available at Tree People. You and your family can make a difference by attending workshops, lectures, hikes and tree plantings. Group volunteering is also welcome.

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Make a difference while on a family vacation: Global Volunteers, “a private, non-profit, non-sectarian, non-governmental organization,” helps you teach your kids about the world around them and helps them learn to be compassionate by helping at-risk children learn conversational English, paint, build or repair buildings around the world, or work with any age group from infant to elder. Visit Global’s websiteto find a trip that’s right for your family.

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