LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A Los Angeles Unified School District substitute teacher investigated three times for alleged sexual misconduct was reported to be on the lam Wednesday after being arrested for exposing himself to a student in Inglewood.

George Hernandez, 45, resigned from the LAUSD in 2007, soon after the third police investigation, and later became a substitute in the Inglewood Unified School District. He was not arrested in connection with the three investigations.

He taught in Inglewood from 2008 to 2010, and at some point during his tenure allegedly molested a 7-year-old girl who was in the second grade, according to the newspaper. The alleged abuse was discovered after an 11-year-old girl reported to police that a man in an SUV pulled up and exposed himself to her as she stood outside LAUSD’s Gage Middle School.

Police traced the SUV’s license plate to Hernandez and searched his residence, where they found two dozen videotapes deemed inappropriate by police.

The second-grader’s mother has filed a suit against Inglewood Unified for failing to take proper precautions to protect her daughter, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“It’s part of the reason why we’ve been very vigorously involved in improving the quality of teaching and learning,” LAUSD superintendent John Deasy, who was not with the district when Hernandez was investigated more than five years ago, told CBS2. “It’s why we’ve been dealing with teachers who shouldn’t be teaching. Last year alone, you know, we moved and dismissed more than 850 individuals who shouldn’t be in the classroom. It’s why we’ve been continually pushing for new teacher evaluation system, and it’s why we’ve believe that there needs to be law changes here in the state.”

LAUSD officials allegedly never reported Hernandez to the state credentialing commission, an action that could have prevented other district’s from hiring him.

Hernandez is the latest LAUSD educator to be arrested within the past few months for allegedly performing lewd acts on children.

The arrests began with Miramonte Elementary School teacher Mark Berndt, who pleaded not guilty Tuesday to 23 counts of performing lewd acts on a child.

A rally has been planned by community activists on March 6 outside the LAUSD headquarters.

Comments (15)
  1. O_O says:

    Hmm, I wonder where Mr. HERNANDEZ can be?

    1. Frank says:

      Mexicans are always at fault. Look at the man it is obvious the guilt is apparently imbedded in him.

    2. Jim Brown says:

      who cares, shut up and get another job stupid

  2. Joey Lawrence says:

    Sure hope this loser is caught and beaten!



    It’s a Male teacher so he’ll get 20+ years to life..

    If it’s a Female teacher, she’ll get less than 5 years..


    It’s a Male teacher so he’ll get 20+ years to life.

    If it’s a Female teacher, she’ll get less than 5 years..


    It’s disgusting what these individuals are doing but the Justice system isn’t any better..


      GROWAPAIR is a white, rapist, anchor baby!

    2. Richard B says:

      There are drugs for paranoid schyzophrenia u know. Please take some. Take a lot of them

  6. ric says:

    yeah, he looks like a sick f***k

  7. Kat says:

    like any other race….REMEMBER: when you point a finger, you have 3 pointing right back at you! How moronic to mention race….one isn’t better than the other. GROW UP!

  8. Missdeed says:

    850 teachers were fired last year? Some were fired for reasons that had nothing to do with their fitness to teach. They saw and reported abuse or noncompliance. They ticked of an administrator. They filed a case against the district in court or through a state agency. The we’re captured in witch hunts. They were unwitting victims of administrative incompetence or they made too much money .
    Very few administrators or officials answer for their misdeeds . Employee relations, for example, will not be reprimanded much less fired for enabling this pedophile to prey on children in Ingllewood. They have not even been named as accomplices in Mark Berndt’s degenerate wave of terror despite concealing record of HS crime, overseeing an ongoing vigilance to assure he doesn’t o it again and ultimately breaking the law by allowing his credentials to remain unscathed in the face of the laws.
    These same well heeled mercenaries are notoriously crushing innocent teachers with UTLA and their single law firms covert blessings. COllusion, fraud, tampering with evidence, perjury, malicious defamation and ruthless discrimination are okay. Just like that conflict of interest consultants hip Mr. Deasy has with Scholastic. He earns 150k just from test makers.
    And he can get away with endangering Marymonte victims, lying about why he did it and make no apologies about LAUSD’s willingness to protect predators and punish teachers with integrity. The factbthats he walks about issuing directives and milking his Authourity epitomizes the arrogance and hypocrisy of this lawless school system. Don’t believe what this man tells you. He’s driven out teachers who wee veterens, victims of reprisals, tattle tales and a thorn in his side. He let the child molestors go. He sanctioned transfers for teachers who physically abused special needs children. If this station has any cojones it will go to local district 8 or 7 or 3 and find out why teacher’s are being housed. A principal decided she was crazy. A student accused him of something he didn’t do, and admitted she lied, but it was too late. AA teacher refers to AA student as a black boy. Math teacher is challenged by principal for a lesson. She says it is all wrong but the experts say sits exactly right, she’s wrong. Only she’s never wrong.
    A man is hauled offin handcuffs because his principal says he videotaped a student without permission . She will not look at the signed release he tries to present. Teachers are mobbed, defamed, terrorized, intimidated,threatened, manipulated, mistreated, and menaced by what is essentially a gang. Organized crime and Rico charges are order. Instead this man is picking us off at will and letting the real trouble free to do as it will.

  9. Andrei Bilderburger says:

    All the big liberal bureaucracies that want to take care of you – Catholic Church, LA public schools – turn out to be full of pederasts.

    How long will it take society to learn that this is a law of human nature and criminalize bureaucracy?

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