By Claudia Peschiutta

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Some call it “the hole”, while others refer to it as “lockdown”, but for one group of protesters, the solitary confinement of Los Angeles County inmates is simply “inhumane”.

KNX 1070’s Claudia Peschiutta reports activists are calling for an end to the prolonged isolation of prison inmates at the Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles.

Members of the American Civil Liberties Union and other demonstrators gathered outside the jail on Bauchet Street on Monday evening to protest against what they say is an ineffective and dangerous practice.

“Solitary confinement causes and exacerbates mental illness,” said James Gilliam with the ACLU of Southern California.

Gilliam and other opponents argue that the extensive isolation of inmates may prevent them from being able to “properly reintegrate into society” and make them more likely to commit crimes once they are released.

One protester pointed to the treatment her husband receives as an inmate at Pelican Bay state prison in Crescent City.

“He’s in his cell for 23 hours, one hour he gets to go on a little dog run, which is no light, no sun,” said Virginia.

Last month, the ACLU sued the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department over allegations that it routinely ignores incidents of deputy violence in the jails.

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  1. Chuey says:

    Jail should be harsh and 100% miserable. Solitary confinement shouls be the norm. We should make jail so incredibly miserable, that no reasonable human would ever care to return. Instead of punishment, we now have come to expect a country club of sorts. It is OUR tax dollars and we can spend them as we wish. ACLU can pound sand!

    1. NO says:

      It is our tax dollars and I do not wish to be evil to other people like you do. So no we should rehabilitate not become an even sicker society then we already are, it serves our interests better.

      1. Smokey says:

        Those in solitary are the ones who have attacked other inmates, attacked guards, are disruptive, etc. They are the “worst of the worst” and that is why they are put in solitary. They are a danger to everyone including the doctors and nurses that try to treat them. They refuse to follow the rules, create disturbances and are anti social. BTW…Pelican Bay is where the absolute baddest prisoners are sent. To get sent there you really have to be one of the biggest a-holes. Those are the ones who murder little kids for grins and giggles.

    2. T. South says:

      you don’t know everything about what you said, I am hoping, anyway. My husband has Alzheimer’s and has been in solitary confinement there since October ; it is because they see him as having a mental illness (though in reality it is a physical one) that he is in a concrete small room 24/7. The really bad inmates who do the worst of the worst of the crimes, at least get exercise, showers and tv even as well as trips to the commissary. My husband has none of that and he doesn’t do anything or say anything wrong.

      1. billy says:

        What did your husband do to get there?

      2. GROWAPAIR says:

        No showers? You’re full of sh!t, dumbf**k

  2. Mark says:

    As a general rule, I believe the ACLU has morphed into a disgustingly litigious organization. They seem to care more for the individuals that violate the rights of others, than the group or individuals being violated. It’s insulting to the public at large. However, once in a blue moon, they actually bring up an issue that may have some merit. That said, I do believe that maybe both sides of the argument can demonstrate fact in their positions. Unfortunately, when you are dealing with convicted killers, rapist and crooks…you don’t know which ones to trust. So, we have to end up throwing them all into the same basket. But I do agree that sick people don’t get the help in this society. Take a walk in LA and you can find one or two on every block, so it seems. No doubt the prisons are full of them as well.

  3. rt54 says:

    These meddling fools never stopped to think that maybe some inmates WANT to be in solitary confinement..regardless of any “studies”, there will always be exceptions to the rule. Stop trying to push your agenda on everyone else. Personally for my short time behind bars, I prefered being isolated. Less politics and headache to deal with from other crazy inmates

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