RIVERSIDE (CBS) — Activists are camping out to support a family facing eviction from their foreclosed home.

Former marine Arturo de los Santos and his family could be evicted from their home any time after 6:01 a.m. Tuesday.

Roughly 20 protesters — including several from the “Occupy” movement — camped out overnight in hopes of persuading the family’s lender to renegotiate their loan.

De los Santos and his wife, as well as their four children, had what may be their final dinner in the home Monday night. The family moved back into the foreclosed home in December after being evicted last June.

De los Santos, who is a supervisor at a metal finishing plant, says he failed to get a loan modification when his income was cut.

A spokesperson for Freddie Mac , who took over de los Santos’ loan from JP Morgan Chase, told the Press-Enterprise that the time for a loan modification had passed and the company must now sell the property to offset losses.

“I don’t believe the kids understand that they are going to school this morning and when they come back, I’m not sure they have a home to come back to,” de los Santos told CBS2. “But it’s been very stressful not knowing when the sheriff is going to come or what could happen.”

Demonstrators say they will peacefully hand over a petition with 70,000 signatures asking for Freddie Mac grant a last-minute loan modification.

Comments (4)
  1. Sad says:

    Boy, if they got a dollar from each of the 70,000 people that signed the petition, they could have gotten them out of foreclosure and paid ahead a few years….Perhaps looking for an apartment that they could afford would have been a better plan than sending their kids off to school not knowing if they’ll have a place to live??? Just a thought.

    1. juztees says:

      That is so true….

    2. Big Scott says:

      that is correct and maybe the wife sholud learn english and get a JOB!!!

    3. Manup says:

      I agree. Why put your children through such pain?
      This family had an interest only loan on their home, they were financed based on his overtime hours. That was a mistake. They took the gamble and lost. Walk away. I’m sorry there are many Americans with both the husband and wife working, sometimes 2 jobs. I find it offensive when people think they deserve something for free. How stressful for their children, they are the victims of their parents poor choices. Learn from it and move on.

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