LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The U.S. Forest Service has increased the mandatory brush clearance requirement for homes and structures inside national forests.

The change comes at the request of Los Angeles County supervisors, who raised concerns about brush clearance after the Station Fire killed two firefighters, destroyed 89 homes and scorched 160,000 acres in 2009.

Property owners must now clear at least 100 feet of brush surrounding their land, instead of 30 feet.

Los Angeles County already requires homeowners to clear at least 100 feet around their properties.

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  1. flicka47 says:

    Oh, this makes a lot of sense…not! The US Forestry Service scr#*%s up…so home owners are ordered to do more…

    Makes sense in a perverted way I guess…you can’t count on them to do their job, so you’re on your own!

    1. Ben says:

      Laws, rules and regulations aren’t created to impose unjust and unfounded regulations on the constituencies that they govern, it is in the pursuit of safety that these laws, rules and regulations exist. Death, injury and property damage can be drastically reduced by suggestions that are followed however most do not abide by these suggestions. It is in this case that an elected or appointed official must act to protect everyone, and not just those that choose to follow the suggestions; If 50% do not follow the suggestions they increase the risk to the other 50% who do. It is my belief that to each their own but there is a founded responsibility to thy neighbor to assist and protect in every way possible. Accusing firefighters who put their lives on the line every day of being lazy is just ignorant. A firefighter’s job is not to prevent every bad situation from happening; they are there to make the best of things when they do go wrong. If your doctor tells you not to eat bacon every day and you don’t head his warning, it isn’t his fault when you have to have a triple bypass even though you are under his care.
      Managing fire loads is an important part of the US forestry’s job and is even more important in heavy fire load situations. Because of the increased regulations on the fire service by the federal government, activist groups and reduced funds in these hard economic times, they are forced to “Make Due” with what they have. Even staring into the face of danger and sacrificing everything,” two of their own”, people still find it necessary to blame someone else and sit on their couch wishing someone else would take care of them. I believe it is these types of people (flicka47) that are the demise of this great nation. So when it’s your day and you have to call on a volunteer to come to your rescue, look them in the eye and tell them that they don’t care.

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