LONG BEACH (CBS) — Authorities have identified the ICE agent who shot down another agent after he opened fire on his supervisor Thursday night.

Perry Woo is being called a hero for stopping the shooting spree at the Federal Building in Long Beach.

The two ICE agents shot were discussing the alleged shooter’s job performance when supervisory Special Agent Ezequiel Garcia, 45, reportedly turned his gun on his supervisor, Deputy Special Agent-In-Charge Kevin Kozak.

Woo intervened and fatally shot Garcia.

ICE Deputy Special Agent-In-Charge Kevin Kozak

Kozak, 51, suffered six gunshot wounds to his legs, stomach and hands and was rushed to the hospital, where he is now alert and talking with family and friends, said Claude Arnold, special agent in charge for ICE/Homeland Security Investigations in Los Angeles. Kozak reported directly to Arnold.

“Agent Kozak is alive today because of the heroic actions of a third ICE supervisor,” Arnold said. “While that agent’s quick thinking saved Agent Kozak’s life, it also meant one of his colleagues died.”

The FBI is investigating the shooting, Arnold said, declining to further divulge details about the shooting. However, the Los Angeles Times reports that the shooting erupted during a discussion about Garcia’s job performance.

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Comments (25)
  1. Solid Citizen says:

    That ICE agent was one cool customer.

    It seems the action was “Fast and Furious”

    “Going postal” – violent action against a room of unarmed people

    “Getting ICE-ed” – attempted violent action in a roomful of similarly trained and armed counterparts.

    Quo warranto, B.O.?

  2. Karen says:

    How did Garcia get hired in the first place? How many people do you know who shoot their supervisor because they don’t like their performance review? Most of us don’t have guns in the office so why was this psycho given a gun in the first place?

    1. mike says:

      I can’t even get a job.That’s because that aS$hole lawyer Robert Hale from Hale and Nguyen in Brea couldn’t help me with my case. Now I’m a bitter aS$puck that has a beef with law enforcement and everybody on the internet. I used multiple screen names like [GROW..APAIR], [wg//af], [up//yours], [Mike in San Diego], [Mike in Upland], [1stman] and [kma] so no one can track me down. I challenge people to meet me in front of the Fullerton P.D. station for my protection. I’m suca a puS$y dumbf**k

    2. Ngoc Lam says:

      The fact that some people manipulate their power at workplace. Firing 6 gun shots showed that he was very angry.

  3. Wolfman says:

    another bad cop

  4. Randy Taylor says:

    Great Job Officer Woo

    1. Christine says:

      You are a HERO…putting your own life at risk to save another…

  5. Chuey says:

    This incident is an embarrassment for the entire joke-of-an-agency. There are no heroes.

  6. mario e herrera says:

    Im not sure the dead man is the bad that all

  7. Ngoc Lam says:

    He must be very angry to fire 6 shots. We need to know the whole story before calling him a bad person.

  8. John S says:

    SETUP!!! Garcia fired at body parts that a highly trained officer would to disarm someone….So why didn’t Woo do the same??? He is also trained to disarm right? But yet he decided to fatally shoot him and he is being called a HERO? BS What was ICE thinking when they decided to make up this story?

    1. Manof Reason says:

      This just proves that Garcia is not only a bad cop, but an inept one at that. How can you shoot someone 6x and still not make a kill?? What an embarrassment! Good thing agent Woo showed him how it’s done!

      1. Christine says:

        You got that right “Man of Reason” !!! Garcia was on the job for 24 years and could not even shoot to Kill, didn’t he have monthly training at the shooting range to stay on top of everything ??? SAC Agent Perry Woo “ICED” him and saved his boss ! He is a “HERO”…how many people would risk their life for someone else ??? Think about it…

      2. John S says:

        He was trying to disarm HIM!!! Not kill him, you morron.

  9. Mr. Montealban says:

    Nice work Sensei Woo! People hate to hear bad reviews and it makes it worse when everyone is armed. Maybe Garcia’s review mentioned that he wasn’t a very good shot and he flipped out. Ha!

    1. FidelityBraveryIntegrity says:

      Dream on sir….

  10. guest says:

    Garcia was the real victim in this case. Kovak has always been the rotten kid that would poke the family dog with a stick and then whine when he got bit. OPR should be looking at Kovak. He deserved what he got for the long term agony he caused Garcia.

  11. philipe says:

    Is this an ACLU issue? Ezeke was disabled. Kovak looks like a heartless supervisor. Perry Woo a hero, he’s a sworn peace officer. What do you expect he be a coward. Perry was doing his job no more no less. Just like the military, you don’t runaway from a battle.RIP Ezequiel Garcia!!!

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