CORONA DEL MAR (CBS) — President Obama wrapped up his two-day fundraising trip to Southern California Thursday with a private breakfast in Orange County.

The president’s visit began Wednesday afternoon with a stop at the VA West Los Angeles Medical Center. He then attended a private reception for about 1,000 guests, where the Grammy Award-winning Foo Fighters performed.

After the music ended, the president joked about his gray hair, saying that he was no longer the new kid in town.

Obama later attended a dinner co-hosted by actor/comedian Will Ferrell. Only about 80 supporters attended that event, which cost $35,800 per couple, with most of the funds going to the DNC.

Obama traveled to the home of Jeff and Nancy Stack in Corona del Mar for breakfast Thursday morning before heading to San Francisco for two additional fundraisers.

This was the president’s ninth visit to the Southland since he was elected.

In October, Obama attended a pair of fundraisers in the Hancock Park area. The first was held at the home of movie producer James Lassiter and his wife, Mia, with actor Will Smith and former Laker Magic Johnson among those in the crowd.

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  1. cory says:

    Isn’t it amazing that the most affluent sections of los angeles share the same politics as south central los angeles.

    1. Whiskey Tango says:

      Liberal morons. Give the farm away. Those of us that are successful worked hard to get what we’ve earned. Now NOBAMA wants to take it and give it to the class of people who wait by the mail box.

  2. Joe Dionne says:

    What’s really amazing is how long the CBS website keeps this story on their front page with a grammatical error in the title.

  3. He can’t fix the country but he sure does have time for vacations and fundraising. Always have to have time for those. That’s our “share the burden” pres.

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