LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Bobbi Kristina Brown, the 18-year-old daughter of singers Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, is doing much better after being hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was taken over the weekend following her mother’s sudden death at the Beverly Hilton.

“My daughter Bobbi Kristina is doing much better,” her father said in a statement released Wednesday. “We continue to provide love and support to Bobbi Kristina. She is dealing with the tragedy of her mother’s death and would prefer to do it outside of the public eye. I ask again that our privacy be respected.”

Brown, who was reportedly treated for stress and anxiety, was taken to the hospital on Saturday. She was then transported back to the hospital Sunday.

She is Houston’s only child.

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  1. Christina39 says:

    Poor young girl. You only have one mother. What a loss at such a young age.

  2. Average Gal says:

    Whitney Houston was set-up…let’s see, something is clearly not right with this story.

    Foul play is definitely involved here. Why has this case been closed so quickly and foul play ruled out without a full-scale investigation haven taken place at all? She did not OD on drugs. There are far too many unanswered questions.

    In this case, Whitney Houston’s naked 5 ft. 8 body was discovered in her bathroom in a bathtub filled with water, and in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton hotel.

    She “seemingly” slid backwards into the tub filled with water? What are the dimensions of that bathtub that she was found in? It is not likely that a 5 fit. 8 woman (Whitney’s height) gets water in her lungs after taking a mixture of prescription drugs and alcohol, and sliding backwards into a tub of water.

    Someone needs to test her champagne bottle and her turkey sandwich to see if anything was put into it also. And, why did Ray J mysteriously disappear? There was an interview and a woman said that she her someone scream some words from Whitney’s hotel room hours or a day before. Was Whitney arguing with Ray J or someone else? Who had access to her hotel room?

    Let’s see, Whitney had a bodyguard, make up artist and hair stylist with her, right? How long had she known these people and what are their roles in all of this? Where was the bodyguard when Whitney was in her tub bathing, did anyone fingerprint the doorknob on the bathroom door? Playback the video cameras and see who was in that hotel room just prior to or after her death.

    Isn’t Ray’s sister, Brandy, the same one who murdered a woman years ago when she struck some woman with her car? Is her brother also a murderer? Why does Ray J seem so suspcious in all his recent interviews after Whitney’s death? Everyone knows the two were dating.

    Whitney was scheduled to appear at the Grammy’s shortly thereafter…there is way more to this story.

    Whitney Houston was choked and made to appear like she had drowned. There are hair ties on her bathroom floor of her hotel room. Did someone choke her with those hair ties or something else?

    The truth will come out.

    1. Yeah Right says:

      You sound like you on the same crack that whitney and bobby was on. Have you ever worn hair ties to keep your hair from getting wet while bathing. What is wrong with you? Do you need to lay on Dr. Phil’s sofa and let it all out? You know, you can get a check for that condition you got. SSI. Monthly. On the 3rd or the 3rd Wednesday of each month, your choice.

      1. Average Gal says:

        Hi Ray J, thanks for your post.

        The feds will be knocking on your door very soon regarding your involvement in this cover-up…enjoy your limited freedom while you can.

    2. Cindy duck says:

      Crack kills, step away rom the pipe” lol

    3. Debra says:

      Oh Average Girl, don’t you realize that tragic accident’s happen? Don’t you know that mixing champagne and Xanax is a deadly combination, and that it happens all over this country a dozen times a day? Do you not realize that, when a person lapses into unconsciousness, they slip down into a tub, even if laying back in it? Please, stop with the conspiracy theories and pray for Whitney’s soul, and Bobbi Kristina’s strength during this horrible time.

      1. Average Gal says:

        There is evidence that supports a finding that what happened to Whitney was intentional and not “a tragic accident,” this is the point.


        Whitney had scratches on her face and hands at the time her naked body was discovered in the bathtub – usually a sign of a struggle with someone..was she trying to remove someone’s hand from over her face while she was being held under water?

        An executive on the 5th floor, right above Whitney’s hotel room says she (the exec.) heard two loud BOOMS at approx. 3:45 p.m. and these BOOMS awoke her (the exec). Afterwards, the exec heard the voice of “men” talking in a “commanding tone” in Whitney’s hotel room. At 3:55 p.m. the fire department arrived on the scene. – Who were these men who were in Whitney’s room? Why were they talking in a loud threatening voice? What was the BOOM? Her body falling?

        Whitney’s bathroom had water on the floor of the tub and the cup of olive oil was still on the floor and she hadn’t poured it into her bathtub yet? Hmm…is the water on the bathroom floor a sign that she was struggling with someone either before or after entering the tub? That the olive oil cup was still on the floor shows Whitney hadn’t been in the tub long because he hadn’t poured it in the water yet.

        How did the bottles of prescription meds get in Whitney’s room? Let’s see…the prescription meds were possibly placed there afterwards as part of a plan to make it appear that Whitney had ingested these meds? What is the Midol for? Whitney was 48 years old…did she still get periods? What the Midol Bobbi Kristina’s?

        Where was her bodyguard at during this time? Did he conveniently disappear or was he in on this too? Ray J had several “missed calls” on his cell moments before Whitney’s body was discovered. Whitney and Ray J had argued reportedly days before that time. Why does Ray J look so guilty in all his subsequent interviews? Seems suspicious.

        So many other questions I have…did someone follow Whitney back to hotel room after she approved the picture for her photo layout?


  3. Mike says:

    If the daughter can stay off the drugs, booze, and prescription meds, she has a chance.

  4. Bill says:

    Average Gal , not sure where you’re getting this. The official Corners report is not ready yet, but preliminary investigator found no forced trauma or excessive water in the lungs. Excessive water is found in the lung when somebody is drowning or is forcefully submerged. In this case what most likely happened is she had a bad reaction from mixing booze and pills. Also she’s been an alcoholic for years so who knows what stress that has done to her body. In this case the Corners office did the right thing in releasing the body as quickly as possible.

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