LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — A Los Angeles County official says his office has issued subpoenas for medical and pharmacy records from Whitney Houston’s doctors and medical providers.

Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter says the request is standard procedure in virtually all death investigations because it can shed additional light on how people died and whether they had any serious medical conditions.

Officials have confirmed that several bottles of prescription medication in the hotel room where Houston died Saturday, although Winter has said they weren’t an unusually large number. Investigators have declined to disclose which medications were seized and are awaiting toxicology results that will take several weeks before determining what killed Houston.

She was found unconscious and unresponsive in the bathroom of her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday afternoon.

There are reports that Houston was pulled from the tub by her aunt, Mary Jones, but the results of an autopsy completed by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office are sealed.

Toxicology reports are due within the next seven weeks.

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  1. Average Gal says:

    Whitney Houston was set-up…let’s see, something is clearly not right with this story.

    Foul play is definitely involved here. Why has this case been closed so quickly and foul play ruled out without a full-scale investigation haven taken place at all? She did not OD on drugs. There are far too many unanswered questions.

    In this case, Whitney Houston’s naked 5 ft. 8 body was discovered in her bathroom in a bathtub filled with water, and in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton hotel.

    She “seemingly” slid backwards into the tub filled with water? What are the dimensions of that bathtub that she was found in? It is not likely that a 5 fit. 8 woman (Whitney’s height) gets water in her lungs after taking a mixture of prescription drugs and alcohol, and sliding backwards into a tub of water.

    Someone needs to test her champagne bottle and her turkey sandwich to see if anything was put into it also. And, why did Ray J mysteriously disappear? There was an interview and a woman said that she her someone scream some words from Whitney’s hotel room hours or a day before. Was Whitney arguing with Ray J or someone else? Who had access to her hotel room?

    Let’s see, Whitney had a bodyguard, make up artist and hair stylist with her, right? How long had she known these people and what are their roles in all of this? Where was the bodyguard when Whitney was in her tub bathing, did anyone fingerprint the doorknob on the bathroom door? Playback the video cameras and see who was in that hotel room just prior to or after her death.

    Isn’t Ray’s sister, Brandy, the same one who murdered a woman years ago when she struck some woman with her car? Is her brother also a murderer? Why does Ray J seem so suspcious in all his recent interviews after Whitney’s death? Everyone knows the two were dating.

    Whitney was scheduled to appear at the Grammy’s shortly thereafter…there is way more to this story.

    Whitney Houston was choked and made to appear like she had drowned. There are hair ties on her bathroom floor of her hotel room. Did someone choke her with those hair ties or something else?

    The truth will come out.

  2. Average Guy says:

    Average Gal, she died like Heath Ledger. Prescription drugs kill far more people that reported. Long term Alcohol and pill abuse = sudden death.

    1. Toni says:

      Average Gal,

      I truly agree with you 100%. I have been saying the exact same thing repeatedly, there is more to this story than what Ray Jay in indicating. There had to have been someone else in Whitney’s room. I truly hope that the police and investigators checked for Ray Jay’s finger prints on the food tray that was beside Whitney’s bathtub and other finger prints as well, The hotel’s 4TH floor camera’s would be a great source witness.

      It was stated that Ray Jay found Whitney, after hours past Ray Jay changes his story line putting the focus on Dionne Warwick finding Whitney in the bathtub.

      I seriously think deep down inside reasons why Ray Jay is deeply hurt and sadden do to Whitney’s death is because, Ray Jay had a lot to do with the death and he’s feeling guilt, shame and isn’t ready to come forward with the truth. Ray Jay’s bodyguard also stated that, Ray Jay was the last in Whitney’s room, and that he was infect with Whitney. Nancy Grace also raised question of how did she end up sliding under the water, instead of slumping over.

      I’m thinking at this point Ray Jay will pay to keep his bodyguard mouth closed. I’m sure that Ray Jay spoke with his mother, his mother is highly protective of him, and I’m sure she has stated to Ray, “Keep quite” and making dealing to pay Ray’s bodyguard to keep quite.

      After viewing many photo’s and videos of Whitney, was she pregnant? She saw the Doctor many times with 1 week.

      Whitney Houston got into an altercation and ‘Pushed’ Pregnant Singer Keke Wyatt at the club.

      There were 2 dinners (hamburger, fries and a heinken beer, and a turkey sandwich, jalepenos, and champagne). Now they are trying to spin it as Whitney ordered all of that food for herself, but why would she eat hamburgers, fries, and drink a beer in the dining area, then carry the turkey and peppers in the bathroom to eat?

      My theory is that someone else was in there eating the hamburgers and fries, while she was popping pills (or smoking) and drinking her champagne. Afterwards, she took her food in the bathroom with her. ” And did you see the Cigarette Ashtray kicked over with ashy in the floor and the ashtray wasn’t near the tub at all.

      There was drip’s of water on the floor! I’m sorry to say this but, I seriously think Ray Jay murdered Whitney. Ray Jay became nervous! Ray Jay was in the hotel when Whitney died!

      Ray probable became so nervous of her death, he walked away, walked outside and then later went back into Whitney’s room, and call’ed for help. Now, he’s still yet until this day nervous, scared and guilty because he know’s deep down inside, he killed Whitney. I’m not going to say he kill’ed her intentionally but, she is dead and this is what really get’s to Ray Jay.

      Ray deal with drugs, he’s Whitney’s supplier. ” Yes, Ray J need’s to be investigated and the bodyguards!”

      1. Toni says:

        Ray J had the key to Whitney’s hotel room.

  3. Tony Brown says:

    I would not be surprised if Ray Jay killed her

  4. Toni says:

    I don’t think Whitney was really caring about any food, I thin k she cared about those drugs. I actually think Ray J brought Whitney’s food tray into the bathroom.

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