BUENA PARK (CBS) — A Southland family is causing quite a stir in their neighborhood over a unique marketing campaign that turns their home into a brightly colored billboard.

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Scott and Beth Hostetler allowed a company called Brainiacs From Mars to paint their home bright green and orange, and affix banners and social media logos to the exterior walls.

“He thought it would help with the mortgage payments,” says the Hostetlers’ daughter of her deaf father. “But it was like winning the lottery.”

The Hostetlers neighbors are not impressed.

“I get migraines,” says neighbor Vivian Largent. “I’m like oh my God, that’s gonna blind me every day.”

Another neighbor, Nileen Pancoast says her first thought was to call Hostetler’s mother.

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Due to a city ordinance, the temporary wall signs go up only long enough for photo opps, and are immediately taken back down.

“We’re a really out of the box company,” says Romeo Mendoza, CEO of Brainiacs From Mars, the marketing company behind the stunt. He says there are plans to make over many more houses nationwide.

Barbara Gobel said she’s glad the house is not next door to hers. “It’s horrible, absolutely horrible,” says Gobel.

When told the paint job may prevent a foreclosure sign from popping up in her neighborhood, Gobel begins to warm up to the idea. “It’s getting a little prettier,” she says.

The Hostetlers say they will keep the new look for around four to six months.

Mendoza says if the complaints keep coming, his company will consider changing the house back sooner.

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Brainiacs From Mars has fielded nearly 40,000 applicants who also want to turn their homes into billboards.