STUDIO CITY (CBS) — You know your spouse’s favorite sports team and restaurant, how well do you them financially?

Casey Mervine visited the KCAL 9 studios Monday to talk about couples’ finances for 2012.

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Whether 2012 is the year to say your vows or renew your vows, it’s always important to make a financial vow as well, and be sure you and your sweetheart are on the same economic page!

Take time to connect – Are you a saver and the other a spender? Do you both handle credit differently? When do they hope to retire? While it may seem like your just discussing finances, you’re actually discussing your dreams for the future. Our local Schwab Financial Consultant can discuss how you can have these conversations, prioritize joint goals, and finance for the future.

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• Consider a third-party’s perspective – Joining finances can be scary, whether you’ve been with someone for years or are newlyweds. It’s important to understand each other’s spending habits, anticipated income and existing debts. Sometimes bringing an objective third party into the conversation, whether that’s a relative, friend or financial consultant, can help couples decide what’s “Yours, Mine, and Ours.” Our experts can explain the “Yours, Mine, Ours” theory for accounts, which is the practice of giving each other individual accounts while also having one joint account.

• Be a better listener – We’ve all said this a million times, but when discussing finances, it’s important to keep your ear open and listen to your significant other. Understanding each other’s views on money can actually bring people closer together. Listening will also help create discussions on finances as well as financial roles and responsibilities within the relationship.

• Discuss your dream retirement –“Till death do us part” has a much more significant meeting now that many couples are living well into their 80s and 90s. Whether you’re vowing to your partner or just to yourself, both single and married people report feeling sluggish in their retirement readiness. According to a recent Schwab survey, only 38% of married individuals feel ready, while just 32% of singles report feeling confident about their retirement readiness. Our experts can discuss what you can be doing now to be sure you’re ready for retirement down the road.

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