LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jennifer Hudson will pay tribute to her idol, Whitney Houston, at Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

Houston died Saturday at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The cause of death hasn’t been determined.

Show Ken Ehrlich says Hudson will be featured in a “musical tribute.” He said it’s too fresh to do more now, but they had to note the Grammy-winner’s amazing accomplishments.

Prior to the news of Houston’s death, Hudson attended a pre-Grammy event where she discussed the impact Houston had on her career.

The Chicagoan talked about her love for Houston’s hit “I Will Always Love You” and said that she would “create duets with her because I wanted to sing with Whitney Houston.”

Houston actually presented Hudson with her first Grammy. Hudson said meeting her idol “almost overshadowed getting the Grammy.”

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Comments (5)
  1. Ryan says:

    CBS sure rushed pretty quick to set up a tribute it is crazy its like they new this was going to happen and planned ahead. The woman is dead for less than 24 hours before they have a tribute set up with a singer picked.

    Everything you could possibly need to survive the apocalypse. How prepared are you?

  2. LSK says:

    The Grammy awards were already scheduled for Sunday and a large number of musical artists were already in town, so they probably just rearranged the program somewhat for a brief tribute. It doesn’t seem like her death was anticipated at all.

    Very, very sad, and so young. Unfortunately Ms. Houston seemed to be one of those stars for whom the question wasn’t if they would self-destruct from substance abuse, it was a matter of when. Rest in peace.

  3. No, not Hudson, please. says:

    This is not about Jennifer Hudson. I don’t think Hudson, who just a day before was being promoted by Clive Davis as “next Whitney Houston” is a good a idea. Its a bad idea. Its a crass idea.

    It would of been better to just show footage of Whitney and let luminaries, not current hacks, speak about her. Nothing else.

    If anything, its opportunist on the side of Hudson and Clive and most likely she will remind the world of how just great Whitney was when Hudson starts belching out insincere sound.

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