FALLBROOK (CBS) — A SoCal mother is speaking out about cruise ship crime and safety after her 20-year-old son mysteriously disappeared during a cruise to Alaska.

(credit: CBS)

According to the law, cruise ship crimes are supposed to be reported to the FBI but the families of victims say that there’s more that still needs to be done.

Blake Kepley went missing off a Holland America cruise ship last summer.

Three months later, his mother Merri Laursen finally received the Coast Guard’s investigative report — it included one blurry surveillance image of a person walking on deck the morning Kepley disappeared. She was told no surveillance video was available

“Nobody should go over a ship without video picking it up,” said Ken Carver, who lost his daughter off a cruise ship.

(credit: CBS)

Carter founded the organization International Cruise Victims. The organization helped pass “The Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act” which mandated more surveillance cameras on cruise ships, man overboard detection systems, reporting of crimes to the FBI and online posting of crime and missing persons statistics.

For more information on cruise ship crime and International Cruise Victims click here: http://www.internationalcruisevictims.org/

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  1. Timothy McGarry says:

    This industry is all but dead.

    1. randy says:

      Maybe so, but due to the economy and not persons falling overboard.

  2. KeithS says:

    I wonder if cruise lines look at security upgrade expenses the way car companies were accused of viewing safety – it was cheaper to pay off the occasional lawsuit resulting from defective cars rather than spending the money to improve safety. Cruise ships won’t upgrade security until they find the best way to pass it along to consumers first..
    I will tell you this though-I was on a cruise a few years ago and couldn’t sleep so I wandered the ship at about 3AM in the morning. I didn’t see one crew member. I could easily walk out to the deck without being detected. The way I see it is if someone has suicidal thoughts or did want to commit murder, a cruise ship is by far one of the best places to go unnoticed.

  3. Fluffgirl says:

    Why don,t they employe security guard. Why do people on cruise ship drink so much….why do they all hang around railing late at night and drunk..why do people feel de need to walk on deck at 3 in the moning when they would not go in the street at that time..why do they go in strangers cabins..accept drinks and completely disregard safety..I read all the storiies..and my son went on a cruise he doesn’t, drink..stayed in his cabin at night…I would say..keep reasonable hours ..don’t walk corridors early or late..stay with people it is safe in number…

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