LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Several public safety groups, including the Los Angeles Police Protective League, are fighting a new LAPD proposal that would keep unlicensed drivers from facing a 30-day impound.

The current policy calls for drivers who are stopped without a license to have their cars immediately impounded, which can cost as much as $1,500.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck’s new plan would offer a reprieve to individuals who were not involved in a serious accident and whose licenses had not been suspended or revoked license. They must also have no previous convictions for driving without a licence.

The plan is supported by immigration rights groups who say immigrants who can’t get licenses have been unfairly targeted.

However, the LAPPL says motorists who drive without licenses are five times more likely to be involved in fatal crashes and that Beck’s plan doesn’t conform to state law.

Beck says his plan was crafted after meeting with both legal experts and immigration rights groups.

Adding fuel to the debate is a crash that killed three women and injured three others in South Los Angeles last week. The driver of the SUV the women were riding in was cited by California Highway Patrol officers on Jan. 3 for driving without license.

The police commission is set to discuss the plan on Feb. 14.

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  1. Conney Denali says:

    That family of the car crash are going to sue the LAPD and the City for wrongful death, and they have the right to. That lady should have not been able to drive.

    1. Jarod Brown says:

      No one expects LAPD to Serve and Protect the Citizens as long as Tony V is pulling Becks stirings. Just continue to SERVE Illegal Aliena to PROTECT your extravagant pensions…….no one expects any more from you.

  2. argo rigolo says:

    I agree that the cars should be impounded and that the illegal drivers face criminal charges. What is they are not a citizen? I believe we have an ‘ICE’ program that jails illegal persons, then deports them.
    Do I need a college degree to not understand the meaning of ‘illegal’? No, they know that they are breaking the law, and do it anyway. They deserve to be punished.

  3. Paul says:

    If you have no drivers license you should have your car towed and if your a illegal then you should be deported period.

    1. k hurn says:

      correct deport them also . enough changing laws to cater to illegal Mexicans . they need stricter fines etc . they are inexperienced drivers , can not read English ,they have no clue on what safety signs etc say . no insurance . i dont want my life or my childrens taken by a illegal driver . enough is enough catering to Mexicans .

  4. Brandon Lee says:

    This has nothing to do with immigrants, and everything to do with illegal immigrants. Does this mean I should stop driving around with a license so less bad things happen to me if I cause problems?

    I know I already get free healthcare if I change my name to Juan and don’t speak English. This state is ridiculous with the protection of illegals, and non protection of legal citizens.

  5. bob says:

    If anyone regardless of immigation status is involved in an accident and doesn’t have a license on them, their car should be towed.

    If it is found that the license was revoked or suspended they forefit their car.

    if you are found to be illegally living here you get deported as well

  6. Astonished says:

    I can’t believe that Chief Beck is so blind that he doesn’t see the huge number of accidents that have occurred in just the last year involving unlicensed drivers (regardless of their citizenship status)! It has become an epidemic!

    As far as I’m concerned, the City and theLAPD Chief have declared war on law abiding drivers. I know that if I or my family gets injured in an accident involving an unlicensed driver, I’m definetely going to sue both the Chief and the City for discrimination against law abiding drivers and reckless endangerment.

  7. Miguel Villalobos says:

    If they think its expensive, Then the Police board of directors are the ones who set the rates for storage and towing. Funny that the “L.A. City Administration Fee” has gone up from 48.00 to 115.00 in the last 2 years! That is where the money is going. To the CITY! I do not know how the “Chief” can change a “LAW”!

  8. ricyoon says:

    It’s all just fun and games until some idiot crashes into your mothers car kiling her and your daughter. If you don’t have a license, you shouldn’t be on the road.
    what a complete waste of time.

  9. Donna Earley says:

    My husband and I were in a car accident over 2 weeks ago on the 101 fwy, our car was t-boned & smashed into the wall. I was taken away in an ambulance with a head injury and my bruised ribs STILL hurt. The other driver? NOT hurt, NO license & NO insurance and set free!! No doubt to drive again, without a license and to crash into others. NO sympathy from me on this. If you can’t get a license take public transit, get rides from people, I DON’T CARE!!

    1. Ash says:

      I am sorry to hear about what happend to you and your husband. It is so unfair. We need to keep this policy in place and remove Beck now. He is an Antonia V. follower and has no independent thought. This City bends over backwards to cater to illegal immigrants, it sickens me.

  10. KOBE says:

    I hope an illegal from Mexico kills Charlie’s Becks family member after running a red light. Or better yet, kills the Mayor’s family member.

    An illegal tried to run me off the road last week. He was in a garbage truck. I was going to call the cops but would good would that do? After the cops found out that the driver was from Mexico they would have arrested me for bothering an illegal alien.

  11. dale jude says:

    the chief and mayor are bed buddies…..the chief is the “TOP” and the mayor is the “Bottom”..but we the law abiding citizens are the real one’s who are recaiving it in the rear~~!!

  12. American Imagrant says:

    Yes they should definitely ease up on the impounding of peoples cars. Even if they don’t have a license. With the racism aside, there are ten fold the amount of accidents from rich wealthy Californians on there cell phones, doing there make up, or just plain old people who are not quick to react to accidents. I believe immigrant means anyone not a citizen, and not just Mexicans.
    Accident means exactly what it means. Not intentional. If you were hit by an illegal, it was an accident. There not out there hunting you down. If you want to check the numbers go to this site:

    and then tell me who causing the most damage!!

  13. Sparky says:

    Beck is an idiot. Besides not inconveniencing the scoff laws by impounding their illegally driven cars and trucks, he also wants to give the illegals drivers licenses.

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