LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The LAPD is fighting crime from a high-tech war room that gives it eyes all over the city. The surveillance hub is now a model for police forces around the world and KCAL9 got an exclusive tour inside from Chief Charlie Beck.

“We are targets on our own soil,” says Beck. “We have to be ready.”

What began as a grass roots idea following the 9/11 terrorist attacks is now a state-of-the-art real-time analysis critical response center. It’s called RACR, and it’s located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

“This is a system that cuts through the red tape, that gets information to the people that need it,” says Chief Beck. He calls it “the brains of the department, twenty-four/seven.”

Police in the activity center monitor live feeds of city and traffic cameras, counter-terrorism information, and real-time crime mapping, with cutting edge software.

“If we didn’t have that we would be operating blind,” says Capt. Sean Malinowski, the Commanding Officer at RACR. “Essentially we’re always activated here.”

RACR is a critical crime-fighting tool at the center of every high profile incident in the City of Los Angeles.

“We have some real-time tools that help us analyze crime as it’s happening,” says Malinowski. “And then we feed that information out to the geographic areas and to patrol divisions.”

RACR is relied upon during events like dignitary visits from the Royals and President Obama, as well as the recent Occupy LA showdown and arrests.

“We had eyes on that, both through video cameras that the city owns, and also through video streams that were provided by the actual Occupy LA protesters,” says Malinowski.

Most recently, RACR was invaluable in putting an end to the Hollywood arsons.

Malinowski says RACR plotted each arson fire incident as it happened, creating a three-square-mile geographic hot spot that resulted in the quick arrest of accused fire starter Harry Burkhart.

“At the time he was taken into custody, this area was flooded with sheriffs and with LAPD officers,” says Malinowski. “Based on the fact that we kind of could see his movements in real time.”

RACR was born in a functioning bomb shelter, four stories below the Los Angeles Civic Center.

LAPD Commander Blake Chow remembers a time when tracking crime at RACR was done by hand. “There was very little technology,” says Chow, and RACR had no budget.

Police operated with dry erase boards, personal computers, and simple monitors.

“When we built RACR, there was no template to look at,” says Chow. “There was no police department we could go look at and ask them, ‘how did you build it?’”

Today LAPD’s RACR is the standard operating model for law enforcement agencies worldwide. It’s used as a guidebook on how to protect communities and fight crime.

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  1. wakeupyousheep says:


    1. TheTruthHurts says:

      We go overseas to fight for our country, we now are fighting on our soil …for our country. WHAT ARE WE FIGHTING FOR? Oh yes control of the GENERAL PUBLIC. Keep them sick, in debt, poor and UNEDUCATED! Easier to control.

      1. dadpasadena says:

        You forgot “barefoot”.

      2. Kelly Williams says:

        There’s a reason for the police state. A military coup d’etat began in 2008 with the introduction of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media.

        Obama is not the president, he’s the acting president. He disappeared for 2 weeks after his election win only to reappear looking exhausted sitting next to John McCain, with a bad poker face, for a press photo shoot. Obama is now a Pentagon puppet. Who did you think writes his teleprompter?

        This is the real story that the media is not and cannot report on. Learn what Obama, Osama, Biden, Bin Laden, the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists, and Sarah Palin had to do with the last election and the military’s overthrow of our government. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. The biggest cover up starts here


      3. Ryan says:

        I don’t buy that about Palin. but I DO think we are headed down.

        Get prepared for something major that is going to happen, thank me later for the warning!

    2. Amerika, Amerika says:

      It will take 250 years of 9/11’s (3000 people) to equal the number of people that die EACH year from heart disease (750K). The threat of terrorism is a ruse that allows those that would be dictators, become dictators. Who protects “we the people” from our own terroristic government?

      1. Abdul Keddou says:

        You’re an America-hating ruse yourself. If you dont like America, go to an Islamic fundamentalist country & you will appreciate how free we in the US truly are.

      2. donttreadonme says:

        Absolutely right!

    3. teaisstronger says:

      The 150 men at Bunker Hill overlooking three British battleships and facing almost 1000 British troops would have wiped out the troops and ships if the Patriot’s commander who was responsible for the gunpowder brought enough. The Patriots ran out of ammunition after four volleys that killed half of the British troops. Its always the brave smart men who win battles and wars.

      1. Mike says:

        It was Breed’s Hill-the name was misreported as was the battle. It was also a draw, proper British maneuver at that point would have crippled the revolution. Blind, stupid luck is hardly something to celebrate.

  2. maria says:

    ok, I give up, what are they expecting to happen? Just read an article that crime is down?????

    1. Kathy McKeon says:

      Take your choice:
      A The fundamental transformation of this country,
      B. Elimination of the constitution
      C.2012 voter fraud
      D. All of the above

      1. David Bennett says:

        D. The answer is D. Most definitely D!

      2. Dan says:

        voter fraud was commited by the supreme court in 2000. Actual fraud is only .00007% look it up

      3. Heywood Jablome says:

        Dan said: “…voter fraud was commited by the supreme court in 2000. ..”
        If you are talking about the decision about who won the vote tally in Florida, try to find the part of the Constitution that gives individuals the right to vote in Presidentioal elections. You want find it.

      4. donttreadonme says:

        Dan – Oh, yea! I forgot, IT’S BUSH’S FAULT!!!!! I haven’t heard that in, oh, a week since last hearing (insertany weal-minded progressive) say it. Dolt.

      5. swissik says:

        I pick D.

    2. maik says:

      It’s not about crime bro! wake up! stop watching sports and pornography and wearing your hat on backwards! they want to control us and arrest us if they think we may commit a crime, a crime like paying cash for coffee, maybe buying food in bulk, you dont have to steal anymore or parallel park just doing what you do everyday can be considered a crime

      1. MisterJones says:

        Yep and stocking up on weapons,ammo,food water,med supplys etc. Well you might just be a terrorist or a very smart patriot.Which is a crime in Home land security,tsa and your local,state,Fed LEOS eyes.They are not here to protect and serve nor are they your friends.

      2. heatherfeather says:

        MisterJones: Move to Idaho. When TSHTF, the federal schmucks will abandon us (ditto Wyoming, Montana, Utah, etc). They will be too busy putting out the fires in their ethnically diverse population centers to put their heavy hand down here.

        Lots of retired LAPD in my county. Very little crime problem here, either. We will pull together in the event of a crisis, and not be concerned about help…err…interference…from the joke of a federal government.

      3. Menacetosobriety says:

        I watch sports, porn, and wear my hat backwards…but only when I play the drums. I, however, agree with maik…this is an obvious intrusion on the privacy of the citizenry. The only way to maintain privacy will be to stay home, until the city decides to put cameras in your home…. For your own safety of course. “When people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people there s liberty.” -Thomas Jefferson

    3. teaisstronger says:

      They are defending themselves against hot TEA and soggy TEA bags. We will be using their fort and their police officers to control our new nation. COPs always side with the winner, they do not care who wins as long as they control the streets. The Iraqi defeated the US Super Power without an Navy or Air Force. They did not even have chow halls or BXs. Once we re-establish the US Constitution and add an Amendment abolishing the power of the Supreme Court, the Rule of Law will be restored to our nation of 330 Million.

      You are only being promised Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

      1. swissik says:

        Does anybody remember what Obama promised while campaigning, i.e. a domestic force along the lines of the military? I understood what he meant, and I had no doubt that he’ll go through with his promise. So why is everybody outraged?

  3. Johnny says:

    welcome to the police state, SLAVE!

    1. Ed Harris says:

      Unelected officials not only took over Washington after the last election by staging a coup, they also took over the media. The biggest cover up starts with why Sarah Palin was planted in the last election and who her targets where.


      1. Willy Ayers says:

        You sir have mental illness……….seriously.

      2. Ed Harris says:

        Sorry I meant were

      3. We Are Watching You says:

        Ed Harris, we are watching you.

      4. don says:

        What a whole lot of filth dirty rotton lies!

      5. Forward Knowing says:

        Mommy leave the basement unlocked again??? LMAO!!! LOON!

      6. Ed Harris says:

        Look at all the government posters attacking. This is what they do when the truth leaks out. They cyber bully, discredit, and divert attention. Why do you think it’s called a cover up?

  4. Jag says:

    “Today LAPD’s RACR is the standard operating model for law enforcement agencies worldwide. It’s used as a guidebook on how to protect communities and fight crime.”

    Is this sort of what Assad is doing in Syria?

    1. don says:

      Part of Obamas army! All UNION members!

      1. nut says:

        Sure Don, we’re all union members. But 99% don’t go along with the left wing agenda that is attacking this Country. Having inner agency cooperation and conducting different drills to be prepared, is actually a good thing. Cops are citizens too, we just have to deal with the political b.s. more then you.

  5. Reverend Justito says:

    So this is how they plan to bust/fine all those folks who are looking to play with a football or a frisbee on the beach this summer. At $1000 a pop, those fines should pay for this center in no time.

  6. Todd Clemmer says:

    Isn’t California in Mexico?

    1. Joe mama says:

      it SHOULD be.

      1. Henry Thoreau says:


    2. Blunt Force Trauma says:

      Actually, Mexico is in California. Most of it anyway.

      1. RW Reagan says:

        Don’t you mean to say most of THEM?

  7. Matthew Dunnyveg says:

    Is this center to keep tabs on Americans or the illegals crossing our borders by the millions? And what does the answer to this question tell us about our elites?

  8. Kurt Zorn says:

    Combined with TSA we now are officially a police state. Patriots are the enemy; the Constitution is waste-paper and the citizens are the threat. Show me your papers Comrade! Bow to authority sheeple…

    1. weeone says:

      Sig Heil KurtZorn

    2. David Watson says:

      You nailed it. I’m sure the police and military are being trained to see the American public as the enemy.

  9. TZAZ says:

    With all the homies they have in LA it’s a wonder that the Marines are not used to make it safe.

    1. bushz_war says:

      Half the gestapo are ex-Marines.

      1. donttreadonme says:

        Only the ones who aspire to power (John Murtha, etc.). The majority are good Americans who have proven their willingness to die for the country..

      2. U. robbie says:

        Hey bushz_war, you just showed how inept, misguided, and mendacious your kind are. THERE IS ONLY ONE EX-MARINE IN THE HISTORY OF THE U.S. MARINE CORPS—LEE HARVY OSWALD. The correct terms are inactive, retired, of former when speaking of men you would never measure up to. Except for slavery, communism, Japanese tyrnanny, German attempt at genocide, war never solved a thing. You got schooled.

      3. bushz_war says:

        Half the gestapo are ex-military.

        Marines aren’t arrogant. You (Robbie) are. And you don’t understand substance.

        Which makes you a video-gamer, and not old enough to blog. You could be sent to juvie for that.

  10. Lar says:

    Given the military level weapons available to even street-gangs now, WAR-room is an appropriate moniker. 25 years ago, you might be knifed for being in the wrong neighborhood in LA, but now, living in rural Missouri, I carry concealed even while mowing. When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

    1. Robert Brooks says:

      Missouri? Really? I live in philly in a racially diverse neighborhood… You are a coward. Guns are for ( the British word for cat) I believe in guns and having a right to own them but dorks like you who think you need to protect yourself while mowing your lawn are dimwits. Show me state… Show me you’re a fraidy cat.

      1. john5 says:

        Please, stay in philly.

      2. LarMo says:

        Come down here and say that to my face. If you do not, you are the coward!

      3. Wleit says:

        RB you are indeed an idiot! I carry a pistol and a knife, and i live in the country. Never know when some racially diverse lovin’ freak will walk onto my property, thinking like he can stroll anywhere. Fact! Right on, Lar!

      4. non hypenated american says:

        Any white person in Philly should be afraid. Blacks are attacking them for being white. You just don’t see it on the Obama/Holder State controlled media. Obviously you are not white Robert. Either that or you never go downtown after dark.

      5. gonefromphilly says:

        i escaped from philly just because of idiots like you. if ever there was a need for guns it’s philly…only outranked by camden.

      6. donttreadonme says:

        Robert Brooks – You’re a dolt.

    2. Jeff Reiman says:

      If you keep a gun on you while mowing, then you’re protected. Problem solved. The police will only be there to take a statement and pick up the body. In California, it is a crime now to openly carry in public. Watch as California and the LAPD gets tougher on legal firearm restrictions while at the same time beefing up their own resources paid for by us, directed toward us, all in the name of “Homeland Security”.

      1. labillyboy says:

        Yes Los Angeles and CA’s highly restrictive gun laws just result in law abiding people being disarmed… the criminals and gangsters are all heavily armed and carry them concealed… Police carry guns to protect themselves, not you. By the time they get to where you are you have already been shot, stabbed, robbed, raped, kidnapped… Police are really cowards in that way, let them follow the same gun laws as everybody else has to. When they have to keep their guns unloaded in the trunk they may reconsider letting citizens bear firearms as clearly allowed in the 2nd Amendment. Most states follow the Constitution, CA does not.

      2. Sharron Davidson says:

        Don’t believe everything you read or much of anything from the media. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media following a coup with the last election. The truth is deeper than you can imagine and is being covered up for “national security” purposes. It all starts here

  11. ghunter says:

    hey kids, remember it is possible to cut electricity and radio comm. Have a back up plan not dependent on electronics. Be prepared. And may the good guys always win.

  12. BOB says:

    How convenient. This high tech “Warroom” just happens to be available in time to catch the high profile arsonist. I would like to see a follow-up in six months and find out if this “arsonist” actually does any “time,” or if the story just just coicides coincidentally with the launch…You people really cannot see the forrest, because all of the trees are in the way. Shhh, be very very quiet the American people are sleeping 🙂

  13. Dan says:

    “We are targets on our own soil,” says Beck. “We have to be ready.”

    Targeted by whom? Charlie Beck, you’re not only delusional you are a criminal for wasting taxpayer money on these made up threats. Go play GI Joe with the plastic Army men or something that doesn’t get in the way of citizens enjoying their lives. You nutjob.

    1. Jim says:

      We ARE targets. We are perps. The fifteen flavors of police are trained this way. So are DHS, TSA, NSA, FBI, and every other enforcer.


      The Police State is here. Now.

  14. Brian Edwards says:

    now. lets fix the california pornography industry.

    Attack obama on his ties to the porn industry and he will back down faster than you can say hollywood. …obama’s ties to campaign contributions will be bigger news than 1973’s Watergate scandal.

    demand that the pornography industry come under the governance of the federal government…..the firearms, alcohol, and tobacco industries are under federal control……why has the porn industry never been under federal control???????

    People have begun to investigate the shadiness of the CA porn business that generates at least $50 billion profit each year.

    1. only california may legally produce pornographic materials such as pictures and videos…it is the state of california that governs the porn industry – not the federal government.

    2. the porn industry is taxed at less than 1 percent profit…there is porn in 60 countries…no country is taxed at less than 25 percent. ….IF NANCY IS SO KEEN ON RAISING NEW TAXES, SHE SHOULD START WITH HER STATE’S PORN INDUSTRY

    3. california has passed more than 12,000 laws regarding state businesses in the past ten years. NOT ONE LAW HAS BEEN PASSED REGARDING THE PORN INDUSTRY.

    4. in 2004, pelosi, senators barbara boxer and diane feinstein and all california liberals in the state senate sided with the porn industry that condoms were not necessary despite the fact that many AIDS groups, the CA health dept, and CA/OSHA were strongly in favor of mandatory condoms for porn actors.
    I guarantee that the bombshell story of 2012 will have nothing to do with republicans…it will concern the california porn industry on one side of los angeles (with a state approved business tax rate less than 1 percent), its ties to the hollywood motion picture industry on the other side of los angeles, its ties to EVERY california democratic state legislature and federal congressional elected politician (eg, Pelosi, CA senators boxer and Feinstein – each in office for 30 years!!!), and its ties to ‘bundled’ (bundled means that the donor is unidentified) campaign contributions distributed by hollywood moguls.

    is eveyone aware that barry and michelle obama planned to spend 40 days in southern california between now and election day?????….for fundraisers, meetings, campaign stops, and more……all plans were changed within the past week when some became suspicious of these ‘bundled’ funds they pick up on each trip to CA. ..bundled means origins of funds unknown.

    People have become suspicious…hollywood stopped giving campaign contributions to obama and obama must settle for PAC donations.

    1. fel121 says:

      Do have any idea how much porn is shot by people in their own homes and posted to the Internet via sites like submit my flicks?

      You are barking up the wrong tree her slim, oh and by the way, if this industry did not have millions of people who want to view it your problem would solve itself; however, this industry is as old as time and you will never get rid of it scream as you might.

    2. Jim says:

      Pron is a non-issue here. If people want to waste their lives looking at naked people, what’s it to you?

      The issue here is a full-blown police state.

    3. Jim says:

      Porn is a non-issue here. If people want to waste their lives looking at naked people, what’s it to you?

      The issue here is a full-blown police state.

  15. rob lanken says:

    How long before this enforcement tool becomes just another political weapon?

    1. supersniffy says:

      What else did you think it was really built for? What they are touting it as? Ha! This is just the first step. Just like gun registration. It gives the police state a easy jump off point to subdue the constitution further.

      1. Danny says:

        The state governments in America are seriously out of control. America is not much different than Iran or the USSR at this point. America loves to bankrupt its citizens through inflation and harsh laws that pain the pockets. What a country we live in.

    2. weeone says:

      Tuesday, this past Tuesday

  16. Sam says:

    Is what their really doing is getting ready to turn this country into a Stalin type police state for worse than anything seen in the Middle East. The men manning these sites are traitors to the American people and have denied the validity of the constitution.

    1. weeone says:

      not getting ready, they are doing it.

  17. Silas do good says:

    Orwell and Rand, read up folks!

  18. Factchecker says:

    I’m sure it will lead to unconstitutional acts, unreasonable searches and seizures, and flagrant violation of rights and restriction of freedoms.

    Wiretapping was a big issue under Bush, but Big Brother Barry gets a free pass.

  19. Teddy Ballgame says:

    L.A. makes San Francisci look like the little league in terms of depravity. The city simply sucks.

  20. Marbran says:

    Monitoring ‘residents’ is standard practice in every jail and prison in the nation. Now citizens of LA get the same monitoring. Should make everyone feel extra special. 😉

  21. Ghostsouls says:

    Certainly, they can always conduct drills on the Occupy Oakland group, and help Oakland.

    1. SumBich says:

      But first they will hire TSA agents and practice on Frisbee and football throwers on the LA county beaches. The order will be to “shoot on site”. THEN, and only then, will they be trained for Oakland (during the day only). And incidentally, where are the Hellls Angels in Oakland to go bust all those occut-ard rats in the heads (like at Altamont), anyway?

    2. Luke says:

      Funny how they have to cut officers for lack of money, but, pay overtime to the people they have, and still have money left over for this kind of stuff. I know it can’t be true, but, it’s almost like we can’t trust the police.

    3. John Steele says:

      I wish they would practice riot control and cracking Marxist OWS head’s in Oakland. They have turned Oakland into battle ground for the Anarchists and communists who live there. LA could get real time experience. When the Obama welfare checks and the Government credit cards go bust, the riots will start

    4. wounded_defecator says:

      Liberal or Neo-Conservative, useful idiots and critics of Assembly, and frankly haters of truth and freedom, exist by feeding on the entrepreneurial, middle cl@ss.
      Which explains why the nation’s respect and admiration are with Occupy and with the Anonymous, Wikileaks and Ruckus brigades. Thank you heroes for all your fvcking service, and congrats on the Man udda Year.
      For they know, proletariat’s bad children and parasites, sic Zionist apparachik of the Fed, IMF and World Bank, will never admonish the Welfarism feeding their addictions and narcissism. A cl@ss needful and earnest of all the hearty, steamy excrement that patriots can provide. Sh!t and p!ss on, noble defecators, lest the streets flow with blood.

    5. 31337 says:

      im still trying to figure out when the last terrorist attack on US soil was. so far I can count 9/11. this sounds like a paranoid grab for power by the people who are in power

    6. Oklahoma Tom says:

      Yup, revolution is on the way. You sissies better be prepared lock and load!

      God Bless the American People. #$%^ the Government!

    7. Prof. Carroll Quigley says:

      A police state is forming around us.
      And, its paid for with our own tax money.
      Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    8. Bob says:

      Obvious power grab. Apparently most don’t care. So sad.

    9. zip says:

      We are in some seriously interesting time.


    10. urignorant says:

      They don’t pay the cops for overtime dummy. Although I will agree the “war room” is a joke. Its where all the lazy and scared cops go to get paid for being a 411 operator for cops that actually work for a living.

  22. JHarnes says:

    Beware! Check old stories. New York City put up a centralized location for its Mayor’s Office of Emergency Mgmt in the Twin Towers before they were destroyed by terrorists on 9/11.

    I don’t understand the sense of telling people where this sort of facility is located….

  23. MrMichaels says:

    Yea I saw a movie about this years ago. It was called Skynet then ,not RACR. I can’t wait for those 30,000 drones over our heads . I hear they have a pre-crime unit also. Welcome to Amerika.

  24. GozieBoy says:

    I KNEW that the new law prohibiting frisbees on the beeches of California would result in riots. Now they have finally gone and pushed things too far!

  25. Ben says:

    Whoo Hooo. Next story, Californians line up to be chipped.

  26. Uncle Bernie says:

    yeah, yeah. and yet, occupy wall street and illegal liens roam with impunity. Beck is A JOKE.

  27. ren says:

    I knew it. It’s all those people throwing footballs and Frisbees on our beaches…

  28. Col. Knife says:

    L.A. in nothing but a dump for Mexican illeagles its not really a city anymore. How hard is going to be to shut down cams? Every Mexican has a can of spray paint in their uninsured car all they have to do is spray the lens of the cams and its over. Waste of time and money, little men trying to act tough.

  29. 1934 Germany says:

    Drones tracking and killing Californians. That is the future. Best arm yourselves or flee.

    1. Jim says:

      Maybe you can just stop feeding and obeying the thugs?

      That includes the thugs is nice suits and with impressive titles, by the way… especially them.

  30. Gregg says:

    They needed a better place to host their police stag parties than Officer Muldoon’s basement.

  31. be afraid says:

    Make no mistake. Big Sis Janet Napoletano, Eric Holder and Obama are planning to wage war not on foreign or muslim terrorists but on a much more conservative domestic enemy that wont buckle under to their takeover of the constitution. Yes be very afraid of whats going on. Are they planning on trampling on the constitution even more than they have done already on a much scarier scale?

  32. Frank B says:

    I wonder where the LAPD POW detainment camp is located?

    1. COMMIEWOOD says:


  33. Rick says:

    L.A. is finally turning into a “Duke Nukem” cartoon game. Pig cops on patrol.

  34. fel121 says:

    If all these systems and technologies had been in place pre 9/11, would it have changed anything, would this have stopped what took place that day?

    The answer is a resounding no, so what is the real purpose of all this???

    1. DEfromDC says:

      Obama and friends are trying to finish what the 9/11 attackers couldn’t. They are setting up for martial law because he fears not being reelected.

    2. Jim says:

      As I think you know, the purpose is to subjugate the populace with intimidation and fear. To make them self-censor and obey immediately.

  35. Htos1 says:

    Fire starter?How ’bout diddyboppin’ thuganauts?

  36. Craig says:

    Where do you sign up to get the brown shirt/jack boot concession?

  37. Socialist Pig says:

    The Big Brother is watching you.

  38. Harry says:

    Don’t you see its all to protect YOU! See something say something! The planners of 9/11 could not in there wildest dreams imagined the destruction we would have done to our own free society. Those of you who trade liberty for security will find that you will have neither.

    1. Wakethehup says:

      Brother… you have to make the final connection… the “planners of 911” are the same people building the Threat Fusion Centers and the War Rooms above and bringing HLS to every Freeway soon… not just their testing highways.

      Yes it is very hard to accept that… an entity in America and an “ally,’ did 911… but look at the outcome… look at the power of the FED… look at the trillions of unbaked Derivatives.

      What is now at stake and within their grasp.. is their world government goal… that is… the death of democracy finally and Liberty as even a memory.

      Next will come the reduction in population through “Agenda 21,” and by other more brutal means means, China and the USSR provide the models and were controlled and financed by the same people as what is now happening more gradually in America. Why more gradually? Because they control our military and still need it.

      1. Jim says:

        Maybe that’s true and maybe it’s not, but it really doesn’t matter too much to me.

        I care a great deal about what they are doing now… which is creating an arrogant, vicious, military guard force for the entire populace.

    2. Ron Hummel says:

      YouTube and watch the movie A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY, that will explain the 9/11 thing in detail.

  39. Brigade6 says:

    This is to keep a watch on the football and frisbie terrorists over at the beach. They are a real threat. Welcome to Marxist liberal land.

  40. rigger says:

    War Room … wait a minute, didn’t the Army just hold war games in downtown LA a week or two ago? something stinks.

  41. stopthemorons says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Could this be the result of years and years of idiot decisions made by the state and local goverments of California. Don’t look now but California is it’s own worse enemy.

  42. labillyboy says:

    Wow… they caught an arsonist… and ousted a bunch of stoned teenagers from a park… let’s see them round up all the illegals and deport them, THAT would impress me. How about shutting down all the street gangs? No?

    What good is it then? Have a bunch of cops sitting on their butts watching TV’s. Let’s put them in cars, with helmets and billy clubs and go clean out South Central. Start catching and deporting illegals, all of them. That will cut crime.

  43. John Steele says:

    Welcome to the New Improved America 2.0, the Police State perfected.

    The government is at war, at war with the citizens — and we are losing.

  44. Perry says:

    Normally I am against a heavy police state but with the OWS (Obama’s Willing Stooges) protestors acting up it will actually be fun to watch the LAPD smack them down.

  45. Nineveh says:

    “As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” – Benjamin Franklin

    Meanwhile, on the other coast, people are going to be “red lighted” for “pre crime.”

    Oba-mao promised to “remake America.”
    Can he?
    I suppose he can if the Constitution is no longer the law of the land.
    Even for the birther skeptics, could it be *possible* he nullified the Constitution as he took the oath to uphold it? We now have socialized health care. Just like Massachusetts. The redefinition of marriage is coming shortly. Just like Massachusetts. Romney is an oba-moa of another creed.

    Early on, when the TEA Party was new, the idea rippled through that the issue wasn’t morality. Ask Ben Franklin. I think it all *starts* with morality. The question is.. *who’s*? I vote Christ. So did the majority of the founders.

    Check out what Santorum thinks about marriage. If that is what the man truly believes, he has my vote. If he’s lying, he tells the prettiest lies of them all.

    1. Breetai says:

      He’s a Politician 1st and above all, With a handful of exceptions the only difference between Democratic and Republican Politicians are their lies. The only difference will the the spin the sheeple put on justifying what “Their side” is doing

  46. Dave says:

    Looks like the Dear Ruler just might get his Amerika after all.

    This makes me shudder, and I live way over in Atlanta.

    I wonder how long it will be before Frau Janet (Reno II) Himmler will have similar digs for the FiBbIes set up somewhere in DC – assuming she hadn’t already.

    After all, we all know just how dangerous those who want smaller government, lower taxes, and fewer regulations can be.

    God help us, because the spineless House repubs have proven over the last year that they are about as useless as a pocket knife in a gun fight.


    1. weeone says:

      Oh that they had a pocket knife. Were talking the likes of Jimmy McCain and and and…..!

  47. JackThompson says:

    Definition of terrorism: The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. So who are the real terrorist? Is it the ones who have run up a 15 trillion dollar deficit, neglected our borders, committed voter redistricting with no sense of logic, lowered our educational standards, allowed blatant mortgage fraud, and violated their oaths to follow and protect the Constitution? Or is it the phantom terrorist that somehow thwarted our entire defense infrastructure using box cutters, shoddy flight training, and powerball winning luck evading numerous red flags from the alphabet soup law enforcement brethren to repeat the same attack 3 times in one day that are the real threats to our country. Why worry about a man with a torch ten miles away when your house is already on fire?

    1. wolverine87144 says:

      Roger that!

  48. Breetai says:

    This isn’t for fighting crime or terrorism. Otherwise they’d be fighting the Federal Government.

    1. JZR says:

      This unit is better known as the Al Asaad training camp. An honest LAPD poll would show at least 80% would love to do to LA what Al Assad is doing in Homs right now. For sure, they don’t have the IQ to use the tools to actually catch ne’er do wells, and if they did, the ne’er do wells are 99% tools of the government. They are using the tools to windows dress a back story to the list of whistleblower names handed down from on high.

  49. JZR says:

    That’s just so much Hollywood window dressing now, as the reality of this matter nationwide is easily shown e.g., in Washington State, a judge, an entire social workers unit, the police dispatch system, and countless others trained to identify and stop domestic violence failed to even realize there was an act of domestic violence – actually being termed now more like domestic terrorism about to unfold, and LE even got snippy when informed one was unfolding. And really, the method and murders of those two boys by their father is the dictionary’s definition of terroristic.

  50. Joe Mac says:

    This is what happens when schools fail. Clearly, these guys never read “1984.” It will only be a matter of time when they’ll be touting the amazing technology that let’s them watch all of us through our TV and computer monitors…


  51. BudW says:

    LA Mayor Democrat, Gov, Cal Democrat, President Democrat, see a pattern here?

  52. Fed Up says:

    Anything coming from CA is worthless. The damm state is going bankrupt. They are a bunch of crazy liberals. LA is a cespool and crime in that city is terrible but you want us to think its safe cause they have a war room-that’s just where they are hiding so they don’t get shot and I don’t blame them. Wish CA would drop off into the ocean nothing good ever comes from there.

    1. Nunyer Binnis says:

      Don’t be stupid. We’re not ALL moonbat idiots. Go chase yourself down the street.

  53. kestrel27 says:

    Americans willingly giving up their FREEDOM for what…some feigned security? Notice though, that it is alaways the stupid Liberals that try and convince you it’s a good thing. Kind of like copping a squat on the Constitution over religious freedom and then telling us all it’s about womens health. What, these stupid women can’t pay for their own abortions or birth control? Notice too, how the progresives always feel THEY need to be in charge and determine the rules of the game. Yea, they are so much smarter than everyone else. That’s why behind every Lib there is a mountain of failures and fear about anyone who doesn’t march in jackboot lockstep with them.

  54. wolverine87144 says:

    Maybe it can be used to crack down on those terrorists that throw footballs and Frisbees on the beaches! Those are the guys/ladies that keep me awake at night…..

  55. weeone says:

    Gee could they have put a simple camera into the class room over at Mira Monte 5 years ago to see what was going on inside the classroom over there.

    Just more jobs for desk jockies and mid-level managers.

  56. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Totalitarian toro exhaust.


  57. DEfromDC says:

    Looks like Obama is orchestrating a domestic war to affect the elections.

  58. AL says:


    1. Nunyer Binnis says:

      Licemce, schmicense.

  59. HansJurgen says:

    Yep, when Obummer and his sheep realize that he won’t get re-elected, Obummer will push the “race button” and riots, burnings, killings, looting, … will occur and Obummer can instate Martial Law – look it up and get ready – so he can stay in power and be our “king”.

  60. Ian Campbell says:

    Hopefully by “red tape” the policeman does not mean “Search Warrant”

  61. JustAGuy says:

    Obama is working with a friendly police force to prepare for imposing matial law. Obama is preparing to become president for life.

  62. Rocky says:

    From the mouth of the appeaser that told illegals that it was OK to break the lawsNeville Chamberlain Beck really makes me feel safe !
    Charlie, learn to be a leader and not the tool of politicians !
    Your buddy Bloomberg should be in Federalprison for conspireing to make illegal interstate firearm purchases ?

    1. Chris Eden says:

      Nailed it! This joker Beck and his goon squad are failures of epic proportions when it comes to upholding the LAW. The statement on ILLEGALS sealed the deal.

      No wonder CA is a model of failure for the country. Oh and look who ran it into the ground.. (cough) liberals (cough).

  63. Michael F Rivero says:

    The tactical implications of the room they describe, coupled with calling it a “War Room”, tells us this has nothing to do with fighting crime (most of which takes place indoors anyway) and everything to do with putting down a rebellion by an angry population.

    1. Nunyer Binnis says:

      “You can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!”

  64. labillyboy says:

    It just dawned on me… RACR is to enforce the no Frisbee and no Football throwing on the beach laws! At $1000 a pop those fines will solve LA’s deficit! Genius!

    RACR – Ruin All Coastal Recreation!

  65. 1984 is Really Happening says:

    HALT! Where are your Democrat / Obama Universal Basic Liberty Extermination Travel Authorization Papers (CODE NAME: DOUBLE TAP) Citizen!

  66. George Washington says:

    Make drugs legal and these thugs will have nothing to do. They arent here to protect us from terror. That is a lie to increase their power. Dont give in to it.

    1. MisterJones says:

      At last somebody that is on the same page that Iam on!

    2. Randy Bobandy says:

      Can I get an Amen from the congregation!

    3. hudsonbend1 says:

      Orwell was just a few years off on his predictions….

    4. Ozlanthos says:

      So many people think of the federal war on drugs as though it is a single-dimension issue. If any common American considered for a moment how much of their own lives have been negatively effected by it, they would understand why it must end!


    5. Cogito ergo sum says:

      Amen! And while they’re at it, why doesn’t the military stop protecting the poppy fields in Afghanistan, oh yeah, and stop the nefarious relationship between the Justice Department, CIA, DHS, Border Patrol and the Mexican cartels. It’s funny that the military is guarding the poppy fields (where opium poppy production has increased exponentially since the U.S. intervened when the Taliban wanted to destroy them) which produce the heroin that is being allowed into this country by the various government agencies which are supposed to stop it, and yet Joe Blow Junkie on the street catches a life sentence for his three strikes. Interesting, isn’t it? And before someone tells me to cite a source, I’d recommend doing your own research, like I have, before calling me a liar. Also, I’d recommend looking into the steep increase in carceration rates since 1985. We imprison more people in this country than any other country in the world and we have a population of around 350 million, whereas China has billions, and they don’t even hold a candle to us when it comes to imprisoning people.

    6. samIam says:

      Another Ridgemont High graduate speaks.

      You did read the article, right? Did you glean from your studies that they’re after your stash of “medical” supplies?

    7. LARRY says:


    8. SadDayinPardise says:

      Freedom loving people and Constitutional supporters are the terrorist in the Goverments eyes. They are preparing for war with you.

    9. MichaelG says:

      George Washington would be very sad to have you invoke his name and then spout idiocy like that.

  67. BURT says:


  68. Malcom says:

    more proof the police are not on your side. DO NOT COOPERATE! NObama is setting up a Reichstag fire situation. The Constitution and elections will be suspended. count on it.

  69. Russell Scott says:

    They are ready to shutdown a Frisbee throwing contest at a moments notice.

  70. ericdb says:

    Note to self, never live in LA.

    1. weewayne says:

      Note to self, the crocodile is just eating LA first

  71. Vic Livingston says:

    The “targets” are AMERICAN CITIZENS who dare to resist the endless wars, repression of civil liberties, telecommunications censorship — a shadow government- engineered, military contractor- administered descent into domestic fascism, the REAL “terrorist” threat. Please immediately read this veteran journalist’s reports and make it viral: http://VicLivingston.blogspot.com

  72. Henry Thoreau says:

    If Los Angeles was in America, this would bother me.

    1. RON PAUL OR ELSE! says:

      You have a point there.

  73. lockednloaded says:

    get your carry permit now! better to have a gun and not need it, than need one and not have it think about it

    1. labillyboy says:

      They don’t issue them (carry permits) in Los Angeles County… nobody can carry legally here, open or concealed. Of course the police carry and the gang bangers and criminals carry… everyone else is fair game.

  74. Ron Paul or Else says:

    The New World Order is officially here.

  75. joecool says:

    They’re just getting ready to send off the next Elián González!

  76. Michael Black says:


  77. Obama012 says:

    I understand the urge to waste money. I understand the latest materials, uniforms, high tech devices, communication infrastructure, databases, etc. I understand all of that. But why was this not used when Occupy LA illegally started camping around City Hall?

  78. James Brenner says:

    The militarization of police forces is under way. Good cops are being replaced by hardened war veterans returning from Iraq.

    FEMA CAMPS and the passage of the NDAA indefinite detention bill has laid the groundwork for the POLICE STATE GRID.

  79. stephen pangborn says:

    The picture is the beach patrol getting ready to do a sweep for frisbee throwers.

  80. ShAdOwWoLf Jenkins says:

    thnk u CBS for censoring my comment! Very American!

  81. John says:

    The brains of the department? hahahahaha! Let me tell you where this state stands on handling criminals intelligently…the cops lock ’em up and Governor Brown lets them go!

  82. teaisstronger says:


    When you set up an impregnable defense where the enemy cannot get in, it means you cannot get out.

    When the enemy is within range, so are you.

    When you open fire on an enemy who has disclosed his position, you have just disclosed your position.

    Its not good that they are doing this because when they get knocked out, the entire city will be blind and defenseless. Forts became obsolete when gun powder was invented.

  83. rrm says:

    We are targets on our own soil… yes we are, we the people….

  84. Mitch Pasquin says:

    So, what I want to know is why there’s a ramp up of “security” nationwide? We know it has nothing to do the the Al Qaeda fable. What are the expecting and why are they expecting it?

  85. Russell says:

    Throw a frisbee, go to jail…or you can get together and recall your city council and the mayor.

  86. James Cudworth says:

    Lets give this group the benefit of doubt as they are protectors of the republic and of free society. Which means they must stand between the citizens and the government. Therefore if the government is unlawful then it is their duty to protect the citizens. If the citizens are unlawful then they must protect the lawful citizens within our government laws.

    The Law Enforcement Oath of Honor… It goes like this

    On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character or the public trust.
    I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions.
    I will always uphold the constitution, my community, and the agency I serve.

    I must admit however this story does promote the look of a Martial Law build up and that is stupid as we statistically know you have a greater chance of being killed by a swarm of bees then by a terrorist supported by the offshore banking cartel trying to run America.

    If these Police Department people are to be instructed to violate our American Constitution and Bill of Rights then it will be a difficult task as they eventually have to confront a family member or a childhood friend.
    How will that feel?

    And if these Police Department people think a pension or health care is going to be available when they are injured or retire the same off shore banking cartel will find younger or import people to throw them into the same pile they will try to throw us into.

    Wake up people… Learn to flush your body clean of the brain fog created by the bad food we eat, the water system fluoride and the chemtrail aluminum you are being exposed to every day.
    Remember Fluoride and Aluminum equals Alzheimer’s brain fog. Add Aspartame and then your really compliant

    Learn more about what this group is supporting from Tyranny of our local system to the Treason of offshore banking cartel infiltrated elected government officials.

    See the following link.

    Stop the Martial Law build up and voice your feelings and opinion today

    Patriot James

  87. will die 4 Catholicism says:

    Get ready for FEMA camps!

  88. RON PAUL OR ELSE! says:

    I could not imagine living in LA. And hasn’t anyone challenged open carry or Constitutional Carry?

    1. ShAdOwWoLf Jenkins says:

      Because of the supposed gang problem groups here are totally against it. Local government here thinks we will live in total bedlam. CA should take a page from TX. I am sure what u are considering would lower crime rates considerably.

    2. Bill Jones says:

      They have and gang members carry openly.

    3. dadpasadena says:

      They don’t call it LA LA Land for nothing.

  89. Wakethehup says:

    The comments about Syria are naive… there is no killing on the streets there beyond Mossad/CIA confrontations and spin… in our media having nothing to do with reality I suspect…just like Egypt, just like Libya… .

    After Iran if we don’t stop that war… then it will be the Saudis likely or Pakistan. All just happening to be enemies of Israel hmmm . The same entity that is putting in these WAR CENTERS that trash the Constitution all around the country are always connected to Israeli Intelligence/CIA/CFR because the Banking Cartel is intimately connected… it is the U.N. it is the “Education” department… it is the EU that writes 80% of the UK’s laws now without the supposedly elected domestic Parliament and EU legislative body having any control NONE. The UK has millions… of cameras on the street.

    Why is this happening? Because the Banking Cartel has crushed the West’s morality/economy after taking down boarders and making any racial consciousness in those that actually wrote the Constitution … taboo… while conserving theirs in say… the ADL that now teaches our children about prejudice!!… or the Southern Poverty Law Center… a Marxist institution (Banking Cartel Front that is) from the 60s that we all thought was dead but our taxes now fund also in the School programs.

    Christianity… is getting close to being dead in the USA as a moral guide and that too was a primary target as was the family. LOOK this up and see who it leads to… .

    Every trauma, “terrorist” false flags or economic … when the Cartel withdraws capital… has an outcome that is predicted and desired.

    In the USA it is armed rebellion that is being anticipated… the target will by the only two things left: guns and the First Amendment primarily on the Internet.

    We will get “Hate Speech Laws,” nationally then Internationally… through the U.N. very likely… after another phony bigger attack that will point itself through mind controlled stooges… at the politically active Liberty based real patriots.

    Both parties are completely controlled except Ron Paul of course; most Churches, all Temples, all think tanks and most of academia and almost all of the school system. “Change Agents” have come out of their Bolshevik closets and the term is now used openly! Look it up!

    Wake up! Please… and defend the Republic. There lists… are a badge of honor.

    1. ShAdOwWoLf Jenkins says:

      One of the Best comment on this board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. ShAdOwWoLf Jenkins says:

    I just want to say that I am proud to see so many Americans awake and opened minded about the fact that local and fed governments are lying to us. As long as this concept of education and intuition spreads, the American people will no longer be ill-informed. Although there are a few who are still in denial, I know they will wake up soon. Do your research and look at every perspective. You’re bound to see the truth and motive behind all political movement and agenda. Power to the American people as a whole, all races all creeds who would call themselves American!

  91. David Axelrod says:

    LA = Minorities

    Minorities = Crime

    Get the war room ready !!

    1. ShAdOwWoLf Jenkins says:

      Wow very closed minded. White people= crime as well.
      (Manson, Bernaki, Rumsfeld, Cheny, Bush, Bush jr., Meth Labs, white trash…. need i say more….) Poor people of all races do desperate things. Its human (not Minority) nature. lol

      1. Jim says:

        I think David Axelrod (maybe something to learn from the name) was using sarcasm. Sure hope so.

        It’s clearly the state versus the people now. We are ALL the perps.

        America is OVER. Time to turn into a serf or to forget the ‘rules’ and get busy building something new.

    2. Exposing the Fascist says:

      LOL to funny, first it was for little men who live in caves on the other side of the world, then it sort of turned a bit to so called “homegrown terrorist”, then it turned to help fight the war on drugs, now it’s for minorities. My guess is when they finish with the minorities they’ll most likely be coming for you.

  92. sylvie says:

    LMAO. Just what we need in this country, a bunch of men and women with low education to do THIS job. Will be like TSA’s gone wild… LMAO. What a joke.

  93. J.V. says:

    With upwards of 20+ million illegals in this nation – and a good deal of them living and taking jobs from American workers in Los Angeles – it appears that Chief Beck has found another way to swell the ranks with more over-paid, union members with decreasing tax revenue base. But, it will put another star on his collar so we can then call him “Field Marshal Beck”. Apparently, this new program is better than having the police do police work such as going after the gangs that operate rather freely in L.A., including MS-13 and the Mexican Drug Cartel. But, we must be P.C. to all our legally un-touchable illegal visitors. . .and people wonder why California, & especially LA, is circling the drain.

    1. Jim says:

      Right, it’s all the Mexicans’ fault. And when you’re done beating the hell out of them, you can move on to the Jews. That way you’ll have a much longer tradition on your side.

  94. Susan Gate says:

    Well now they can find and give those $1000 fines for people throwing frisbees and footballs on the beach.
    I guess that iwll bring in some revenue for this bankrupt city.

  95. reasonable says:

    No credible terrorist threat has been stopped or even occurred since 9/11. The tragic events of 9/11 have been used as an excuse for a power grab by local, state and federal authorities.

  96. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Well with this mentally … let’s just put a cop in everyone’s house and be done with the Police State and finally admit, the country that everyone thought was the bastion of freedom, is really one big cesspool of fascism and decrepitude.


    1. Jay Martin says:

      They already did this by signing the NDAA. Oh wait, Obama did that in private that’s right.

    2. dadpasadena says:

      The pharmaceutical companies will have something we can take with our next meal that will quell all of our fears about what’s happening to America. Its just the side-effects that we’re going to have to worry about.

  97. Bill Jones says:

    They are getting ready for the illegal alien riots. If you don’t remember the Rodney King riots, 51 Billion in damage and theft. Some by blacks but 90% of the looting was by illegal aliens. Remember the SEARS store? The second American Civil War is approaching and the Government knows it. Unfortunately the enemy will be the Federal Government. With the Dept. of Justice at the top of the list.

    1. Jay Martin says:

      I think they’re getting ready for a lot more than illegal alien riots.

    2. LA LA NA NA says:

      You are 100% correct about it being an illegal alien riot in 1992. I was in West Hollywood and lived through that example of multiculturalism. The government has allowed the millions of illegals in just to create the problem. They already have the solution that many will cry out for when the criminals repeat their crimes.

      Start arresting CEO’s of companies employing these people and watch them self deport, at their expense. With over 500,000 of them just living in garages in the greater LA area, it’s time to start the arrests of the companies employing them.

  98. TG says:

    This system will allow the police to respond to areas and shoot unarmed men in record time.

  99. Patriot Stone says:

    shame when the enemy of the state is the state

  100. BudW says:

    Why are the democrats so quiet? its a all democrat State can you imagine if this were during Bush/Arnie hum…………..

  101. Kat says:

    Way to drink to Kool-aid Matt! You get an A+ for brainwashed idiot=)

  102. Peter Courtenay Stephens says:

    The Police State is Alive and Well in AmeriKa.
    Heil Hitler !

  103. johnny angel says:

    while the intent of this seems noble..it is really just another planned step in the US becoming a dictator, fascist state…right under our noses…sleep tight!!!!!!!!!

  104. ArrDee says:

    Wow dudes! Matt is using sarrrrr-cassssss-ummmmm”. Step away from the “serious-pipe” brothers.

  105. Klaus says:

    My favorite Kool-Aid flavor is Fluoride. The terrorists hated us for our freedom, so we gave it up.

  106. craigalls says:

    Funny that illegal aliens are cited as a cause for this police action. The left creates a problem and offers you a solution. I think we should give CA back to me-hico.

  107. Johhny O says:


  108. Jim says:

    Yeah, LA is so much safer now.

  109. mark jones says:

    let the games begin you fascist police state cops.. we hate you ..

  110. b says:

    don’t stop clapping. don’t stop crying. the corporate government is protecting itsef from the People who will eventually seek their heads.

  111. shane says:


  112. craigalls says:

    I have seen the enemy and the enemy is me….
    So said every californian.

  113. Jim says:

    These are control freaks with unlimited funding and arrogance beyond measure.

    This IS a Police State.

    1. RandyC0609 says:

      Amen, there has to come a tipping point but the system understands too well that the majority of Americans will submit to total domination if threatened. I’ll use the term that should be a buzzword to most: false flag. If another event such as 9/11 is allowed to happen or even perpetrated at a time where public backlash is crescendoing, it will have a massive chilling effect on any real revolution of common sense and decency. People need to get their masters degrees in globalist elite agenda/way of thinking. It’s asking alot but if not, our country is going to go dark in the next couple of decades.

  114. IraqVet says:

    Honestly..Trust us…There is nothing wrong with your TV screen, this is just a test…to see if you are paying attention to the militarization of your local law enforcement…The real threat to Amerika now is your cold and sweaty fear, the same fear that let’s you justify letting government sponsored thugs molest your loved ones at the airport and the stripping of your Constitutioal inheritance…it is that same fear that makes you coward, has stripped you of your dignity and made you stupid enough to believe the government can really protect you and preserve your personal liberties.

  115. Diana says:

    Enter police state stage left….

    1. Jim says:

      And – aside from talk – the difference between left and right would be…?

      Yeah, not a hell of a lot. Bush’s war becomes Obama’s war, Nixon starts Affirmative Action and Clinton cuts Welfare.

      Tweedle-dee, tweedle-dum.

      1. Gerry says:

        Yeah, confusing ain’t it??? And no party stops the complete nonsense so it spirals into insanity. God help us!!

      2. Diana says:

        Strictly geographical… I’m in TX… So, CA would be left for me… politically they are all the same.

  116. dingle says:

    Glad to see SO MANY PEOPLE waking up to the tyranny being rolled out right in front of us. they don’t even bother hiding it any more……

    They must feel ready, are you?


  117. Archy says:

    Await no longer for the arrival of Big Brother. He is here.

    1. Jim says:

      And he is arrogant as hell.

  118. Gerry says:

    I am guessing these fools will still be in their useless bunkers watching TV cameras when the next bunch of “Homey” morons attack Whites and Korean shop owners during the next riot. Stock up on shotguns and ammo, you poor, stupid Whites and Koreans in that locale! You will need it!

  119. David Harvey says:

    What a Fu–king Waste of Money – a Lightning Detector would be more Useful!

  120. craigalls says:

    zombie apocalypse Gerry…..Zombie apocalypse.

  121. Duma says:

    death to the new world order pig empire

  122. ronnie raygun says:

    They’re coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!
    They’re coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa
    To the funny farm. Where life is beautiful all the time and I’ll be
    happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they’re
    coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!!!!

    1. craigalls says:

      They did that in Russia.

  123. 1Makyo says:

    This whole thing became silly when this story invoked the arson fires that raged for FOUR DAYS before a surveillance camera inadvertently caught a glimpse of this guy walking around near the time and place of one of the last arson fires.
    If this is the best they got, and they are proud of it, well, multiply this one guy by 100 or 1000 and get 4000 or 40,000 fires over the n3ext 4 days and then brag about how good you are.

  124. Dutch says:

    This is just set up for the possibility of terrorists throwing frisbees on the beach.

  125. Bluec says:

    “and also through video streams that were provided by the actual Occupy LA protesters,” says Malinowski.

    I thought Morgan Freeman de stroyed the machine from Batman.

  126. RandyC0609 says:

    This is the Police State people. The Fed has also announced plans to put 30,000 drones in the air in the coming years to patrol and provide surveillance to our loving authorities. 10 years from now the TSA will be fondling you to reenter your house after a long day, you will be identified by a host of biometric identifiers everywhere you go, cash will be a thing of the past, and you will be owned. 1984 was only delayed by a few decades. To any of you zombies out there that think I’m exaggerating I’d love to have a conversation with you in 2032. The vast majority of our species is so weak.

  127. pitter43 says:

    Someone thinks they can stop crime in L. A. Pretty funny, just nuke it and be done with it.

  128. Billy Bob says:

    It’s just a matter of time before I pack up my marbles and leave this crazy country to play the game someplace less dangerous.

    1. craigalls says:

      Strait out of Orwell’s 1984. Is this the change you voted for California?

      1. Diana says:

        This has been in the works throughout MANY administrations for many decades.

    2. hebgb says:

      Yet these liberals coronated in this failed community organizing affirmative action reject, against all knowledge of what he was going to do and believed the lies and the scam.

      If you were one of those who wasted your vote and coronated this disaster in motion along with his thieving, lying stealing administration please admit – at least to yuorself – that you are incapable of castig an intelligent vote and do not do it again. 2012 cannot come fast enough to begin the healing.

      1. jim stone says:

        all the shills clapping in the background.

  129. don says:

    Well, I guess LAPD admitted they are ready to attakc the citizens, when we dare protest against no jobs, our homes being looted, our constitution being stripped, poice brutalizing us, and our gvnmt starting ww3. I love my freedom

  130. Steve Bennett says:

    Looks like the poe-leece is preparing for when society finally snaps from the weight of 3 generations of americans voting for liberal social policy and imperial foreign policy. you guys wanted a socialist state which abuses the weaklings of the world, and now the powers that be are getting ready to return it in kind, just in time before the whole printing-press driven charade goes “pop”.

    America is going to make a brilliant police state.

    1. dadpasadena says:

      Have you noticed the increasingly number of EMERGENCY TEST ALERTS on TV lately? Are they expecting trouble? Perhaps they’re planning another 9/11 for us so they can clamp down further on our freedoms… I just wonder if anyone will be waving those American flags next time. Maybe those white flags is what they’re hoping for.

  131. Big Ugly, Wyoming says:

    Say, “Hello”, to the Los Angeles branch of the New Gestapo.

  132. hebgb says:

    …”“We are targets on our own soil,” says Beck”…

    Well what do you expect to happen when you have not done what was necessary to rid your part of the country of the gangs, the influx of people who have nothing and live on the state’s back, those who have crime in their background that was not picked up because the liberals wanted all to come over the border regardless of their backgrounds. You get what you sow. This is on you for voting in the loser politicians and telling them their liberal ways are OK to have people use the system and bankrupt hospitals and services. This is what you get when you don’t have the courage to go to the polls and tell the government that enough is enough.

  133. Rex Dart Eskimo Spy says:

    I just want to know where the new food nazis will be HQ’d. Will Democrats be personally sifting my sewage to make sure i’m eating what they think i should be eating or will they hire illegal aliens for that task?

    1. craigalls says:

      It depends on how heavy you are. They will dip you in water and play “he’s not heavy he’s my brother”. Potato chips will be allowed for dignitaries only.

  134. matken says:

    Protection for the Banks/Corporations

    Man, what the police go through to stop the Occupy Movement from confronting the banks and corporations. They are enabling the rich and powerful 1% to keep on using and stealing from the 99% (which include police unless the 1% are topping up police salaries or making under the table deals with them). Why else would the cops keep attacking their own peaceful people?

  135. Tony Polston says:

    I concur with you ONLY in that agencies are preparing for a Greece-like societal collapse when Obama is DEFEATED later this year!

  136. Teresa Seeley Pineda says:

    It makes one believe that the 9/11 truthers know what they are talking about.

  137. Teresa Seeley Pineda says:

    You must be joking or you’re blind to what is going on around you. The government are the terrorists!

  138. Achilles says:

    Hitler and Stalin must be laughing in their respective graves at the turn of events goning on in Ameriica, the supposed Land of the Free.We are producing a better Police State than these two ever imagined.

  139. Michael Vive La-différence Austin says:

    Feel safer? More free? What would you expect from a generation of state “educated” (indoctrinated) students but a submissive, state educated populace that doesn’t have the first clue about defending their constitutional rights unless of course that right is the right to abortion. Then everyone is a constitutional expert.

    “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”–Benjamin Franklin

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”–4th Amendment to The Constitution of the United States of America.

    Silence=Submission and cowardice

  140. Tim Jones says:

    well since they have created the unmanned drone it will be easy for the drones to bomb the American people…..

  141. Mike12493 says:

    all that had to do is put one camera facing south…..

  142. The Sage Waitress says:

    “…and also through video streams that were provided by the actual Occupy LA protesters”

    And all along I thought those college kidz were supposed to be smart! Word to the wise: quit relying on Big Brother technology. LOL

  143. HereComesTrouble says:

    Wait a minute, we’re a target on our own soil? That is not supported by 0bama and Napolitano. Who’s telling the truth? Don’t answer that — it’s rhetorical.

  144. wernerbk says:

    The new Gestapo. What until these union thugs are unleashed on the real enemy: The American Citizen/Taxpayer

  145. borderraven says:

    In the 1950’s there were Bunkers funded by the taxpayers, but for the Continuation of Government (COG), their survival, not US. Ask “them” where is your assigned, tax funded, fallout/bomb shelter, and what is the training schedule?

    1. Michael Vive La-différence Austin says:

      Would you really want to survive a nuclear blast if when the dust settled and your eyes focused the only people to have survived were the likes of Janet Reno, Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, Barney Frank, Charlie Rangel and the rest of the Obama regime? Never mind their smug, supercilious, authoritarian demeanor but think of having to stay in a bunker with the stench from that mob of fish sops and protein catchers? Yikes! Talk about being careful what you wish for.

      1. dadpasadena says:

        Or perhaps, the whole circus of elephants from the GOP?

  146. Steven Moshlak says:

    Yeah, right. Where was RACR, when “Occupy Los Angeles” took over downtown Los Angeles?

  147. Jim Feury says:

    Welcome to the Obamanation

  148. Proudly Unaffiliated says:

    I am so glad LA has become a police state. An upgrade from a gang state.

    1. Bill Jones says:

      A Mexican Cartel State.

  149. Evan says:

    If LA men read this, the need for a physical “War Room” would be virtually nonexistent.: http://www.warroombook.com

  150. Bill Jones says:

    They are getting ready for the illegal alien riots. If you don’t remember the Rodney King riots, 51 Billion in damage and theft. Some by blacks but 90% of the looting was by illegal aliens. Remember the SEARS store? The second American Civil War is approaching and the Government knows it. Unfortunately the enemy will be the Federal Government. With the Dept. of Justice at the top of the list.

  151. Jeff D says:

    Ahhh, its so nice and comforting to see our nation collapse into a Socialist Police State. Feds wanting more spy drones, local police departments becoming more militarized. WOW are we on the right path.

  152. burt says:

    WHAT? you cant legally carry a firearm in la !!! seems un american to me! oh wait yea we lost L A to mexico i forgot (whew(=) had me worried there i love the midwest

  153. James Madison says:

    The March of Totalitarianism progresses on all levels.

    When will it be enough?

    What would George Washington do?

    1. Bill Jones says:

      George would organize a militia.

  154. Mark Richardson says:

    Too much time on my hands…

  155. David Maxwell says:

    Security and servitude, or freedom and risk. The choice is ours.

    1. dadpasadena says:

      Who is John Galt?

      1. Bill Jones says:

        You beat me to it!

  156. raymo says:

    uh umm CUT THROUGH THE RED TAPE?? the u s constitution is now known as red tape!!! i dont think so obama! the only thing red around here is you and your admin

  157. Jerry T says:

    Yup Americans sure are total cowards

  158. MJ says:

    I think this is great ! I also think 2+2=5.

  159. PillowBiter says:

    Clever! Hilarious and so many people taking your post seriously. Hah.

  160. Penelope says:

    Personally, because of their poor leadership and historical poor oversight, I consider LAPD to be a more likely threat to the safety of the citizenry in this town than any terrorist.

  161. blagostwin says:

    What’s da matta LACBS? Don’t like the truth, that being liberalism and multiculturalism in conjunction with the police state? To engineer the toxic conditions that presently exist in that general vicinity. Might cast a Paul on the way that state government has operated for decades.

  162. John Robinson says:

    This is nothing more than negroe control. Negroes are violent animals and the only way to control them is with video surveillance cameras. Although, they all look the same so all one can say is it was an aperape or ape attack or ape murder.

  163. Larry says:

    This is a crock of baloney. This is an impending imminent threat to lockdown the Iranian community in LA when the US/Israel pull a strike on Iran, because outside of Teheran, LA has the LARGEST community of IRANIANs in the world! It’s de ja vus all over again with like the Japanese in 1942. Next thing you know they’ll be putting Iranians in this country into FEMA lockdown camps as potential terrorists. It’s right in front of us and nobody’s talking about it. Iranians need to be prepared. Think they should form an alliance with the folks in South Central and then be ready to thrust back the jack-booted thugs when the Gov’t tries their shenanigans.

    1. Bill Jones says:

      Nope, most Iranians are right wing republicans and hate the Iranian regime. They will be OK. It is like Cubans, they are right wing republicans. The real threat to America is uneducated, communist and violent illegal aliens coming form Mexico and other parts of Central and South America. IE the Cartels and MS-13 etc etc etc.

  164. Edgar Friendly says:

    Ha! San Angelo, never thougt I’d see the day.

    I do want to know how the three sea-shells work. Many joy-joy thoughts to you. Hope there aren’t many murder-death-kills tonight.

  165. MDWhite says:

    “wounded_defecator”…the 60s weren’t very good to you, were they, skippy?

  166. thomas says:

    “one adam twelve – one adam twelve, our cameras show a frisbee in the air in Long Beach”

  167. 4th_amendment says:

    “through video streams that were provided by the actual Occupy LA protesters” So they hacked OWS cellphones? This is “Blue Thunder” 1983 , robocop & OCP, 1984, and the prelude to all the high tech cop movies where power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Beware law abiding citizens, first they watch the perps and gangs, then petty larceny and traffic violations, then cheating husbands…

  168. Howard Lewis says:

    Did the LAPD stop the CIA from spreading cocaine and heroine among street kids in LA? No. Did the LAPD find it in themeselves topublish the true identities of the 9-11 perps? No. Now they want a high tech center to spy on people and download porn and hook up with the casinos in Vegas? Apparantly. Corruption from the top makes them all giggly while waving their pinky rings. No high tech for LAPD until they earn it? Fat chance.

  169. ONTIME says:

    Just because you feel like your being watched all the time doesn’t mean your paranoid..Don’t look behind you something might be gaining on you.

  170. titus says:

    You poor sick pup. Keep waving your made in China American flag.

  171. LA is an open camp says:

    They really look like degenerates in their Halloween costumes. I guess everyday is Halloween for goons in costumes.

    When the poo hits the fan, and it will in LA big time, these pantie waist mental deficient morons will be locked down in their high tech center. They will soil their shorts as the cowards that they have always been. When the treason trials begin, it will be easy to find them, arrest them and put them on trial. When their families are on TV, crying, and saying, ” they were just doing their job” the reply will be, ‘we are just doing our job’, as THEY do the perp walk off to prison.

    Have a great day LA!

  172. b777 says:

    The only reason any police department needs a “War Room” is to combat coordinated large scale law breaking. This is just another way of describing REVOLUTIONARY ACTIVITY. So our wonderful government is preparing itself against revolutionaries.
    This way, when the Obama administration, and its successors, decides to confiscate our guns, and every last shred of our human rights and dignity, and we inevitably fight back, the government will be prepared.
    There is no other conceivable purpose for such a War Room.
    Welcome to the POLICE STATE, folks.

  173. Daryn says:

    How is it that local governments continue to expand & grow during a recession? Where do they get all the money to spend this on this expensive technology when the nation is basically bankrupt? People are losing their homes while Police Dept’s like this one show-off their new “tools’.

    1. Gerry Nance says:

      Would LA still need their War Room if they rescinded Special Order 40?

      It seems to justify the War Room is to abolish SO 40.

      How about it?

    2. Ozlanthos says:

      At the stroke of midnight on the eve of the new moon, they gather in the pentacle painted on the floor of a secret room in the basement of the Treasury Building. Therein they light the golden candles, burn bundles of Red Sage incense, wave the magical wand of wealth, chant the invocation of Midas Major, and have an intern add 10 0’s to the digital record of the available money supply…..Any questions?


    3. Joe Dutra says:

      China, via the Feds.

  174. ericdb says:

    Now now people, don’t get all bent out of shape. You have nothing to fear as long as you don’t do anything wrong. Just ask Rodney King.

  175. Eric Becraft says:

    Now now people, don’t get all bent out of shape. You have nothing to fear as long as you don’t do anything wrong. Just ask Rodney King.

  176. jhdd777 says:

    Please remove that last comment, as it gives away the individual in questions name.

  177. Cogito ergo sum says:

    Lol. Apparently some people don’t understand sarcasm when they hear (read) it. I get what you’re saying, because people that support this load of dung don’t know about Fusion Centers. You’re obviously a patriot. 🙂 I love how the cops say in the article that this war room will help them cut through the red tape. “Red Tape” must be the new slang word for Constitution.

  178. Gort Bromancer says:

    If a police officer considers this the brains of the police department, then it’ll be slow, corrupt and institutionally racist.

  179. NoGuff says:

    Next step, the Thought Police.

  180. mark says:

    Got to catch those criminal Americans throwing a football on a beach! We’ve got to get them. No more footballs and frisbees on the beach. It’s destroying America. More regulation and fines. No more eating on the beach… in fact the beach should be off limits to everyone except politicians. They should rule from their ivory towers and tell us peasants how to live. THIS IS TYRANNY!!! PEACEFULLY RISE UP!!!

  181. Bilford Rielly says:

    Here comes marshall law when BO’ The Musklim Turd’ loses in a land slide election. The cops will side with the Communists and the Vet’s and Hunters will side with the Americans. War is coming folks – like it or not.

    1. LIBERTY NOW says:

      The war you speak of will be between those who want to be free and those that don’t care if they are slaves. This Country could have been the best ever… if the constitution had been obeyed and morality prevailed.

      1. donttreadonme says:

        You’re exactly right. And fortunately, the quisling progressives are not armed. It will be the local and federal police (armed & generally weak-minded) against those who want to preserve individual rights and the Constitution. The front-line military personnel, I am hopeful, won’t participate in armed action against US citizens.

  182. 1776 says:

    We’ll see MUCH more of this….city & county law enforcement working w/ their funders (DHS, DoJ, FBI) to build the police state. They’re moving towards martial law, and we’re one (more) false flag “attack” away from it.

  183. GFWSR says:

    IMO Obummer is pushing the American people toward insurection, and the police departments around the country realizing this, are preparing to deal with it.

    1. donttreadonme says:

      I believe this is the objective. “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” – Rahm Emanuel, 2009

  184. Robert says:

    It really is awesome the level of protection we get from terrorists. When you consider that they are everywhere, plotting and scheming. In fact, many of the people you see every day, and assume are just innocent Americans, are actually terrorists, with many terror oriented things going on. Like paying with things w/cash, or taking videos with their phone. People need to wake up to the insidious threat that is woven throughout our society. Or, you could just let the police handle it, that is the easiest way.

  185. Bumper Press says:

    When you see police getting special training to arrest and/ or kill their own citizens and the DHS preparing detention centers, the cause of the problem is civil unrest instigated by corrupt government. They need to arrest and convict crooked politicians, judges and CEO’s, not people who see though the BS and want real positive change.

  186. Geo says:

    Who ‘s kidding who ? This is for civil disobedience. Wake up America….Obama isnt leaving…

  187. Eileen Pressler says:

    Would saying “fighting bllindfolded” not offend you. I am truly sorry you were offended but, I think this stuff is going overboard. 20 years ago would you have taken offense? What is the point of these people who go around teaching, encouraging people to find offense where none is intended and wouldn’t have been taken if someone hadn’t encouraged it? Me, I am nearsighted. Now when someone says I think that person is taking a viewpoint on this that is “nearisghted” it wouldn’t occur to me to feel slighted. It isn’t always all about us.

  188. BobD says:

    Initially, I would imagine they’ll be testing their systems by searching for and arresting frisbee violators on the beaches. Once they get it working the state’s plutocrats can use it to oppress the middle class and poor, and make Cali a wonderful place for Hollywood and Silicon Valley’s rich to live out their extravagant life styles.

  189. Mark Matis says:

    May they RIH for what they have done.

  190. Guy Macher says:

    Put a dish rag on your head and hike your pants up to show your ankles and the Special Ops Cops will give you a pass.

  191. John G says:

    Interesting…anyone remember the “Gang Summits” several years back….law enforcement sitting down with gangs all over the country to try to “understand” them?….so it’s kid gloves with people who ACTUALLY terrorize citizens and now they take off those same kid gloves to deal with average citizens……

  192. infowars.com says:

    Apparently Alex Jones was right all along.

    And Orwell is turning over in his grave. Welcome to 1984.

  193. Raul says:

    Question is, will these people come into Patriots homes and confiscate their guns. Will they actually shoot on their own people when ordered to by Obama and his gang of thugs. I’m hoping they will disregard that order. Obama will order it if reelected.

    1. donttreadonme says:

      From my cold, dead hands………

  194. Paolo says:

    All governments have their Secret Services. It’s when a government is emboldened to flaunt it like an SS, Gestapo type organization is when the people have lost their freedoms and become subjects of the Reich. All aboard the Obama express?

  195. Bill says:

    How Many $1000 dollar tickets will be written using this “WAR ROOM” to spy on someone using a frisbee or Footbal on the beach?????????????????????

  196. Ron Burgandy says:

    From the article:

    “We had eyes on that, both through video cameras that the city owns, and also through video streams that were provided by the actual Occupy LA protesters,” says Malinowski.”

    Picking sides, are we now? Occupy supplies video feed?

  197. B says:

    The 20th Century offers a vast wealth of knowledge regarding the horrors of marxist ideology. As America heads for the tragedy of collectivism, the people have no excuse.

  198. Malik Al Spaghetti says:

    They look like “The Village People”
    “That’s why we stay at the Y-M-C-A…”

  199. greyfos says:

    Re elect Obama to put the final touches on the police state. You want him, you git him.

  200. Roger says:

    I love how varied the comments are about almost any aspect of society, government and law enforcement. So certainly we’ve seen the Constitution stepped on at least during this Administration if not earlier. We know politicians are corrupt but few people pull together to change that because everyone stands on their own “ideas” and “Opinions” and many don’t vote (wasn’t it less than 60% of voters in 2008). And the ‘war on drugs’… yeah, well, alcohol and tobacco are legal impediments to health. For every $1 collected in taxes the “system” (state and local) spends about $9 on rehab, health and enforcement issues from those two substances. I’m pretty sure if we included pot and the harder elements we’d see a real drain on funds but perhaps fewer overall voters in a few years. Law enforcement is handicapped by politicians just like our military is or was, say, during Vietnam. No matter the right or wrong (and it should be determined, yeah) if you let people who know nothing about ‘war’ manage your battles you will lose. One location isn’t bad, I’m sure their are substations of this system but for folks who say you cannot have “one place” it has to be realized that most of us have “one place”, our homes for example. We all can’t be the “Rat Patrol” on constant patrol eating PJ sandwiches and drinking out of a canteen. We voted in everything we complain about, that is the bottom line. We need to vote out the current admin and TRY and get some balance back… I hope everyone here votes in 2012 and votes for more freedoms, lets professional politicians, better economy, more jobs, less taxes… that is the real Dream.

  201. John L Jordan says:

    Just wait until they swing those pistol-packin’ Predator Drones into action! Death from the skies! You think they won’t try it? You haven’t been paying attention: http://articles.latimes.com/2011/dec/10/nation/la-na-drone-arrest-20111211

  202. Vinny Papagiorgio says:

    Police State.

  203. donttreadonme says:

    The UAVs operated by police departments are already being used all over the US. Using them here in Houston. Funny – when one of the local TV news crews tried to video HPD using the drone, the police got all upset! Tried to make the news crew leave. What are they hiding, if it’s all for the common good??? Makes you wonder about these police agencies. Maybe just looking to pop a cap into anyone Napolitano labels a “domestic threat”?!

  204. Steve says:

    Welcome to the new America and the brown shirts.

    We are losing freedoms every day.

  205. LowIQ says:

    mental midgets with guns.

  206. edwardo says:

    Where there is smoke there is fire. Everyone must remember the oath of office, protect and defend the constitution! Obama selectively remembers his oath, but be sure, if any faction threatens his administration, beware! Even George Washington would be the enemy of this administration!

    IF Obama gets beat, even and squarely, there will be repercussions. Pelosi and company have already made the threats as had the NAACP and others, they will riot in DC and at the White house, I think the GOP is afraid to beat obama, and then have to deal with the consequences. The DNC is threatening violence if they lose, as a bully tactics!

  207. Joseph Peeler says:

    I think Matt was being sarcastic guys. The clue was when he referred to “tax dollars to expand Homeland Security, Police Dept.’s,…” No one ever refers to tax dollars in regard to a policy unless they are being critical of how the money is spent.

  208. Forward Knowing says:

    Very Simple; oops, maybe not for you Obama-bots.

    1. Obama Suspends The Elections
    • The Obama administration will continue to propagate their made up “terrorist threats.” Those “threats” will increase exponentially as the 2012 Presidential elections draw near. Therefore, the Kenyan will have to suspend the elections and declare martial law since the “government” has received “credible” intel that Americas polling places are terrorist targets, and in order to keep us safe, the elections will be suspended until it is safe for them to resume. Why else would our POTUS do the things he does with complete arrogance and impunity; America prepare, “We the People” must be prepared for what’s coming.

    • Obamas terrorism will be a simple act to pull off; Obama is close associates with weather underground terrorists Bill Ayers, Bernadine Doehrne as well as numerous Islamic terrorist organizations. It will be very easy for them to set explosive devices in obscure polling places around the nation, hopefully not while occupied, then begin a series of bombings all the while blaming it on “terrorists” which will be true, but the Obama regime would have us believe it will be homegrown terrorists, NOT his good buddies Bill Ayers, Bernadine Doehrne, islam or the rest of that fanatical ilk. Of course, all financing will be provided by Obamas owner and master, George Soros.

    • Now that the government has its newly acquired powers over the internet, the internet will be seized to eliminate fast communications so citizens are unable to quickly mobilize. I also suspect all cell phone networks will be shut down as well; their justification will be that those pesky “terrorists” may try setting off bombs remotely by…. CELL PHONE!! Or God forbid a “flash” mob demonstration against the Kenyan.

  209. edwardo says:

    WE live in a police STATE, we have the Sheriff’s, Police, transit security, campus securtiy, national guard, US military, FBI, SWATS, ICE, ATF, DEA, CIA, TSA, and they are all here to DEFEND the constitution, which means keep Obama in office! and all of this cannot keep drug dealers out or, illegals, or illegal gun running by Holder! yikes, GEorge Washington would be called a terroist by this Administration.

    1. Ralph says:

      I agree whole heartedly, better get prepared boys something major is going to go down soon can’t you feel it? How much more are you going to take America!

      Build your own survival kit for less than 50$ and thank me later when you need it!

    2. crime and punishment says:

      Politicians gone wild.

      A police state is now obvious to all who can see.
      And, its paid for with our own tax money.
      Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    3. Sean Ballhorn says:

      We the public need to inform and educate all our Law Enforcement and Military on what it meant to take the Oath of Office (which they all of them did). When I was sworn in I said something to the effect of:

      “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the CONSTITUTION of the United States against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”

      Our Law Enforcement and Military owe their allegiance to the CONSITITUTION and as such if given order than contradicts it (such as disarming the people or arresting without out Habeas Corpus.) should be disobeyed, if not actively fought against by the enemies of the Constitution that would give such orders.

      There is an organization devoted to this task and I would recommend all to learn about them.

      Without an Army any dictator is powerless, and out Law Enforcement and Military don’t owe their allegiance to a single man, but rather the principals of the Constitution.

    4. Sean Ballhorn says:

      That Organization is OathKeepers:


    5. Jack Gist says:

      Thanks for coming on board and seeing this…some of us have been preaching this for years and Ron Paul told you about this years ago…good to have you though!
      See oathkeepers.org

    6. Michael Jay says:

      And they said that they were operating “blind” before all this high tech stuff. We always knew they were operating blind, so whats new?

    7. swissik says:

      Well said, I agree and I wonder why with such an organized force, they do nothing against the rabble that calls itself occupiers. In Oakland, CA they shut down the port, threaten to shut down the airport, vandalize public and private buildings, and yet they are treated with velvet gloves. What about the rights of the working taxpaying citizens?

    8. Ste says:

      Like said before, we are in interesting times. This is all new


    9. syl says:

      “red tape” = The Constitution

    10. Mike Notsaying says:

      he has been called that by fema look at the vid of it on youtube add youtube dot come before the link watch?v=ZPg9MdN9Gio

    11. lifesoboring@hotmail.com says:

      Sounds pretty right on. Escept I wouldn’t blame it on Obama–it’s the government, it could be any president that’s in office, he would be doing the same thing. However, I like the cracking down on drivers who break the rules (it’s dangerous for pedestrians, and they should be forced to follow traffic laws). Also, cutting down on crime in general is positive. Then again, the big picture is that it is to curtail personal freedom and indeed institue a police state.

    12. ablubud says:

      No- they are all here to defend the top 1%, the corporations, the bankers and brokers, the warmongering Neocons, and the hedge fund operators like Romney.

  210. Mike Carlson says:

    GERMANY fell to HITLER this way. It all started from inside of the government. Keep your eyes OPEN people.

  211. AFSGTSAM says:

    We will see a period of unrest in this country in the near future. We have tens of millions of lazy bums in this nation who are addicted to welfare and have no ability or desire to work and support themselves. In a few years as we go bankrupt these payments will be slowly reduced and eventually eliminated. We must be prepared for all these welfare addicts to cause problems for the rest of the civilized people in this country.

  212. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I doubt if they are ready for the “citizens” who will defend themselves from the tyranny of the government. There’s 100 million guns owners in this country and ready to defend what’s their’s. The cops will be too busy with the riots in the inner city to bother us “country folk”.

  213. deedee says:

    As Long as the GANGS, the Illegal Gangs, are armed that’s going to be a tough Mission to accomplish..I just say, Shoot First and ask them questions later. The problem is out of control because of the stance that the Liberals in charge in CA, have taken with Illegals. Try scanning the local schools..pretty much most of em cant even speak English! CA is over run, and almost RUINED due to this situation

  214. Marshall Tucker says:

    Are your “TIN-FOIL” hats on too tight?

  215. JT says:

    This is what happens when you do not know who or what half the population is in your own city. When you can not ask the person on the street or in the schools whats your real name, where are you from or live then you will need a police state of this nature.

  216. Marshall Tucker says:

    Getting your panties all bunched up are we?

  217. Boomer says:

    They’re getting ready for the 40% collapse of the dollar, that means 40% of your paycheck is Gone, where did you think all that printing of money by the Federal Reserve was headed. Funny thing is when that happens all these cops have No More Pension as that will be Gone Too…lol

  218. BudW says:

    Where is the out rage from the democrats? if this were from a Republican you would be marching in the streets?

  219. Jim Higgins says:

    All US currency has the words “This note is legal tender for all debts public and private” on it.

    I view this as a legal contract. Therefore NO ONE should be penalized for using cash or being tracked for using cash.

    If they want to do that,…take the words off the bills / notes.

  220. John Barnett says:

    Say welcome to Mine Furhrer Obama’s new civillian Army, funny thing is, you’re really less safe now.

  221. desert says:

    There should be a title for that picture………”Get de Gringos”

  222. KW37 says:

    Does any of this do any good? Is crime down? Is it down enough to justify the millions of dollars this cost? Is it down enough to justify the loss of liberty?

    “Malinowski says RACR plotted each arson fire incident as it happened, creating a three-square-mile geographic hot spot that resulted in the quick arrest of accused fire starter Harry Burkhart.”

    So, RACR plotted dots on a map?!? Great job! It would have taken at LEAST one intern to accomplish all that!

  223. kjatexas says:

    Remember all the “sci-fi” movies where the police mow down all the anti-government protestors with automatic weapons? That’s where we are headed if this descent into totalitarianism, under the Obama administration, continues.

  224. John Keyes says:

    How is it working in South Central.?? Not well.

  225. Harpotoo says:

    Cali is Broke and so is the FED so when the FREE CHIT dregs of Society don’t get their FREE CHIT what do you think is gonna Happen?!?!

  226. Bob A says:

    You know these “police” won’t be going after black and latino urban terrorists i.e. Obama voters. They will be looking to enforce racist anti-white discrimination laws.

  227. John says:

    Cops with too much of other people’s money.

    Meanwhile, California is bankrupt.

  228. jon says:

    You want the truth…Well here it is.

  229. flash says:

    Hitler’s wet dream.

    1. Susan says:

      Looks like they’re ready for those bad frisbee & football throwing beach goers.

  230. Edward Boothe says:

    Ever hear of the “reconquista”. It is a plan by La Raza to take back Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and ‘California which they say belongs to them. It has not only started, it is well underway.

  231. Edward Boothe says:

    This is what Governor Romney was trying to say before the evil ones took it out of context and started lying about it.

    They don’t call the United States of America the land of opportunity for nothing; every one in this country has a shot at the American dream, if they are willing to apply themselves. Most people are poor for one or more of the 5 following reasons, usually a combination:

    1. Laziness
    2. Failure to get at least a high school education
    3. Irresponsibility
    4. Getting in trouble with the law
    5. Drugs and alcohol

    Their plight is generally their own fault, but Obama says we are supposed to feel sorry for them, and give them half of everything we have. We estimated in the military, that there is always going to be 10% of the soldiers who are absolutely worthless. This also applies to all of society, always has, and always will. There are a small minority who need help, because of medical reasons etc. but it is less than 10% of the bums we are supporting. There are enough of them now in this country, to reelect Obama, and when they do, you can say good by to the United States of America forever.

    The only possibility for the salvation of our Republic, is for people to get out in record numbers Nov 6, and send Barrack Hussein Obama back to Chicago, and community agitating. As Ann Coulter said to Bill O’Reilly, even Jeffery Dahmer would be better than what we have.

    If you want to save your country, PLEASE email this to every one you know, and hope it goes viral.

  232. Jason Goorman says:

    At 2:54 the “all seeing eye” is watching what looks like Judge Mathais! Now that’s a real crime!

  233. paul ford says:

    it is obvious that most people on here are uneducated ignorant liberals, who have no idea what iran and the rest of the muslim world have in store for the West. these people are complete brain dead zombies.

  234. Eric says:

    Obama is an Uncle Tom, enslaving the Brothers for the Man.

  235. Yaspar says:

    Surveillance cameras make great .22 rifle targets. With a little practice you can hit them from 75 yards. A brick of 1000 .22s only costs about $15. Colibris are very quiet. I bet there’s an easy way to disable drones, too, with a little Yankee ingenuity.

  236. Satch says:

    They can do this under the cover of preparing to fight the Mexican Cartels that may/will be moving into Kalifornia,———and they’ll be right.

  237. bBS Detector says:

    Because the 99 percent, ARE the ENEMY!

    Protect our Vampire Leadership!

    Damned Dirty Humans!!!

    Grovel before your OWNERS!


  238. Troy says:

    Militarized police state, the end result of all liberal utopias. just like 1939 Germany, Soviet Russia, etc.

    Wake up people. The regressives are pushing us to tyranny at brak neck speed, and MOST OF YOU ARE ASLEEP OR PART OF THE PROBLEM !!

  239. JT says:

    LAST. Los Angeles Storm Troopers.

  240. Cincinnatus says:

    With the rise of police war rooms and opening the US air space to drone surveillance I think you know who the rulers of this country consider the enemy. Look in the mirror.

  241. Francine M. says:

    Stop government sanctioned terrorism against medical marijuana patients. For God’s sake please STOP.

    1. steamboat says:

      Stop the FRAUD of “Medical” Marijuana.

    2. Gerold says:

      CB1 and CB2 receptors regulate many functions in the human body. Harvard and UCLA clinical studies showed cancer preventive properties in smoked cannabis – medical marijuana is a curative plant.

    3. Dr. M says:

      The new findings “were against our expectations,” said Donald Tashkin of the University of California at Los Angeles, a pulmonologist who has studied marijuana for 30 years.

      “We hypothesized that there would be a positive association between marijuana use and lung cancer, and that the association would be more positive with heavier use,” he said. “What we found instead was no association at all, and even a suggestion of some protective effect.”

      source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/05/25/AR2006052501729.html

    4. Simon says:

      The active ingredient in marijuana cuts tumor growth in common lung cancer in half and significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread, say researchers at Harvard University who tested the chemical in both lab and mouse studies.

      source: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/04/070417193338.htm

    5. steamship says:

      Hey “steamboat”, what was that you were saying?

    6. Eric Long says:

      Be cool babies, I think that American Idol is coming on later tonight. Nothing to worry about muchacos. Just go back to sleep.

  242. MIKE says:


    1. MIKE says:

      this is the age to own/make surface to air missiles.

  243. Spanky T Smackme says:

    The ONLY reason they have to do this is so they can continue to enforce UNconstitutioanl laws on the people…….

    Where is our FREEDOM of choice and pursuit of happiness ? Taken away by government .

    Where is our right to associate ? Taken away by government.

    Where is our right to be secure in our homes and free from unwarranted searchs? Taken away by government.

    Where is our right to travel in annonominity and privacy ? Taken away by government.

    Where is our right to keep the fruits of our labors? Taxed away by governemnt.

    They have every right to fear a populace irrate at massive government intrusion and control.

  244. Rick OShea says:

    This is the Illegal Protection Force. You people in Kalifornia who say they are afraid of guns better look closely at these people.

  245. Paul says:

    Obama has a 80,000 manned domestic military he will unleash when he claims voting null and void and he is now our messiah

  246. mitch says:

    Don’t I remember some smart guy in history saying something about having standing armies being a bad idea? hmmm, oh well, on with life…

  247. Mercedglen says:

    Did you notice that gangs were never mentioned anywhere. They are the real terrorists in this country and our police and homeland security doesn’t give a cra*. It keeps the citizens fighting amoung themselves while the government removes the very rights we are supposed to have….

    1. william says:

      Prohibition and institutionalized poverty created the gangs. Fighting the symptom with more law enforcement instead of taking a hard look at the mismanagement of our nation is childish.

    2. william says:

      Oh yeah, and they aren’t even pretending to be addressing actual crime either way. This is a direct assault on the personal sovereignty of every working class American. Enjoy your police state kids.

  248. Bill Brown says:

    land based version of the “Death Star”…any mention of preserving the rights and liberties of the citizens?…

  249. WallyG says:

    HR645? Yeah, Obama’s flaming rhetoric along with the dem party’s total involvement in doing what it can to incite violence is behind all of this. This Prez and his minions are out to cause violence, “Let me be perfectly clear…” or “Make no mistake, I…” Barry’s looking for a way to hold onto power just like all the other tin foil hat dictators of the past. The menace is Barry!

  250. Jasonn says:

    LAPD has been in need of a brain for a very long time. I’m just not sure this new high tech center is the answer.

  251. Jasonn says:

    No wonder Charlie Beck can’t afford to put more cops on the street, eh?

  252. Falrune says:

    Hopefully, the editors will require that authors identify uncommon acronyms.

    Eg. Real-time Analysis and Critical Response (RACR)

  253. Jockey says:

    I have a better idea to save money. Just put video surveillance in areas of concentration of Obama voters. Oh yes, I forgot for a second. Los Angeles has a large concentration of Obama voters.

    1. swissik says:

      That is funny, but true. Of course that means that surveillance cameras will have to be installed all over CA, except perhaps the most northern and interior counties. I use “Obama voter” instead of a swear word when I encounter an ignoramus, or a Prius driver that rudely cuts me off on the road. Liberalism is a mental disorder, and Obamism is a serious affliction.

  254. djw663 says:

    And yet everyone laughed for me thinking that the gov’t was preparing for action. The exercises by the military, the NDAA, the increased military like training and equipment of local police, the “occupy” movement, the unions thugs (like in Wisconsin) destroying property, THE LIBERAL MOB MENTALITY. It is coming!

  255. George says:

    This stuff has been done for years. I think the Brits did it first in London, and NYPD was early on it.

  256. James Woods says:

    And goes the age old saying.

    Who is watching the watchers.

    The majority of cops I know do not want their work criticized or watched. They are fine with filming you but do not want to be filmed.

  257. denkogetsu says:

    What no one will talk about, the 500 lb gorilla in the room, is that the police are preparing for the riots that will take place should Obama lose. And he will lose.

  258. Kimberly Bethea says:

    “We are targets on our own soil,” says Beck.

    THAT is what being bullies around the Globe will getcha! More of the Same, will not Protect Anyone.

  259. CommonCents says:

    Read the last line of the article:

    “It’s used as a guidebook on how to protect communities and fight crime.”

    In other words, it has -nothing- to do with ‘terrorists’… that is just a ruse.

    If you look into WHO is creating this false “hysteria”, you’ll find the Zionists.

    ADL, SPLC, and JDL are the ones pushing for all these Gestapo policies… they go around the country ‘advising’ LEO on how to identify ‘domestic extremists’.

    i.e. Any non-Jew who stands up for liberty and the Constitution is now a target.

  260. easypeasy says:

    This tool is in place to generate revenue by making it nearly effortless for the police to hand out expensive tickets all over the city everyday. LA’s crime rate remains unaffected, yet they call RACR a success. The cops like it because it makes their job (generating revenue for the city) so much easier, but it doesn’t make YOU any safer.

  261. Hadrian Knight says:

    Have we doomed ourselves to repeating histories worst times.
    Quite probably so.
    Ron Paul wins EVERY straw poll, and EVERY exit poll, yet MSM tells us people like Naughty Newt, Insanitorium, and Holy underwear wearing Romney are fit to lead our country?
    No more Obamination.
    A vote for Ron Paul is a vote against an insane police state.
    Just do it.

  262. Lucifer says:

    All this over fake jets on 911. Now Americans are the terrorists.

  263. MichaelG says:

    I have several close friends that are sheriffs deputies and not one has any interest in being involved in a police state. Their own families are part of the community. Use your brains people. Many cops are former military who would protect YOU from danger by putting themselves at risk. If terrorists strike or OWS anarchists go nuts guess who will run to stop them while you run away to safety?

    The only people who have anything to fear from 99% of cops are those who are doing illegal things! Ive raised a little hell in my life and never had an officer do anything more than necessary to handle the situation.

    Grow up America. Most of you are not responsible for yourselves anyway, so society has to be…

    1. Eddie says:

      They have not yet been ordered to participate yet. What will they choose when it happens?

  264. CSmith says:

    Trying not to be paranoid but WHY DID 13 MILITARY HELICOPTERS JUST FLY OVER – in formation?? 10:45AM-ish 2/10/12 In the Glendora/Azusa area of SoCal, heading East to West, hugging the mountains. The sounds drowned out everything else. Pretty creepy!

  265. Pappasan says:

    Americans, you’ve lost your country to the parasite, what are you going to do about it?

    Bring on the civil war. Time to refresh the Tree of Liberty.That’s exactly what our founders would have wanted and demanded of us in this situation. I’m all done paying for the Obama voters’ cell phones and food stamps and endless handouts. These people are parasites and the failed federal government is no longer protecting the middle class but rather is attacking us constantly on all fronts.

    These union cops need their budgets cut and to be released to find a productive job enriching society rather than criminalizing innocent Americans. The government steals your hard earned money and the horrid DHS gives it to the cops to buy predator drones and armored trucks with turrets to use against us, its a horrible situation that needs a revolution to correct. Voting won’t work because the votes of the Obama zombies are purchased with your money. The courts are corrupt with liberal judicial activism. Civil war is the best option to reboot the country.

  266. Hyrdr says:

    It’s good to see the local government has some sort of special team. The way this country is going they will be needed to repel the Chinese invasion emboldened by the perceived weakness created by this administration

  267. Steve says:

    … and there’s nothing American about what’s going on.

  268. Innocent Bystander says:

    Just like Syria, Lybia and other police states.

  269. berlin says:

    hello and greetings from germany,

    is this really true ? it seems like a description of a crime movie….
    unfortunaltly no media in germany is reporting about such things, so i would appreciate if some of you could give hints to good articles about the “police state of america”.

    thanks a lot !
    by the way, is skype still a good communication software ? we could talk in skype too.

  270. Joe Dutra says:

    Is the LAPD protecting you or themselves?

  271. CHuck says:

    Government-sponsored terror – nothing less. Obummer and CBSNBCABCCNN and the Southern Poverty Law Center rying to bring to America their commie gulags. Vote Ron Paul and put a stop to these maniacs.

  272. Chuck says:

    Slick Jesuit governor Jerry Brown wants his personal military to defend his mansion when the homeless accountants and housewives come after him with pitch forks after the mortgage deal takes away their houses. Funny how that crypto-kyke pretend hippie-new-ager used pride himself “I live in an apartment, sleep on a yoga mat.” Now his is Commander of a cop army and 30,000 drones programmed against the people.

  273. Eddie says:

    It was my understanding that LA was out of money. Where did they get the money to build a warroom?

  274. Eddie says:

    All that red tape is there to protect us from them. This system cuts through the red tape

  275. BudW says:

    Democrat Mayor,Democrat Senators,Democrat President see a pattern California? where is the out rage from the left? if this were under Republicans you Democrats would be rioting.

  276. phishna says:

    the matrix of control will only lead to even further corruption of those in power and even more desperation by those living outside of the parasite’s body

    more crime will result, more live war “porn”

    more draconian will be the response, this time with robots and drones, soon we WILL SEE CITIZENS BEING TARGETED AND KILLED BY HIGH TECH MEANS

    welcome to hell, it will be broadcast live

  277. Bill Jones says:

    Can’t happen in Arizona, almost every household owns a pistol or rifle.

  278. Wren says:

    Law enforcement is attempting to dupe the citizenry into trusting this surveillance center as for our protection, when in reality it’s part of the government plot for complete control of Americans. This is one of many satellites connected to the hub engineered by the Feds in DC. The military are training local police in war and occupation tactics so every state will be subject to the autocracy. Groups like Anonymous and Wikileaks are exposing this agenda to the public. The most efficient peaceful way to reverse the continuous monitoring is for tech geniuses to hack into the Big Brother national (not international defense) artery and dismantle the systems that spy on the U.S. public. A tug-of-war might result for an indefinite time; the Feds set it up; techies pull it down. Objective is preserving freedom and kicking the State out of our business.

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