By Jon Baird

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A state lawmaker said Tuesday he wants to take a closer look at how pensions and other benefits are paid to teachers in the wake of misconduct charges by teachers at a Southland elementary school.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports there are lingering questions over exactly what measure can be taken by lawmakers when a public employee is under criminal investigation.

State Senator Kevin DeLeon (D-Los Angeles) said the turmoil surrounding the arrests of two teachers at Miramonte Elementary School have brought renewed criticism of the state’s retirement plan.

“We’re looking at it to see if we, in fact, by law strip them of their pension,” DeLeon said.

DeLeon also said he and his staff plan to consult with officials from CalPERS and other pension experts to determine what steps can be taken.

His announcement came as LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy announced the entire staff at Miramonte will be reshuffled and reassigned while officials continue their investigation into allegations of lewd conduct at the school.

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  1. bdj says:

    Don’t strip them of their pension. Use it to pay back the local or state penal system if they are convicted.

  2. arturo castaneda says:

    CA State Senator Kevin DeLeon is on the right approach to pursue stripping the pension benefits of a public employee caught committing these lewd offenses.

    My only advice to State Senator DeLeon is make the best possible use of the time your staff will spend consulting with CalPERS officials and pension experts.

    Mr. DeLeon and his staff should pursue taking CalPERS benefits from not just the school teacher, but also from people in other positions that have violated the law and the public’s trust.

    State Senator DeLeon can begin by working with CalPERS to strip our elected state officeholders of their pensions and other benefits for violations of the law committed while holding office and committed after leaving office without limitation.

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