LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Authorities say three women have died since a car crash in South Los Angeles last week involving an unlicensed driver.

Six women were in a sport utility vehicle when it slammed into a tree. Five of the women were ejected from the SUV, and everyone in the vehicle was critically injured.

Three women, Enisha Marie Davis, 21; Jeshai Chanae Jones, 19; and Tiesha Jermaine Turner, 28, died between Friday and Monday from their injuries, according to Asst. Chief L.A. County Coroner Ed Winter.

Tenina M. Calhoun of Moreno Valley, who was driving the vehicle when it crashed, had been cited Jan. 3 by the California Highway Patrol for driving without a license, but her vehicle was not impounded. Calhoun remains in critical condition.

Los Angeles police say they recovered an open container of alcohol in the car and are continuing to investigate.

The triple fatality is the latest in a string of serious accidents involving unlicensed drivers. In December in Panorama City, a motorist driving without a license struck and killed a 60-year-old woman.

Los Angeles Police recently proposed reforms to the city’s practice of seizing the cars of unlicensed drivers. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said the practice unfairly burdens illegal immigrants, but the police union and victims’ rights activists say it would allow dangerous drivers to remain on the road.


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Comments (21)
  1. Chris QLxchange says:

    Time for LA Police Chief Beck to rethink his plan not to impound cars of unlicensed drivers!

  2. citizen says:

    Hey Charlie what do think about people who have no license now?

  3. TK says:

    i think it’s the mayor and the city council that said it would be an inconvenience for unlicensed drivers to get their cars impounded. now it is an inconvenience to these five ladies… thanks to the mayor and the los angeles city council for the death of three of them…

    1. Micah Chaney says:

      No…these three ladies have died, because the driver was under the influence. Having her license or not is irrelevant in this case.

      1. Jim Davis says:

        But that is not the point the author is trying to make. If alcohol was the cause ( and I’m not saying it wasn’t) then the author should have done a better job and proving the point. The point he they were trying to make was that had this persons car been impounded two weeks prior when they were cited for driving without a license they would not have been on the road this day to kill these people. This illegal activity is becoming more and more commonplace and the time to act is now before it becomes so out of hand that no one can stop it. Unfair to illegals? They have no rights under our constitution to begin with so who cares if they feel violated. Bring them over, I’ll show them “feeling violated”…

  4. Shannon Bohannon Ʊ says:

    While I completely agree that unlicensed drivers should have their vehicles impounded(did Beck really say it unfairly burdens illegal immigrants? I did not realize we were supposed to enable them.) Even if they had impounded her car, this may still have happened. Where there is a will there is a way and when there is alcohol involved there is no rational thinking. RIP to the women that lost their lives hopefully the ones that survive and their families learn from this horrible tragedy.

    1. Yah. says:

      Yeah, “BURDEN illegal immigrants”… I could not believe that when I heard it. Burden them.

    2. offramp says:

      Excuses like “where there is a will, there is a way” logically leads to “why have any laws at all, since someone will still break them?”

      1. Micah Chaney says:

        Listen to what you’re saying. If Calhoun had her car impounded, that’s not going to stop her from driving her friend’s car and this accident still happening. That’s all Shannon is saying, and she’s absolutely right. Her point is that alcohol was the culprit here not the fact that Calhoun doesn’t have a valid license.

  5. Brandon Lee says:

    Why is the driver always the one who survives?

    I would hate to burden Illegal Immigrants with following any forms of law in this country.

    1. Kevin says:

      Yea,tell me about it! I live here in L.A. the most brainless politicians EVER!

  6. Jessenia Martinez says:

    Clearly these women were not illegal immigrants. Why does everything always turn to that? It’s not like white people or black people or Asians don’t drive without licenses.

  7. Totally Avoidable says:

    Let’s be real here, anyone who doesn’t have a license and is driving around like that, is TROUBLE. They are irresponsible, selfish and a danger to society.

    If this isn’t clear proof that Beck’s impound revision isn’t the most stupi_dest thing on the books right now.

    Mostly of course, fueled by immigration activists and their lawyers. I’m moved to suggest that those illegal immigrant rights organization may be in part responsible for this.

    Selfishness all around. So sad these people had to die because of some irresponsible set of selfish …people.

  8. watchitgo says:

    Guess changing this law to be politicially correct really backfired. Why do we insist on rewarding people who break the LAW? I have driven since I turned 16, which means 48 years and have never been without my license. Obeying the traffic laws was taught to me my parents and I take the laws seriously, unlike many drivers these days. If they can not flollow the laws they can WALK, take a bus, ride a bicycle, or just stay home.

  9. TeresaB says:

    Maybe it’s time to get a Police Chief that has the huevos to enforce the LAW!!!

  10. Frank Lee Spee King says:

    I think Charlie and Villababoso should get personally sued by these families. Stay classy LA

  11. S Dietrich says:

    How can CBS describe Police Chief Beck’s refusal to impound the cas driven by every unlicensed driver as REFORM. It’s not reform, it’s MURDER by Political Correctness.

    When the California legislature passed the bill they acknowledged that an unlicensed driver was 2-4 times more likely to kill than a licensed driver.

    Every law abiding driver pays a stiff penalty for the unlicensed and uninsured drivers in their cost of insurance , probably 10% – 20% of the policy. . It’s just another invisible tax

  12. Lucy says:

    Utterly rediculous! Smh and can’t stop! Oh lord, them children of the 3 deceased women! And she’s alive (The F’ing Driver) with NO kids!

  13. shantai mangum says:

    this accident was to close to home for me ,four of the ladys was my sisters friends daughters and the mom lost three of her girls and the forth was in her seat belt and she cervived and is at home waiting funeral arrangements. you dont no what to say to a mother who lost three chrildren at one time when my children are still alive. many prayers are going out we can’t amagine.

  14. Fedup says:

    That;s what happens when you have a mayor that supports his “people” & Beck is his yes man, that’s why he was given that spot.

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