TORRANCE (CBS) — A second South Bay high school has been rocked by allegations that students hacked into computer records and tampered with grades.

Earlier this week, three male students at Palos Verdes High School were accused of cheating. They reportedly used “keyloggers” to obtain teacher passwords.

KCAL9 and CBS2’s Rachel Kim reports that new allegations of cheating are now being aimed at four students — all male sophomores — at Torrance High School.

Kim reports that an active investigation is trying to determine how one student got a teacher’s name and user password.

Tammy Khan, who hails from the Torrance Unified School District, told Kim, “The principal at THS, as well as the entire staff in the district, are very disappointed in the behavior of these students.”

Officials are not sure how many grades were changed but believe the practice began occurring last month.

A math teacher recently noticed grades on her computer had been altered.

Detectives arrested the four students and charged them with illegally accessing a computer database and conspiracy to commit a crime — both felonies.

Kim spoke to a former student who isn’t surprised about the cheating allegations. Said Dylan Lindsey, “Do I condone it? No. But I do understand it. There’s a lot of pressure to succeed.”

Kim reports that the district is considering making changes to their computer system. Meanwhile, the students face criminal charges and expulsion from all district schools.

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  1. Hayden Sherman says:

    I can understand why they would change their grades. School has NEVER BEEN THIS HARD EVER. Kids learn things in school, especially in the fields of science and history where so many kids fail, that were never taught to the kids parents. Everything in the history books has been rewritten to demonize everything that has been of historical significance, especially in US History. The science books get thicker and thicker every year because they keep putting more stuff into them. It’s nice to also have your parents ask for help when they couldn’t even figure it out themselves if they tried.

    1. Jason Rahall says:

      Hayden – Yes, those crazy science books getting out of control. Nobody needs all that knowledge, wont use most of it, why waste time learning it. Less learning, better grades and more wgraduates.

  2. Josh ManJo says:

    lol, I guess they are not as smart as they thought they were lol. Cover your tracks kiddies!

  3. philly says:

    Here come the excuses…they did wrong a need to pay the price. Guess the white kids aren’t as smart as we all thought they were. Grow up and study…its the American way.

    Low-life thugs!!!!!

  4. Jason Rahall says:

    Homegrown cyber-criminals – if convicted, off to Gitmo.

  5. KCWildguy says:

    Said Dylan Lindsey, “Do I condone it? No. But I do understand it. There’s a lot of pressure to succeed.”

    Are you Fing stupid? You understand breaking the law, violating privacy, and giving yourself a grade you did not earn? There’s not pressure to succeeed, there are a bunch of spoiled brats that are given what they want, and now that they have to earn it, can’t handle it. How many of these kids passed earlier grades because it would be “too hard on their self-esteem” to be failed? They deserve to have to go back and start the year over. Punks, liars, and cheats.

  6. RK Davies says:

    Talk about some smart kids! Yeah, it sucks they got caught and now they are going to be treated like terrorists because they did special things with computers! OH NO!

    Seriously, NOTHING IS SECURE! If the computer is turned on, IT IS NOT SECURE! If the computer has a network connection, IT IS NOT SECURE.

    If the kids were smart enough to leverage technology to their advantage, then the more power to them. Lucky for them, high-school means nothing to the skilled computer user. It’s a jail you can exit at the end of the day.

    Not only that, they aren’t the first students to do such a thing, they just happened to get caught, and most likely over one of the 4 having a big mouth and bragging to other students.

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