STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Are you looking for a way to update your look for work? Billy Lowe stopped by KCAL9 Thursday to spill his styling secrets.

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Hair Tips:

• Back and away from face. Hair can be flattering or distracting and if it’s in the face, it becomes distracting to interviewer.
• Hair should have a classic style (men and women) and look polished. No heavy teasing, no “spikey” looks.
• Color freshly applied. Be sure color is fresh, newly touched up, and if you do need to hide regrowth or didn’t have time to get in for color, scatter the part-line so it breaks up the regrowth look.
• A classic ponytail or chignon works well for the interview process. tuck hair behind ears for a polished/sophisticated look.

Make-Up Tips:

• Clean and Simple.
• No dramatic colors (such as eyes or lips)
• Skin tone balanced application.
• Be careful of the collar line and foundation/powder stains
• Oil blotting papers to help reduce shine rather than packing on extra make-up

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Wardrobe Tips:

• Appropriate for men and women
• Again, classic attire for the workplace
• Navys, black or darker colored suits, white shirts or blouses make a classic statement
• Avoid large-hoop earrings and other large accessories as these are distracting.
• Wear appropriate attire for the interview, avoid low-cut tops. Men should always wear a tie
• Clothing should be “tucked” and “buttoned up”
• For the men, clean shaven, always wear a tie unless you have a feel for the company atmosphere or were previously directed otherwise

Last but not least – remember to SMILE. It puts people at ease, and lets them know you’re comfortable in your own skin.

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