LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The city of Los Angeles has been considering a ban on all pot shops, but it wouldn’t be needed in the north San Fernando Valley, where police have essentially enforced a ban of their own.

The LAPD shut down the last marijuana dispensary in the north San Fernando Valley, one of the last among shops in Northridge, Granada Hills and Chatsworth, as part of a three-year crackdown, the Los Angeles Daily News reported. Three owners of Herbal Medicine Care in Chatsworth were arrested on suspicion of felony possession of marijuana for sale.

The dispensaries are required by state law to be non-profits, where collective members all contribute to the growing and harvesting of the drug, but police say shops simply sign people up and are instantly given collective membership, where the marijuana is handed out for a “predetermined donation,” LAPD Detective Robert Holcomb told the Daily News.

The ban proposed by Councilman Jose Huizar would require all dispensaries to be shut down on the basis that even those permitted by the city are in violation of federal law because marijuana is considered an illegal drug.

Dispensaries with storefronts would be outlawed and those who need the drug would need to grow it at home, according to Huizar.

An estimated 200 dispensaries remain open in the Valley.

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  1. Alan Di says:

    The state needs 3 billion in 60 days. Here’s a way the city can save some of that money by not wasting our money busting pot shops. Apparently, the only the state is going to learn is by another vote pf the people declaring pot a legal substance.

  2. jeff says:

    The dispensary business is a scam!!! While I am sure there are dispensaries that do conduct a legitimate operation, a majority will ” prescribe” this drug for any medical condition varying from eczema to cancer. I work across the street from 1 of these operations and see nothing but healthy looking 20 year olds walking in and out of it all day!

    1. Seriously says:

      So they are “healthy looking” and not wearing rags and have missing teeth and sleeping in the gutter?

      So what’s your point? How does this directly affect you? Would you rather them hangout in an alley and carry guns? Would you rather they give money to some criminal types that are dealing not only weed but meth and crack? Do you want them arrested and sent to prison for 5 years because they don’t subscribe to your belief system? Do you want them punished because you don’t like their lifestyle? Don’t like their hair or tattoos? Do you want them to be harmed Jeff? Do you want to hurt them? Do you want them to suffer and have their lives ruined because you don’t like the way they look?

      Here’s some advice, mind your f*ken business…Think about that tonight when you’re throwing back a beer and smoking your cigarettes.

  3. Dave says:

    Hi Jeff,

    So you base your medical evaluations how how people look? I am so glad that yoiu are not the doctor that treats my Crohns problems.

    You sir are dumb!!


  4. JUST WRONG says:

    The bottom line is, the PEOPLE voted to allow this and our paid public officials, that are supposed to represent us, have decided to go against our wishes.

    Democracy? WHAT DEMOCRACY?!?!

    That is 100% unacceptable no matter what side of the argument you’re on!!!!

  5. ron says:

    BACK TO STREET DEALERS. Hey Huizar I guess you this as a way to higher office. I won’t vote for you, get off our damn backs a-hole

  6. Byebye Freedom says:

    There was a time when states fiercely fought for their sovereignty from the Feds, a time when the states would back the wishes of their citizens and go to task with the Feds to ensure it….The 10th amendment essentially embodies that. Although the supremacy clause comes into play, it is abhorrent for the state, ANY state, to fight on behalf of the Feds against their own voting constituents.

    Please educate yourself and help those around you to vote intelligently next time around. If you don’t like legalized medical marijuana, get it on the ballot and let’s vote on it.

    THAT is the American way. Disregard for our votes and the laws we pass is a slippery slope into a dictatorship. Items like what happened here proves we are well on our way and the pacifist attitude of everyone is simply giving permission to further erode our freedoms and rights and citizens.

    If they think these shops are breaking the law, investigate it, prove it and act appropriately and most importantly, proportionate to the infraction. They essentially “Rodney King’ed” these shops.

  7. citizen says:

    time for the ACLU to go to court and get TRO to stop this madness.

  8. OUTRAGE says:

    “…but police say shops simply sign people up and are instantly given collective membership”

    That is a LIE! No shop wants to take the risk of getting closed and have elaborate verification systems in place. You can’t even get through the front door without a valid recommendation from a MD or DO.

    *Maybe* there were a few shops who had irresponsible employees doing this without the owners knowledge but there is no way in hell every single one of them were…But yet they shut them all down? This proves they are purely speculating. This is like shutting down every gas station because they *think* some *might* be selling cigarettes to minors….What the hell kind of BS is that??? Where’s the proof? And does the punishment even come close to fitting the crime? Why not fine them? That’s what they do for underage alcohol/tobacco sales.

    And don’t even start with the non-profit angle…Do you think they hammer the Red-Cross? Don’t even get me started on churches and the obscene profits they make. FYI, CEO Marsha Evans of the “non-profit” Red-Cross pulled down over $650,000.00 in salary, look it up.

    You should all be outraged because the next violation of civil liberties may be something near and dear to you…Although I may not see eye-2-eye with you on it, I’ll still support YOUR liberties and YOUR rights.

  9. bob says:

    My 16 year old son was asked outside his school to join one of these collectives.For 75 dollars he would get membership and could purchase pot for one year.These shops need to be CLOSED

    1. Broad Brush says:

      No Bob, THAT shop needs to be closed….And good job on teaching your son well.

  10. SeeTheFacts says:

    This not a new thing. It has been happening in Santa Clarita, Antelope Valley, & Simi Valley for the longest. All that it does is require people to spend more on gas, our pay higher fees for delivery. If a place is doing something illegal, please investigate & take the proper actions. The collectives who actually take the time & effort to do everything correctly will appreciate it. As well as the legit medical members, since those places who take that time are the ones actually producing quality medicine & making a positive effect on the community. It is ridiculous how people can associate all the bad with weed. But when it comes to alcohol and cigarettes that kill over 500,000 (true fact) people a year it can be taxed and sold. Bob, i’m sure your son could have got a fake ID from that same kid. It actually takes more to buy medicinal marijuana from a legit co-op/collective then it is to buy liquor or alcohol. He would also have to show a Valid CA ID, on that ID would show his age. If he does not have a parent accompany him & sign a agreement, he would not be allowed in. Cannabis is curing CANCER!! Who ever does not see the positive effects that TRUE COLLECTIVES OFFER! Then without a doubt in my mind, you are a ignorant person.