GLENDALE (CBS) — A former volleyball coach at Pasadena City College was arrested Monday on suspicion of recording up the skirt of a woman on a Glendale Galleria escalator.

John Puncel, 49, was immediately arrested after a police officer said he witnessed the incident.

Authorities said Puncel pulled away as the officer tried to grab him. One of the officers suffered a cut and complained of pain as a result of his struggle with Puncel, police Sgt. Tom Lorenz said.

The cell phone camera, which was still recording when police arrested Puncel, showed his fingers, then the woman’s legs and buttocks, according to police reports.

Puncel was arrested on suspicion of possessing nude photographs of a girl under 18 simulating sexual conduct, secretly recording under the clothing of another person without consent, battery on a police officer and resisting arrest.

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  1. Christina39 says:

    This stuff is not new, but it is geting sickening.

  2. A Drake says:

    “This has created a whole new generation of people who probably weren’t even aware they were voyeuristic,” said Andrew Drake, marketing director at Pixis International, which runs the Web site.

    “All this bill is going to do is create an underground feel and probably make it appeal to a broader number of people. Prohibition. How did that work?”

    Read more:

    1. Ann Smith Blanco says:

      This guy has been sick for a long, long time and should of been caught by now. He stalked me over 25 years ago and was caught peeking in my window while I was getting dressed at the age of 21. He even got into my house while I was 14 and took a shower while I was home alone. He is not a “new” generation of voyeurtstic people. He is a freaky, ill guy who needs to get help and out of the genreral population until he is dealt with. There are many other things he did but to cut it short, this arrest is a long time coming.

  3. CB says:

    If Gloria Allred gets hold of this he’s dead meat!

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