BURBANK (CBS) — A 10-year-old boy was arrested Sunday after reportedly pointing a toy gun at a woman who believed it was a real weapon.

The boy knocked on the front door of the woman’s house and allegedly pointed the plastic gun at a 67-year-old woman who answered the door, according to the Burbank Leader. The boy picked the house because the woman’s grandson reportedly beat up his friend at school, Burbank police Lt. John Dilibert told the paper.

The boy yelled “you suck” at the woman while pointing the gun at her, then running away, Dilibert said.

Police determined the gun was a toy after speaking with the child’s mother and searching their home.

The boy was arrested on suspicion of brandishing a weapon, but was released to his parents, Dilibert said.

The toy looks like an Airsoft gun, which come in silver and black, with an orange tip that some children take off or cover with black marker, he said. Dilibert did not see if the orange tip of the toy gun in question was removed or colored over.

“They’re replicas,” Dilibert said. “They look just like the real thing. It shoots soft pellets, like a BB gun.”

The toy was likely booked as evidence, he said. Photos of the toy would not be released.

The boy’s identity was not released because he is a minor. He was issued a citation and will have to appear in court within 30 days.

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  1. hhh says:

    another future “inmate” how cute..

    1. Santino Vannozzi says:

      Sounds to me like something all together a little bit more traditional. The police talked to the parents of the boy and then later released him to the parents. Unfortunately there are gaping holes in the story. How long was the child held, were there any charges filed, was the toy gun recovered? That list can go on, but if there was a little bit of traditional “scare the child strait” and then release him, the boy might just turn out okay.

      1. Bella says:

        He likely would have turned out okay anyway. He is a 10 year old boy.

      2. Santino Vannozzi says:

        Unfortunately, leopards don’t change their spots, the boy is growing them right now.

      3. freecheese says:

        dats how day train dem in da hood

      4. Mark says:

        Local LA news reports verify that he was indeed arrested.

      5. PonyRunner says:

        Pointing a toy gun is not that big a deal. That’s what little boys do with toy guns. What is troubling is the 10 year old talking to an adult that way. Saying you suck to an adult, really? My parents would have whiipped my butt and grounded me for a month if I had spoken to an adult in that manner. If the news report is accurate then the parent/guardian needs to give the child a refresher course on manners.

      6. Uncle Jeb says:

        STOP THE PRESSES! STOP THE PRESSES! 10 y.o. Boy arrested brandishing toy gun! This will go down as Burbank PD’s Finest Moments! They are all down at Jax’s Bar and Grill, throwin down Tall Boys and relishing in every permutation of how they stop CRIME! High Five me baby! That a way, nail the punk!
        This from a department that routinely understands Civil Rights!…NOT!

    2. potraitor says:

      At this point your all $$$$ to the police it doesn’t matter who you are.
      If it was a MISDEMEANOR offense and police make an arrest they can be charged with false arrest.

      1. Brian says:

        you can be arrested for a misdemeanor offense providing there is a reason a medermeanor has occured ie smoking one joint is a misdemeanor a roach clip is not a misdemeanor the arrest for one joint is called in posseion of a control substance that would the charge for an arrest less then one gram of coke will get you a fine 1 gram of coke will get you 5 years 1 10.00 rock of crack will get you almost life that comes from the Fed in which the state has overall different senctenecne lawa

    3. herman Mack says:

      A 10 year old kid gets arrested for brandishing a toy gun?? Probably one that “walked” during Operation Fast & Furious.
      Now, how about making some arrests in that case? Maybe start with Eric Holder?

      1. Earl Hood says:

        We are sliding down into the pit of abyss by the liberal/ progressives. Government intervention into family matters is only going to get worse. Parents are not allowed to be parents anymore, now we are called caregivers. Raising Children are being raised without proper discipline (that’s child abuse) and being socially engineered by our schools. I pity anyone that’s raising children in this PC world.

    4. Mark says:

      And in the same location we have monster teachers taking S&M photo’s of kid’s he has abused….

      LA is a poice state where the citizen ( 10 year old) is overcriminalzied while the state allows or perpetuates real crimes (A teacher) against the citizen.


    5. Uncle Jeb says:

      Call a house at random, and ask for Gary. When they tell you that
      there’s no Gary there, call again a little while later. Do this at
      intervals about four times. Finally, when they’re fuming and about
      to scream bloody murder, call a fifth time, and say, “Hi, this is
      Gary. Are there any messages for me?”

      1. Uncle Jeb says:


  2. NY9Solyndra says:

    Obama voter in training.

    1. NY9Solyndra says:

      He’s got a future ahead of him at an OWS demonstration.

    2. Gene Zippy says:

      Singular? You think he would vote only once?

    3. Sonia Lasnam says:

      Actually, he sounds more like a Republican touting his 2nd amendment rights

  3. John says:

    Seriously, how is this even news? Other than the old woman complaining to the cops, this is typical little kid stuff.

    1. NY9Solyndra says:

      How was the woman to know that the gun was a toy?

      1. BadPenny says:

        Where I live, that kind of stunt from the kid who get him a few legally justified bullet holes in him.

      2. James Graham says:

        The orange tip that is supposed to be on ALL toy guns… but that is not always common knowledge.

      3. CarryOpen says:

        I paint orange tips on ALL my REAL guns.

      4. mac says:

        hey azz4013 – was she wounded by any projectiles ???

    2. makemyday says:

      The BIG problem is today you can’t do anything that once normal behavior by kids – as we are being “policed” and PC’d to death!!! NO common sense is being exercised anymore!!! The “authorities” are out-of-control!!

      1. john says:

        you sir, make more sense than anything else i have read so far. tosha…. i remember when ALL the toy guns looked real. my father took me to the store and bought me an awesome 38 snub nosed revolver for my birthday that was complete with realistic sounds via BIG Awesome cap loads and i pointed it at everything and pulled the triger too…… i was around 10 myself….. my father was a police sargeant……. Can’t be a kid around here anymore. SAD !!!!!!

      2. rjm2238 says:

        I agree 100% with you. It is an utter shame what our society has become. I am embarrassed and angry at how we have allowed this to happen to ourselves. We need to do something, but I don’t quite know what, I just know that we no longer have the country we once had, it is gone. Our live styles are decaying rapidly and the days of our children having it better than we did are looking more like a long shot than a sure bet. I guess one could almost say the American dream is becoming a nightmare. What a shame for children and grandchildren.
        Rich in New Mexico.

      3. Kingfish says:

        Such a waste, he was just practicing for a job with homeland security

      4. Timmy Crowley says:

        It’s not normal behavior for a child to brandish a fake gun in that manner. This is the behavior of a sociopath. Interesting you find it “normal”.

    3. Mark Hillyard says:

      My friend in 1980’s was testing his black powder rifle without lead. As he was aiming up the driveway his elderly neighbor, walking in his driveway looked at my friend just as he pulled the trigger. Boom! Big cloud of smoke and the poor guy about died of fright.
      The kid should have been spanked on the butt when daddy got home. I’d also take him to an NRA class designed for kids to teach him about the proper use of guns.
      If he was doing Home Work for the Dumb I’d give him an A.

      1. obozosux says:

        Assuming he has a daddy. That’s a leap.

    4. Joe Bloe says:

      No, this isn’t typical kid stuff. At first before I read this I thought it was, but he went over to this house with a gun, which he doctored to look even more real apparently, then pointed it at an old lady instead of the kids that beat up his friend. It was premeditated and he had intent to intimidate or scare. That’s a little advanced for a 10 y.o. He just needs to be scared straight about the seriousness of pointing guns at people.

      1. Brian Bucklew says:

        People overreact to so many things, because they believe the stuff morons like you make up. The only thing you got from the story is that he pointed the toy gun at her, you fabricated the rest to suit yourself.

      2. John says:

        Joe, how do you know the kid wasn’t playing with his TOY before he decided, on an impulse (since 10 year olds have little impulse control), to confront this older woman. If you want to be fair, where is the follow-up mentioning her grandson being arrested for assault for beating up the first kid’s friend? If one is liable and able to understand his actions like an adult, the other needs be held to the same standards. I’m sure doing a couple of years in Juvenal Detention will straighten them both out.

  4. A.C.Guard says:

    The problem is the woman and cops acting like little children in their response.

    1. nurture the thug says:

      Yeah. Should have kept their mouths shut about that boy coming to her door with a gun. He might feel bad about what he did otherwise.

      1. rjm2238 says:

        I am extremely sick and tired of these whining fear filled cowards ruining our planet like this. It was a plastic toy in the hands of a ten year old. What is the matter with you people? I’ll bet you never heard the saying, boys will be boys. You all talk like he took a shot at someone with a real pistol. It is not the little kid who is sick. He may need a talking to, if you know what I mean, but the people who are acting as though a major crime has been committed here should themselves be committed, the PC cowards, they are destroying this society and quite on purpose I suspect. If only the tables could be turned and whoever called the police about this could be locked up for filing a false report would go to jail and the police and/or the DA should be charged for prosecutorial misconduct and harassment.
        Rich in New Mexico.

    2. Morris says:

      Imagine for a moment that it was your mom and that she subsequently suffered a heart attack and died. Guess you’d bury her in a children’s cemetery.

      1. Warner Raymond Hyde says:

        If it had been my mom she would have beat the snot out of that brat, and then taken him home to his mom….

  5. James Andrews says:

    Cops are IDIOTS

    1. MorganGray says:

      Oh, sure… it’s the fault of the police that they got a call about a kid pointing a gun at an elderly woman.
      Read the story Jimmy-boy. She believed it was a real weapon. Or do you have some insane notion that a real weapon in the hands of a 10 year old cannot kill? You wanna ask the guys who served in Vietnam about that?
      If I were to rob a bank using my daughter’s airsoft Walther P-99 look-alike, I would still be charged with armed robbery because the tellers believed it to be a real weapon.

      The way I read this is the police figured out pretty quick that it was a toy. Still, a law has been broken, it’s called “making terroristic threats”. They snagged the kid, took away his toy pistol and released him to his parents.

      And what if the old lady had seized up thinking she was about to be shot? Would the police be idiots then? Or would you be sitting there in your parents’ basement in your underwear, moaning about the ready availability of “deadly airsoft guns” and demanding more gun control? Would you be demanding government registration of all airsoft guns, and demanding that all 10 year olds who own such assault pistols be fingerprinted and have trackign chips implanted before they are allowed to own such weapons of mass destruction?

      No, Jimmy, there is only one idiot here and you see him in the mirror every morning.

      1. Lois says:

        couldn’t have said it any better myself. why take it out on the grandma, confront the tormentor

      2. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

        MorganGray, this is most intelligent comment I’m seen on the blogs for a month.

        I’m having a bad day, but after reading your comments…

        There just might be hope for this country yet!

        Now, if you could figure out some way to share your common sense with about 50 million of your fellow Americans, we just may be able to turn this wannabe CommieState around!

    2. Bob says:

      The only idiot I see here is you.

  6. Stella Baskomb says:

    NY9Solyndra asks the right question.

    In fact, how does anyone know that the boy actually pointed a “toy” gun at the woman – and not a real gun? How do YOU know?


    1. James Graham says:

      The orange tip that is supposed to be on ALL toy guns… but that is not always common knowledge. Plus, it is very simple to remove the piece. Bottom line, never point a gun at anything you do not intend to shoot, whether a toy or not. The parents have some work cut out for them if you ask me…

      1. we says:

        There are no orange tips on air soft guns

      2. JMurray says:

        Airsoft guns DO have orange tips and some are very realistic, especially to folks who aren’t familiar with guns. BB guns do not have orange tips.
        Parents surely should lay down some rules about how kids play with toy guns so they wont get into this kind of situation.

      3. Morris says:

        Back when I was a kid (1950’s), if a 10 year old showed up at your door and pointed a gun, most would assume it was a toy. Today, not so much so!

    2. Geezer says:

      Back in the bad days before men were emasculated by the PC pollice we knew the difference between toy and real guns. Every kid in the neighborhood pointed toy guns at everyone. And didn’t get arrested. Nor did the police shoot kiids with toy guns. What we didn’t do was fail to express our feelings when we were angry. We got into fights. We learned that if you hit someone, they would hit back. We did not touch the unlocked real weapons in the home because we knew we would get our butts whipped. We now live in a oountry where most people think a semi-automatic means a machine gun with a limitless supply of ammo because they only see guns on TV. I recall about 15 years ago where a couple of kids were arrested for assault with a deadly weapon for shooting a lady in the butt with a bb gun. A generation earlier the kids were having bb gun fights on a regular basis and no one got arrested. It stung really good when you got hit. Yes, we coud have lost an eye. But no lawsuits, arrests or any of this garbage. In other countries kids as old as the one in this story are carrying assault weapons. Teaching kids how to handle weapons responsibly is a parental responsibility, just as important as teaching a child to swim. To do less is endangering the child. How does that happen when so many adults are afraid of firearms?

    3. Kingfish says:

      Maybe it was his mothers toy with a red tip.

  7. Ben says:

    YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING! Since when is a 10yo arrested? They couldnt just ‘speak’ to him about it?

    1. thinkharder says:

      He pointed a gun at someone.

      1. Reneie says:

        Toy guns, by law cannot look like real guns. I guess we’re just getting the younger generation prepared to obey the police state.

      2. Rev. Richard says:

        It was a toy not a gun. Why not send him to jail for 20 years or so, will that satisfy you.

      3. Kenneth Perry says:

        He pointed a “toy” at someone…. If had pushed his tonka truck into someones shin and run away…. would that be hit and run?? Get real. He’s a kid.

      4. MorganGray says:

        For Reneie, Rev, and Kenneth;
        Once again, read the article. It is common for kids to either remove the orange tip, or to paint it black to obscure it.
        And, the lady in question believed it to be a real weapon.
        And AGAIN, if you walk into a bank with a realistic looking airsoft, point it at the teller and demand money, you are going to jail for armed robbery.
        Period. Full Stop.

        Yes, he’s a kid. But do you think for one moment that kids cannot kill? Does Vietnam ring any bells? How about Beirut? Afghanistan? Kids can kill, and often do.

        The way to prevent him from coming back with a real weapon is to demonstrate quite clearly that this kind of behavior is not acceptable in a civilized society. If being arrested, chastised and returned to his parents, minus his toy gun is what it takes, there was no harm done.

  8. John C says:

    In many states, “justifiable homicide” is defined as using deadly force if you believe it is necessary to protect yourself or someone else from grave bodily harm. The 10-year-old boy is lucky she didn’t have a gun or she may have shot him dead.

    1. CoolHead says:

      People like you are a danger to others around you. It was a TOY gun legally purchased in the United States. If it were a crime to point a toy gun at anyone, they would be illegal. If I point a toy gun at you and you shoot and kill me; you would go to jail for a very long time you psychopath.

      1. B says:

        Actually no, if you point a toy gun at me that looks real, you threaten me, and I respond with deadly force, I will not spend a second in jail. No charges will be filed against me. You do realize that gang bangers use BB guns and painted airsoft guns to commit crimes also right? If you’d like to test this assertion, please let me know…

      2. rjm2238 says:

        Hi coolhead, just a response to “B” who responded that he couldn’t wait to shoot our ten year friend and challenged anyone else to test his aim so to speak. Well “B” here I am, Rich in New Mexico.

      3. MorganGray says:

        CoolHead, your argument is invalid on the face of it.

        Try it with one key word removed: “If it were a crime to point a gun at anyone, they would be illegal.” It is illegal to point a real weapon at someone, yet it is legal – protected by the Constitution, no matter how much you lefties hate it – to own and carry weapons.

        And… It’s broken record time…

        If you walk into a bank, aim a toy gun at a teller, demand money – you go to jail for armed robbery.

        It has nothing to do with the nature of the toy gun, but the criminality of pointing it at an individual with the intent of making them believe it is a real weapon.

        Let’s stop trying to shift the argument onto the object instead of dealing with the person holding the object.

        There have been a number of cases where kids holding realistic looking toy guns have been shot by both police and citizens. If I were confronted by someone holding what appeared to be a real weapon, I would respond with force – potentially with deadly force.

  9. Randall Covey says:

    Oh yes, I live in fear of stupid children with toy guns… Scotty, please beam me up.

  10. Dan says:

    If it was truly a “TOY” it should have a bright red or orange muzzle. If it’s a BB gun, it’s still a weapon although not normally a deadly one.

  11. Al says:

    In response to several comments above, whether or not charges are actually filed are up to the appropriate prosecutors (City or District Attorney), not the police. Also, the tips of toy guns are supposed to have orange tips on the barrel; however, despite the fact that this has been the law for at least a decade, maybe more, a lot of people don’t know this and if the toy is really old (i.e., a hand-me-down kind of thing from the parents), it may not have had the painted tip. No matter what, a ten year old pointing a gun at an old lady is unsatisfactory, and the kid should get some sort of punishment – – and it should also serve as a wake up call to his parents that maybe the kid needs something, whether it be a spanking, more supervision, probation or therapy.

    1. Ian Cochran says:

      When I was 10 years old, we pointed our toy guns at everybody and they didn’t have orange tips and looked like real guns. We did not get detained, arrested, or charged. People didn’t even tell our mommies or daddies on us. They looked at us and either thought to themselves “what cute kids” or “little brats”. Progressives are doing everything they can to get rid of the Second Amendment to include publishing propaganda like this. PC police state out of control.

      1. jerrykregle says:

        But WE didn’t go knocking on peoples doors pointing a gun at them telling them
        they suck

  12. Rationalist says:

    He’s lucky he lived to run away. Some neighborhoods, he wouldn’t have made it off the front porch without a real blast from behind.
    Suggest a good caning of the parents…

    1. Yesenia says:

      LOL! Amen to that one! I know in my neighborhood… had that been my grandma… He would have been caught and beat… but then again… kids in my family know better than to go around bullying others… we have been taught and we have taught the next generation… you do things like that… their friends or family will retaliate!!!

    2. Kingfish says:

      Jerrykregle…Maybe he was gonna grow up to be a community organizer.

  13. fishfinder911 says:

    aw i wonder if we can pet the little thug before he get’s teeth and starts biting harder? baby thugs!

  14. The Bo bs ter says:

    Ten bucks says it was a ni q let.

  15. Craig says:

    In 1975 I was 19 years old and sitting in the back seat with my friends driving down I-75 from Cincinnati towards a mall in Kentucky. I had a toy handgun (friend’s little brother’s) that I would shoot at drivers going past us or around us. I would even jerk the gun as if to indicate a recoil from the gun. Most drivers just looked at me like I was stupid. Some old ladies kind of look surprised. When we got to the mall I did it a few more times. When we came out of the mall there was a note that we should go see mall security or police. We talked with them. They basically said, “you shouldn’t do that”. End of discussion and end of story. Have times changed? You bet they have. In 1975 America was still the land of the free. Today we seem to be among the top countries in the world with the fewest freedoms. America has almost gone insane.

    1. davec says:

      Youre EXACTLY right, now its a bunch of over caffeinated panty waisted Liberals crying with false complaints to the Police because society wont bow to their feet and kiss their ass.

      She should be arrested for filing a false complaint.

    2. MorganGray says:

      Yes, times have changed:

      In 1975 we didn’t have such a problem with street gangs, which are recruiting younger and younger members to do the crimes, knowing that our liberal courts have instituted a catch and release program.
      We did not have a culture which tells kids it is alright to solve their problems by murdering those with whom you disagree, or with whom you have a dispute.
      We did not have a culture where people in the inner city have to sleep on the floor, or in their bathtubs because the gang-bangers know they own the streets and the laws do not apply to them.
      We did not have a culture where if a citizen defended themselves from one of these goblinoid thugs, the citizen would be arrested, jailed, charged, convicted and imprisoned.

      In short, we had a culture which understood right from wrong, and which rewarded the right and punished the wrong.
      Now we have a culture which glorifies evil and denigrates good.

      This is the result.

      And no, davec, she should not be arrested for filing a false complaint, she believed it to be a real weapon. See my prior comments about banks and toy guns.

  16. Ian Cochran says:

    When I was 10 years old, we pointed our toy guns at everybody and they didn’t have orange tips and looked like real guns. We did not get detained, arrested, or charged. People didn’t even tell our mommies or daddies on us. They looked at us and either thought to themselves “what cute kids” or “little brats”. Progressives are doing everything they can to get rid of the Second Amendment to include publishing propaganda like this. PC police state out of control.

    1. Yesenia says:

      I’m not sure where I fall… I am fiscally conservative but socially liberal, yet, I believe in the death penalty and am pro choice, yet feel it a sin to abort… and I believe in allowing kids to be creative and not be abusive to them but firm and whup their butts when needed…. we did the same, I was a girl and played with the boys and pointed our guns at everyone… until my dad saw us and he whupped my butt and my cousins… we never did it again, only to each other and in play time only….

      1. Jerry says:

        Reminds me of when I was a child and shot my sister in the a$$ with my BB gun. The old man heard about that and busted my gun in half and then busted my a$$. He taught me to never point a gun at people or anything I did not want to shoot. I disobeyed him that one and only time. Today if I point my gun at a person, you can rest assured that I intend to use it if I have to.

      2. Kingfish says:

        That’s called going both ways, like a frugal tranny!

      3. Paladin says:

        I can tell you where you fall: the realm of confusion. Yes, it’s a sin to abort just as it’s a sin to commit rape or theft. And like rape and theft, abortion should be illegal. Or have you no problem with murder if you don’t actually see the person being killed?

        Oh, I should mention that I don’t feel it’s a sin to abort — I know it is. There’s a difference.

  17. Yesenia says:

    Old lady had two choices:

    1. Talk to her neighbor to inform them of what their son did

    2. Talk to her own grandson about not being an abusive bully and whup his tail! YES IT IS HIS FAULT!!! You don’t go hitting a wasp nest without expecting the wasps to attack.

    3. Give that little bully a whupping of a lifetime to remember it’s NOT ok to go around beating up on kids in your class. neighborhood, school, etc. YES IT DOES WORK!!! All you “time outters” are failures! I see your kids at the mall talking back and sucking their teeth at you and being disrespectful when you should be taking them to a dresser or the bathroom and give little Susie or Billy a good ol’ fashioned beat down!

    And the parents had a choice also,

    They should give him a whipping that he’d remember for the rest of his natural born life and remind him… DO NOT POINT ANY WEAPON, REAL OR TOY AT ANYONE UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO HAVE SOMEONE KILLED AND BE JAILED FOR IT OR KILLED YOURSELF!!!

    Valuable lessons from my own youth. Thank you dad for always beating us down when we needed it… and when we didn’t because it reminded us there are times that we aren’t caught, but we still have to be held accountable… let’s all say it together.. ACCOUNTABLE!!!!

    1. Glenn Sipple says:

      Honestly, you LOOK at your child wrong these days, and child-welfare will “place” them…. R.I.P. my mother….she would’ve drug that boy down the street by his hair AS SHE WAS WHOOPIN HIM!!! Incarceration will only “train” him to be MORE OF A GANGSTER!!!

    2. Veronica Anaya says:

      The boy didnt beat up his friend, The ladies grandson has been bullied for a while now by this kid and his friend. Last week the kids friend punched the old ladies grandson in the face so then thats why this kid defended himself and pushed him back. The kid who started the fight got in trouble…. that why they decided to go and threaten the old ladies grandson. So the kid with the gun isnt as innocent as this report makes it seem. This is a very serious bullying issue that the school hasnt been able to control! What if it had been a real gun? This kid is a bit mental and the school needs to do something about it.

    3. amanda says:

      the kid with the gun was the bully i know cause thats my cousin the one with the gun beat up my lil cousin for no reason n has been bothering him

      1. Paladin says:


        Thank you for the inside information. However, you need to focus a bit on English composition when you seek to relate facts to others. You see, I had to read your post a few times in an effort to decipher what you were trying to say. It contains absolutely no punctuation and no capital letters to begin sentences. Frankly, it’s a nightmare.

        If you want people to take you seriously, you need to present yourself in a more literate fashion. So, come on, you can do better.

  18. TexasForever says:

    Lets see California as THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of ILLEGAL ALIENS + THOUSANDS of GANG MEMBERS most of them ILLEGAL ALIENS and the nitwitted cops have nothing better to do than terrorist a ten years kid.
    Its no wonder California is going down the toliet!

    1. Kenneth Perry says:

      Nope!!! No issues of illegal aliens and gang bangers in Texas…. Nope, just million dollar mansions and line dancing.Nope, you’ll never see a COPS episode ever filmed in Texas. Although I agree with your point about nitwitted cops.

  19. Joe Dutra says:

    The article was in error when it said, “…released to his parents…” It is a single mother household. Daddy is long gone.

  20. David Kramer says:

    Don’t pay attention to the real criminals, better to teach the sheeple they are to be controlled in every way.

  21. Joel Lanuza says:

    All I have to type is LOL

  22. jthc says:

    Not sure why anyone is upset in this thread. A little boy did what little boys do. The woman who answered the door mistakenly thought it was a real gun. The police came and cleared it all up.

    Sounds like people used common sense, talked it out, resolved the situation.

    Now, why is everyone here upset?

    1. Gavin Snyder says:

      I wouldn’t say common sense was used, as the boy was arrested for brandishing a weapon AFTER police determined it was a toy?

  23. 5thcommjarhead says:

    My dad taught me how to shoot when I was four years old. Along with that came very stern lectures on gun safety. Of course we played cops and robbers and cowboys and indians, and army, but that was play. But if I had gone up to an old lady’s door and done something like this, I would have had my bottom warmed up and I would have been mowing her lawn, raking her leaves, writing her a letter of apology etc. etc.

    The reason the cops get involved in child discipline today is because parents are not allowed to. In today’s society my dad would have been arrested for child abuse but there’s a huge difference between the discipline I received and true child abuse. I was never harmed, other than my feelings and I learned to respect others.

    1. Paladin says:

      Bingo! Kudos to you, marine (I assume you are one). Yours is one of the most intelligent comments on the board.

    2. MorganGray says:

      Semper Fi!

  24. John McGraw says:

    Schools and police have gone just plain nuts.

  25. StopObamaExpress says:

    lets guess the boys race

  26. RRRR says:

    this calls for the death penalty OMG a toy gun … he should never seen the light of day again …

  27. Montford John Greenwood says:

    Idiots ,making criminals out of kids being kids.
    Being a boy acting all male is now illegal in the “land of the free” I guess.
    Because I guess talking is a bit too much.

  28. Ben Dover says:

    This is what tea party activists are for. No gun control. Every 10 year old should own a gun. I bet this rapscallion REMOVED THE ORANGE DOT!!!!!11!1!

    1. Gavin Snyder says:

      Ben, are you this uninformed and stupid in real life, or is your village idiot routine only for online consumption?

  29. Veronica Anaya says:

    Actually this kid isnt as innocent as this report makes it seem. He has been bullying the grandson of this lady for a while now. So this is a BULLYING issue that the school has not been able to control. And I saw the picture of the gun…. it had no orange dot anywhere in sight. It looks completely real!! So toy gun or not, you never go to someones house and threaten them! This isnt just an issue of a child getting arrested for playing, this is an issue of a child bullying another child! What guarantees you that next timehe won’t carry a real one?

  30. justaopinion says:

    I understand this was a ten year old but wasnt it just a 8 or 9 years ago two kids Mitchell Johnson, 13, and Andrew Golden, 11 shot and killed 5 people and injured more at their school in Jonesboro. Who would think an 11 year old would do something like this, but he did. Anytime a person (kid or not) goes to someones house, actually knocks on the door and points a gun directly at them, (toy or not) I’d say you have a problem. Not something I would take lightly. One never knows what is really going through that kids mind. Hopefully what the police did scared this kid enough to make him never do something like that again. The second part of this…the kid did this because her grandson beat up his friend. I also think the grandson should have been taken to police station for being a bully and maybe put a little scare in him too. There is a big problem with bullying in schools these days and that also need to have some serious consequences as well.

  31. Gavin Snyder says:

    Let me get this straight… the police arrive, determine the “gun” is a plastic toy, then arrest the boy for brandishing a “WEAPON?????” Is the Burbank police department filled with idiots?

    1. Uncle Jeb says:

      HEY THERE NOW! Come on…Police are ONLY human they make mistakes! Have you ever Lived in Burbank and or Glendale? I’m surprised they didn’t shoot the kid! If it takes FIVE (5) squad cars (full of cops) to chase a shoplifter 20 miles! What is IT that you don’t understand? I know, You must be from NYC or Philly! This is LIFE in Burbank! Go to their web page and look at their bookings/arrest logs. They have…What? 2, 5 a day? Meter violations, jaywalking, red lights. Hey BUDDY! THIS IS BURBANK! WATCH OUT

    2. Edumacated says:

      Gavin, learn the law. You sir are an idiot. Misdemeanor not committed in a peace officer’s presence requires a private persons arrest.

      This lady obviously was more than willing to sign said private persons arrest form to initiate a criminal complaint. The police officer has to BY LAW accept the ‘arrest’.

      The kid was released at the scene after being issued a summons to appear in court.

  32. Gavin Snyder says:

    “The boy’s identity was not released because he is a minor.”

    And the identity of the police officer was not released because he is an imbecile.

    1. Phil Greenstein says:

      Ignorant moron. Learn the law.

  33. Richard Toczynski says:

    Welcome to the Fourth Riech. California is ground zero for stupidity. Martial law creeps in whilst we sleep. Folks are to ignorant to realize this. Too busy shoving our collective heads in ythe sand. Quit worrying about BS that doesn’t matter to you one whit. Time to stand up and put the ‘c’ back in AmeriKa.

  34. Thy Obamessiah says:

    Thy Obamessiah is a great healer.

    He hath a tried and true, proven prescription to cure the youth and place him upon a path to eventual greatness::

    “Pot has helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you can afford it.”

  35. Mom Who Knows says:

    This is a special ed kid – he already has anger/impulse issues that are clearly not rational. I love how that was left out of the reporting of this story.

    1. Paladin says:

      Translation: He’s a victim of bad parenting.

      Let me guess: His parents are liberals.

      1. MorganGray says:

        Or, he’s just a victim of male behavior. Act like a “boy” in school, and they tag you as ADD, dope you up on Ritalin, shove you into a special ed class, give your parents a “crazy-check”, and thereby excuse every bad thing you ever do in your life.
        Even for special ed kids, with “anger/impulse issues” actions have consequences. I’d rather he learns them this way than have him bust a real cap on some innocent on the street.
        Here the kid and his family suffer a little humiliation (if they don’t consider being arrested a badge of honor).
        Later, someone might be killed, and this kid sent up for murder.
        Path of least resistance. Early intervention. Nip it in the bud. All that kind of thing.

    2. Paladin says:

      I agree with you, Morgan. This society has become very anti-male and there’s a full court press on to feminize boys. Having said that, the descriptions I’ve read here indicate that this is a kid who hasn’t been sufficiently civilized (all human beings have to be civilized). I used to work with kids, and I had to sometimes deal with these so-called ADD boys. And I always knew that it was all nonsense, simply a matter of diagnosing bad behavior as a mental disorder. These boys — and they were always boys — were fine when they were with me. Why? Because I provided DISCIPLINE — I punished them when they misbehaved.

      Also, getting back to my original statement, I long ago observed something about these boys: They ALL came from liberal homes. So-called ADD is just the result of the dysfunctional, overly-permissive way in which liberals raise their children. Eliminate liberalism and you cure “ADD.”

  36. Concerned Mom of 5 says:

    You orange-tipped zealots are clueless. Point an orange-tipped weapon at the police, and you will be shot. Good grief. Even the punk gansta’s know if you paint the tip of a real weapon orange, it draws return fire. Anyone who doesn’t fear a weapon based on its color is foolish – or dead.

  37. george says:

    The best way to cure this little juvenile delinquent of his boyish tendencies would be to start immediate trans-gender procedures and get him/her inducted pronto into the Girl Scouts.

  38. Amy says:

    Attention Burbank residents: I know that most of you white folks are ultra-conservative morons but if another 10 year old knocks on your door, points a gun at you and says you suck…do what any other race would have done (black, hispanic, asian etc) knock on the door of that kids parents home FIRST and if the parents seem like they don’t give a sh**…THEN call the cops. *Just for the record I’m 100% white

    1. Paladin says:


      You sound like a moron yourself. I suppose politically correct dweebs like exalting minorities, but those I’ve known would be more likely to vandalize your car in retaliation.

      Let me guess: You live in a white neighborhood yourself and have gleaned your knowledge of minorities from sociology class.

  39. Clae says:

    Good thing they got this guy! I don’t know if I could sleep tonight knowing that such a violent criminal is out on the streets!

  40. Cogito says:

    He probably did not have a license to carry a concealed…plastic…toy…nerf…gun. God help us all.

    California has the most real criminals of any state in the union…so they waste their inept taxpayer funded resources cuffing a 10 year old.

  41. Butris says:

    I would love it if a kid came to my door and pointed a replica gun at me, it would provide a rock-solid basis for me to blast a hole in him and not get in trouble.

    1. Jackhammer says:

      10 year old? Why not just spank and send him on his way? His Father might agree! Besides, that might save you having to face his father. Who would likely be a bit upset. And blow a hole in your head.

    2. Paladin says:

      If you’re the kind of person who would want to shoot a little boy, you’re worse than he could ever be. As the commenter below wrote, a spanking would be appropriate.

      In fact, it sounds as if you need a whippin’ yourself.

      1. Butris says:

        You numskulls obviously are missing the point. If it was a realistic looking gun and he pointed it right at you, then you would be well within your legal rights in shooting him. It would be self-defense, and you could not be prosecuted. It would be like getting a free crack at blowing someone away. Now, obviously this is NOT the case if it was a fake-looking squirtgun or if he left your porch and you pursued him or something. But that is not what happened. I think you need to read the article more closely.

    3. Paladin says:

      No, I’m not missing the point, which, increasingly, seems to be on the top of your head. Of course, it would be self-defense and entirely justifiable. However, when you say, “It would be like getting a free crack at blowing someone away,” it sounds like to relish such an opportunity. You shouldn’t WANT to kill someone; it should always be a regrettable necessity.

      Man, you’re sounding just a bit like a sociopath.

      1. Butris says:

        Yes, that’s probably what you should say to the cops if you ever so fortunate as to have the rare opportunity this lady had.

        Seriously though, this kid was not Opie Griffith running around with a cap gun and a cowboy hat. He was not a good kid who was horsing around, but dangerous ghetto trash in the larval stage. We all remember what it was like to be 10 years old. How many of us would have ever done what this kid did? Seriously, would you ever do that to an adult? Who are this kid’s role models for him to act like that? In a few years he will be assaulting, stealing, possibly murdering and raping. I say it would be doing society a favor to take him out now, and this would have been the perfect opportunity. Next time he will have a real gun. Of course, the old lady was almost certainly unarmed. Let’s see this kid try this in a small town in Texas, see what happens. So while my head may indeed be pointy, I would honestly bust a gut laughing if the story was about a punk ghetto kid getting blown away while going around emulating Tupac and bothering nice people.

  42. Speedy says:

    I fail to see the crime in a child pointing a toy gun. Typical idiot cops. More reasons to cut their budget drastically.

  43. Jackhammer says:

    Ever hear of spanking? Oh yeah, we’re talking CALIFORNIA. Still, to arrest the child? Morons all.

  44. Mike says:

    He is just a kid, back in the 50s, you point a BB, little kids soft dart gun at an adult, or another kid is sight of an adult, the ass beatings would begin. A little disipline, cultural norms.

  45. In yesterday’s more conservative world the boy would of gotten spanked and had to go apologize. In today’s more liberal world (especially in CA) the police arrest 10 year olds and even parents if they dared “abuse” the boy with a good spanking. Is this what progressives call progress?

  46. Hollow Ichigo says:

    It seems excessive to take the to kid to court. The police know it’s a toy gun. I think a talk with his guidance counselor and his parents should be enough. Being in front off all those people and having them all stare at him. I wonder what punishment the kid who beat up this kids friend received.

  47. Herman Vogel says:

    I was raised in a home that had guns, some for protection against wild animals and some for hunting,,,we were taught to NEVER point a gun,,,Real or Toy,,at ANYONE. But can you blame the kid,,,most shows on TV worth watching has some idoit pointing one at someone else. The Parents should have taught him better but if this kids see this day in and day out on the Boob Tube what do you expect him to do,,,right or wrong the kid is copying the Hollywierd Role Models, the same “Role Models” that tell the rest of the world that Americans are Gun Crazy,,,now, figure that one out.

  48. Springer Rider says:

    Outside of California, boys still play with guns and girls play with dollies.

  49. Clare says:

    This story keeps describing the gun as a “toy.” But what would have happened if he had actually shot it at this lady? The article says it shoots “soft pellets.” Presumably this brat was standing directly in front of this woman, so what would have happened if he had shot her at point-blank range, hitting her in the face? Would she have been totally unhurt? I’m not familiar with this type of gun, which is why I’m asking.

    My point is, this doesn’t sound like it was a true “toy,” which to my mind is a replica that DOESN’T ACTUALLY SHOOT ANYTHING. This kid deserves a LOT more than just a spanking (which he probably didn’t get anyway), as in reality it was much more serious than the writer suggests. But CBS seems determined to spin the story their way, starting right with the headline, Thanks for reminding me why I stopped watching CBS long ago…

    1. MorganGray says:

      Clare, soft air guns use compressed air, either via a gas cartridge or a spring driven piston to launch small (about 5mm or so) plastic pellets. Most do not generate enough velocity / energy to do more than sting a bit. Some of the gas powered guns have a bit more oomph.
      They call them airsoft, or soft-air because they do not fire steel BBs, lead pellets, or other “hard” projectile, and because the velocity generated b their mechanism is fairly low.
      A hit to the face might sting. (at risk of sounding like an old movie) A hit to the eye… that’s another matter. There could be some damage.
      The danger, in my consideration is in the emotional response in an elderly lady at being presented with the business end of what she perceived to be a real pistol.
      This, and all of my other comments coming from one who was at one time an NRA certified rifle and pistol instructor, and who is still an avid marksman, hunter and competition shooter.

  50. Hojo says:

    Wow, liberals really are easily frightened. Next thing you know they will be saying the sky is falling…oh wait “global warming”.

  51. Vee Kay says:

    You must remember with the uneducated, he would be in just as much trouble if he had shown a picture of a gun….

  52. Steve Ressel says:

    A few years ago, my kids were all arrested for playing cowboys & Indians. Counts included: intent to kill, faking death, hate crimes, racist cultural display in public, brandishing dangerous looking weapons.

    Good thing, too, those kids were making so much noise that I couldn’t have a conversation with the crack dealer hanging out on the corner near out house.

  53. popo says:

    Police try to make as much $$$ they can. When they see a possible arrest its$$$ in the bank. Citations etc. However when they do stupid shyt like this they set themselves up for a lawsuit. then they have to make more

  54. G-man says:

    The article doesn’t reveal enough for me to take a position, but I do know one thing: it’s ok now for cops to arrest a 10-year-old for scaring someone with a toy gun, but if Dad spanked him for the prank, Dad wouild be arrested.

  55. Wild Bill says:

    You talk to the boy and with parents…and reprimand if needed….you don’t arrest a 10 year old with a toy!

    1. Wild Bill says:

      Happened in left coast, California…..that says a lot.

  56. Max723 says:

    This insanity must stop!!! ALL TOY GUNS MUST BE BANNED!!! Then there would be no confusion whether the gun was real or not.

  57. MorganGray says:

    So, according to all you “It’s just a toy” nits, this guy shouldn’t have been arrested either?
    He attacked people with toy light sabers. Everyone (well… barring Star Wars fan-boys) knows there is no such thing as a light sabre, so why was he arrested?

    Simple… assault is assault, be it a toy or a real weapon.

  58. sean patriot says:

    “Police determined the gun was a toy after speaking with the child’s mother and searching their home”


  59. GE Thomas says:

    Burbank. Enough Said.

  60. mike says:

    What would have happen if the lady would have had a weapon handy and shot and killed the kid in self-defense? Not much other than a dead dumb ass 10 year old. Maybe dumb ass is a little hard core but I knew better when I was 10 years old to pull a stunt like that.

    1. phillysmart says:

      Then as a responsible adult she would have been arrested for murder your statement is ridiculous…there is a difference in cognitive ability between adults and kids…from your post you seem to have missed that step

  61. phillysmart says:

    Only in California…what have we become …normal behavior which was greeted with a chuckle years ago has become a crime …boys need to learn to knit now I guess…i feel sorry for the future generations they are striping all the males of their natural tendencies and a childhood

  62. Adam Smith says:

    Doubtless a future Obama voter and participant in the Occupy movement, as well as government charge in prison.

  63. Marshall Law says:

    Pretty much, “you point a gun at me, you WILL DIE!” This is not a one-sided game, kids with guns is NOT funny. Parents had better teach their IDIOT kids the rules of engagement or they will be picking up “JUNIOR” in a body-bag, and it will be a JUSTIFIED KILL!

  64. Kyle says:

    Unfortunately this boy doesn’t realize he just gave up his gun rights until he’s 30.

  65. Nicco says:

    They’re coming for the 2nd ammendment….

  66. Gibbs Bentley says:

    And how many hours of TV violence do you think this future soldier has watched? The operating theory, I don’t like something so I’m going to use the threat of deadly violence to get my way. Just as the government does and teaches in their schools.


  67. Alex says:

    Most of the people commenting here didn’t even read the story. The kid didn’t have a gun, it was a toy. If you crazy paranoid fools weren’t so concerned about crime (LA right now has the lowest crime rate it’s had since 1954) this kid wouldn’t have had to spend time being arrested.

    But really, it’s the kid’s fault that everyone overreacted to what kids always have and always will do.

  68. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Since when do 67 year olds not like getting “Bang, Banged”?

  69. Shredder says:

    …meanwhile the woman’s grandson was questioned and released following the brutal beating of the 10 yr. old’s younger brother. Community activists deny the possibility that the beating could be considered a hate crime on the grounds that…well…you know!

  70. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Or……She missed her opportunity, she could have simply said, “I double dare you, Bang Me”.

  71. glenp says:

    arrest all kids brandishing FINGER GUNS !!! —-POW YOU’RE DEAD

  72. Rowdy Boots says:

    Meanwhile…in Philadelphia,

    Innocent people are being dragged out of their cars by teen thugs and beaten to death…

    Great job libs, you have institutionalized the coddling of criminals while worrying about children with toy guns…great job!

  73. Cheymike says:

    The main problem here is how un-PC it is to whip a kids butt. If he would have spoken to an adult like that 40 years ago, he would have been knocked on his tail and sent home crying with the challenge to “Tell your father what you said to me”. Then his father would have whipped his butt again. THAT would have taught the little brat some sense.

  74. juztees says:

    Yes, that little boy needs serious time out from his parents. His parents should apologise to that lady. How sad that he felt that threatning with a fake gun would resolve it all. Thats the problem with the system. Where kids get away with murder because the system does not allow spanking to our children. Yes that little boy should be in scare tactic bootcamp at least for the weekend…

  75. Steve says:

    America is such a piece of doo doo, this reminds me of the time when my youngest was five and it was picture day……who knows why my son didn’t want his picture taken, but when the teacher lifted him up to make him get in front of the camera he threw a fit…..arms and legs going everywhere, the teacher was hit with either his arm or leg, who knows, but they arrested him. Five years old and being arrested, America is such a joke.

  76. John Galt says:

    First, it’s in California, what a shock. Second, incarceration is big business in the U.S., I believe we have more people in jail per capita than Communist China. Now that’s saying something! Third, I would suggest people familiarize themselves with the National Defense Authorization Act recently signed by Obama, which, according to Michael Webster, Investigative Reporter for the American Chronicle, “in effect robs all Americans of our due process of law (and) which nullifies many principles and rights afforded all Americans in our Constitution and Bill of Rights guaranteed by our founding Fathers.” Police state indeed. Why is this not widely known and why are not people screaming about it?

  77. patmurphy1965 says:

    Only a liberal would call the police on a 10 year old boy… Liberals are ruining America!

  78. Paul N. Leckner says:

    Now if this were to happen down in Texas, the old gal would have answered the door with her own shooting iron. Different outcome entirely. Uh, hmm!

    1. Hayden Sherman says:

      No it would have ended with the old lady dragging the 10 year old by his ears to his parents. Then his parents would rip him a new one. Either that or just say “good job”

  79. Narob says:

    Paranoia on the loose! Sad, sad , over-reaction to child’s play by everyone concerned.

  80. Lethal says:

    Stupid Americans!

  81. Bangkok Resa says:

    hm… apologies for being a lttle bit boring however i believe your site could look a little better plus a little more easy on the eyes if it had a little more of a orange feel to it, but that’s just me. great post anyhow! 😉 Best regards!

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