BURBANK (CBS) — A 10-year-old boy was arrested Sunday after reportedly pointing a toy gun at a woman who believed it was a real weapon.

The boy knocked on the front door of the woman’s house and allegedly pointed the plastic gun at a 67-year-old woman who answered the door, according to the Burbank Leader. The boy picked the house because the woman’s grandson reportedly beat up his friend at school, Burbank police Lt. John Dilibert told the paper.

The boy yelled “you suck” at the woman while pointing the gun at her, then running away, Dilibert said.

Police determined the gun was a toy after speaking with the child’s mother and searching their home.

The boy was arrested on suspicion of brandishing a weapon, but was released to his parents, Dilibert said.

The toy looks like an Airsoft gun, which come in silver and black, with an orange tip that some children take off or cover with black marker, he said. Dilibert did not see if the orange tip of the toy gun in question was removed or colored over.

“They’re replicas,” Dilibert said. “They look just like the real thing. It shoots soft pellets, like a BB gun.”

The toy was likely booked as evidence, he said. Photos of the toy would not be released.

The boy’s identity was not released because he is a minor. He was issued a citation and will have to appear in court within 30 days.

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  1. Springer Rider says:

    Outside of California, boys still play with guns and girls play with dollies.

  2. Clare says:

    This story keeps describing the gun as a “toy.” But what would have happened if he had actually shot it at this lady? The article says it shoots “soft pellets.” Presumably this brat was standing directly in front of this woman, so what would have happened if he had shot her at point-blank range, hitting her in the face? Would she have been totally unhurt? I’m not familiar with this type of gun, which is why I’m asking.

    My point is, this doesn’t sound like it was a true “toy,” which to my mind is a replica that DOESN’T ACTUALLY SHOOT ANYTHING. This kid deserves a LOT more than just a spanking (which he probably didn’t get anyway), as in reality it was much more serious than the writer suggests. But CBS seems determined to spin the story their way, starting right with the headline, Thanks for reminding me why I stopped watching CBS long ago…

    1. MorganGray says:

      Clare, soft air guns use compressed air, either via a gas cartridge or a spring driven piston to launch small (about 5mm or so) plastic pellets. Most do not generate enough velocity / energy to do more than sting a bit. Some of the gas powered guns have a bit more oomph.
      They call them airsoft, or soft-air because they do not fire steel BBs, lead pellets, or other “hard” projectile, and because the velocity generated b their mechanism is fairly low.
      A hit to the face might sting. (at risk of sounding like an old movie) A hit to the eye… that’s another matter. There could be some damage.
      The danger, in my consideration is in the emotional response in an elderly lady at being presented with the business end of what she perceived to be a real pistol.
      This, and all of my other comments coming from one who was at one time an NRA certified rifle and pistol instructor, and who is still an avid marksman, hunter and competition shooter.

  3. Hojo says:

    Wow, liberals really are easily frightened. Next thing you know they will be saying the sky is falling…oh wait “global warming”.

  4. Vee Kay says:

    You must remember with the uneducated, he would be in just as much trouble if he had shown a picture of a gun….

  5. Steve Ressel says:

    A few years ago, my kids were all arrested for playing cowboys & Indians. Counts included: intent to kill, faking death, hate crimes, racist cultural display in public, brandishing dangerous looking weapons.

    Good thing, too, those kids were making so much noise that I couldn’t have a conversation with the crack dealer hanging out on the corner near out house.

  6. popo says:

    Police try to make as much $$$ they can. When they see a possible arrest its$$$ in the bank. Citations etc. However when they do stupid shyt like this they set themselves up for a lawsuit. then they have to make more

  7. G-man says:

    The article doesn’t reveal enough for me to take a position, but I do know one thing: it’s ok now for cops to arrest a 10-year-old for scaring someone with a toy gun, but if Dad spanked him for the prank, Dad wouild be arrested.

  8. Wild Bill says:

    You talk to the boy and with parents…and reprimand if needed….you don’t arrest a 10 year old with a toy!

    1. Wild Bill says:

      Happened in left coast, California…..that says a lot.

  9. Max723 says:

    This insanity must stop!!! ALL TOY GUNS MUST BE BANNED!!! Then there would be no confusion whether the gun was real or not.

  10. MorganGray says:

    So, according to all you “It’s just a toy” nits, this guy shouldn’t have been arrested either?
    He attacked people with toy light sabers. Everyone (well… barring Star Wars fan-boys) knows there is no such thing as a light sabre, so why was he arrested?

    Simple… assault is assault, be it a toy or a real weapon.

  11. sean patriot says:

    “Police determined the gun was a toy after speaking with the child’s mother and searching their home”


  12. GE Thomas says:

    Burbank. Enough Said.

  13. mike says:

    What would have happen if the lady would have had a weapon handy and shot and killed the kid in self-defense? Not much other than a dead dumb ass 10 year old. Maybe dumb ass is a little hard core but I knew better when I was 10 years old to pull a stunt like that.

    1. phillysmart says:

      Then as a responsible adult she would have been arrested for murder your statement is ridiculous…there is a difference in cognitive ability between adults and kids…from your post you seem to have missed that step

  14. phillysmart says:

    Only in California…what have we become …normal behavior which was greeted with a chuckle years ago has become a crime …boys need to learn to knit now I guess…i feel sorry for the future generations they are striping all the males of their natural tendencies and a childhood

  15. Adam Smith says:

    Doubtless a future Obama voter and participant in the Occupy movement, as well as government charge in prison.

  16. Marshall Law says:

    Pretty much, “you point a gun at me, you WILL DIE!” This is not a one-sided game, kids with guns is NOT funny. Parents had better teach their IDIOT kids the rules of engagement or they will be picking up “JUNIOR” in a body-bag, and it will be a JUSTIFIED KILL!

  17. Kyle says:

    Unfortunately this boy doesn’t realize he just gave up his gun rights until he’s 30.

  18. Nicco says:

    They’re coming for the 2nd ammendment….

  19. Gibbs Bentley says:

    And how many hours of TV violence do you think this future soldier has watched? The operating theory, I don’t like something so I’m going to use the threat of deadly violence to get my way. Just as the government does and teaches in their schools.


  20. Alex says:

    Most of the people commenting here didn’t even read the story. The kid didn’t have a gun, it was a toy. If you crazy paranoid fools weren’t so concerned about crime (LA right now has the lowest crime rate it’s had since 1954) this kid wouldn’t have had to spend time being arrested.

    But really, it’s the kid’s fault that everyone overreacted to what kids always have and always will do.

  21. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Since when do 67 year olds not like getting “Bang, Banged”?

  22. Shredder says:

    …meanwhile the woman’s grandson was questioned and released following the brutal beating of the 10 yr. old’s younger brother. Community activists deny the possibility that the beating could be considered a hate crime on the grounds that…well…you know!

  23. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Or……She missed her opportunity, she could have simply said, “I double dare you, Bang Me”.

  24. glenp says:

    arrest all kids brandishing FINGER GUNS !!! —-POW YOU’RE DEAD

  25. Rowdy Boots says:

    Meanwhile…in Philadelphia,

    Innocent people are being dragged out of their cars by teen thugs and beaten to death…

    Great job libs, you have institutionalized the coddling of criminals while worrying about children with toy guns…great job!

  26. Cheymike says:

    The main problem here is how un-PC it is to whip a kids butt. If he would have spoken to an adult like that 40 years ago, he would have been knocked on his tail and sent home crying with the challenge to “Tell your father what you said to me”. Then his father would have whipped his butt again. THAT would have taught the little brat some sense.

  27. juztees says:

    Yes, that little boy needs serious time out from his parents. His parents should apologise to that lady. How sad that he felt that threatning with a fake gun would resolve it all. Thats the problem with the system. Where kids get away with murder because the system does not allow spanking to our children. Yes that little boy should be in scare tactic bootcamp at least for the weekend…

  28. Steve says:

    America is such a piece of doo doo, this reminds me of the time when my youngest was five and it was picture day……who knows why my son didn’t want his picture taken, but when the teacher lifted him up to make him get in front of the camera he threw a fit…..arms and legs going everywhere, the teacher was hit with either his arm or leg, who knows, but they arrested him. Five years old and being arrested, America is such a joke.

  29. John Galt says:

    First, it’s in California, what a shock. Second, incarceration is big business in the U.S., I believe we have more people in jail per capita than Communist China. Now that’s saying something! Third, I would suggest people familiarize themselves with the National Defense Authorization Act recently signed by Obama, which, according to Michael Webster, Investigative Reporter for the American Chronicle, “in effect robs all Americans of our due process of law (and) which nullifies many principles and rights afforded all Americans in our Constitution and Bill of Rights guaranteed by our founding Fathers.” Police state indeed. Why is this not widely known and why are not people screaming about it?

  30. patmurphy1965 says:

    Only a liberal would call the police on a 10 year old boy… Liberals are ruining America!

  31. Paul N. Leckner says:

    Now if this were to happen down in Texas, the old gal would have answered the door with her own shooting iron. Different outcome entirely. Uh, hmm!

    1. Hayden Sherman says:

      No it would have ended with the old lady dragging the 10 year old by his ears to his parents. Then his parents would rip him a new one. Either that or just say “good job”

  32. Narob says:

    Paranoia on the loose! Sad, sad , over-reaction to child’s play by everyone concerned.

  33. Lethal says:

    Stupid Americans!

  34. Bangkok Resa says:

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