LINCOLN HEIGHTS (CBS) — Police are planning to investigate whether there’s a possible connection between two murder cases.

Investigators have found that two women, both dumped alongside Southland freeways, lived in Lincoln Heights. They said that’s one of several similarities they’ve discovered.

(credit: CBS)

Michelle Lozano, 17, was found murdered last April. A homeless woman discovered the teen’s body in the bushes alongside an offramp of the southbound Sacramento (5) Freeway.

On Friday, police found the body of a missing 22-year-old mother. A Cal Trans crew happened upon Bree’ Anna Guzman’s body in bushes next to an onramp to the Glendale (2) Freeway.

“I think about her everyday and I wonder who did this because nobody deserves this — nobody,” said Lozano’s sister Maria.

“The not knowing is the worst part,” Lozano’s mother Eva Ramos said. “When I saw what happened to the young lady I remembered what happened to my daughter. I know what her mother is going through.”

When Lozano’s family heard about Guzman’s death they were struck by the similarities between the two girls and how they were found.

Both women were young Latina women from Lincoln Heights. They shared similar builds and looks. The two women disappeared during a walk to a nearby store. And both bodies were found left by freeways.

Lozano’s sister said she had friends who knew Guzman.

The LAPD told CBS2 reporter Juan Fernandez that it’s too soon to make a connection but detectives confirm they will be looking at any similarities as soon as the Coroner completes his investigation in the Guzman case. Investigators said it’s likely they’ll test DNA samples found on both victims.

“I said to myself, I hope it’s not the same guy who’s doing this,” Maria Lozano said. “But I did think it was a similar case.”

At Thursday night’s vigil for Guzman several mourners said they suspected her death was the work of a serial killer.

Juan Fernandez

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  1. Paul Shively says:

    Hopefully it’s not a copycat Freeway Killer from the 70’s (?). Really odd that Criminal Minds TV Show just had an episode where someone was a copy cat of the Zodiac Killer.

  2. ILLEGALS says:

    Both Similar Cases..

    I posted about this earlier in the week too..

  3. lucy says:

    Thank you CBS, for keeping this story alive. Other news outlets have ignored the possible connection between these two crimes, so thanks again CBS for keeping the community informed.

  4. Lincoln Heights Resident says:

    I certainly hope Police Investigators release information because thats what we are all wondering.
    I when I called Police Front Desk Hollenbeck they had no clue as to the murdered young lady Bree’ Anna. It would be helpful to have some information to be on alert of possible suspects. The Community is asking what is going on.

  5. Xavi says:

    recent report was that a girl was almost kidnapped on the same area, description: white van with no lisense, three men on board.. ladies in that area be careful..

    1. frank west says:

      I’ve seen this on facebook… Do you have a more legit source?

  6. Linda Rios Sanchez says:

    yes I also heard that, but didn’t get the source. So I don’t know how true it is. pls someone verify.

  7. Beverly Smith says:

    i think there are a lot of sick pervs out there who want to make a joke out of the situation to scare women.. why ? i don’t know…theyre crazy.. whether or not the same attacker is trying to get another victim or not … we should all be alert at all times.. carry some pepper spary.. and walk with someone at all times.. better to be safe than sorry… this happened in Lincoln Heights.. but it can happen anywhere.. day or night..

  8. Genaberry_ says:

    Obviously whoever is responsible knows the Los Angeles Area. Same fwy well they connect eventually.& If the two women happend to be from the same area. Maybe the police should be on night watch on the fwys …..this is scary & everyone becarefull! I DONT feel safe at all with this going on..god be with the Guzman Family

  9. -kt. says:

    May They Both R.I.P. & may their families find comfort in Knowing that they’re in a Better place. The Culprit Needs To Be Found & Prosecuted NOW. Much Love To All. <3

  10. Megan says:

    I have been searching all morning for information on this attempted kidnapping on Saturday the 29th and have yet to find anything. I have heard about it on Facebook, someone even txt me a picture of a sketch of the potential kidnapper. I am not sure what to think, and unfortunately I am not the only one who feels this way. This person is out there taking women at random, not caring if they have babies back home. It is such a horrible act to even imagine. No one is safe, and that is horrible. I just hope and pray that this person or ppl are found before anyone else loses a daughter, mother, sister, or friend..

  11. TH says:

    I ache for the families of these 2 women. This is a horrible senseless tragedy and proof of the evil that exists in our world. Whoever did this does not deserve another day alive. I am angry and feel helpless. I live far away but I work here every day. Please stay safe everyone. Nobody should be out alone. People are saying it’s a serial killer and that’s bad. What’s better? two different killers?

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