I don’t know how our parents did it. From the ’50s through the early 21st century, they worked in buildings that were so relentlessly depressing, we’re lucky they made it home. Former 48 Hours CBS news correspondent Bill Lagattuta has documented one such spot, locally, in a fascinating photo essay. (Bill’s second life is as a successful and respected professional artist in a number of media: painting, sculpture, and now photography.)

Check out sample pictures I’ve pasted here, below the increasingly difficult to navigate-around sponsor and promotional boxes helpful  resource panels; but for the full  impact, make certain to visit Bill’s webpage, MadeInFrogtown.com.

Bill’s narration will give you an even better feel of the environment. But I still can’t begin to imagine what the work-day was like for people who punched a clock at places like this one. 

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  1. Steve C. says:

    As fascinating as photos of Hi Electronics are, I was even more intrigued by this photo narrative: http://madeinfrogtown.com/shocknek-kent-shocknek

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