LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and his band aren’t only battling it out for Best Pop Duo/Group at this year’s Grammys, they are also battling for gay rights.

Levine recently told People Magazine that they changed the location of their upcoming Grammy afterparty because of a local Mexican restaurant’s stance on anti-gay marriage.

The singer said the unnamed eatery’s owners supported Prop 8 which made gay marriage in California illegal.

“We used to go to this Mexican restaurant to celebrate after the Grammys but the place supported the movement to make gay marriage illegal [in California] so we bailed on that,” Levine told People.

Levine, whose brother is gay, has been a gay and lesbian activist, appearing recently on the cover of “Out” magazine and supporting the NO H8 campaign.

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  1. Hollwood Reporter says:

    Who Cares.

    1. Michael E Brown says:

      Right on…………no CDs being bought in my house with Maroon 5 on them!!

      1. Ed powers says:

        I will go eat at that Mexican restaurant now. I will tell all my friends to dump maroon 5 and anything related to it.

    2. Kilo Echo says:

      Good for the restaurant, nNO POLE SMOKERS ALLOWED. YES ON PROP 8.

  2. Chic_a_fill says:

    Sweet! i guess i found a new place to have our company christmas parties!

  3. bob says:

    Good for them to put their beliefs into action.

  4. NYU Grad says:

    @Pookie – it sounds like you are as much of a bigot as they are.

    1. randy says:

      Who is Pookie? Are you posting on the correct story?

  5. chivo says:

    glad to hear folks still have nerve to stand up for what they believe in. sad many fold just for money.

  6. Andrew J. says:

    Wow! Maroon 5 just lost a fan and I aint backing down. Since when in this great country are people not allowed to have their own opinion? It’s funny but the ones who claim to be bigot-free are the most bigoted. This country needs to wake up cuz it’s trash like this that are ruining it. Majority rules remember? It’s called a Republic!!!!

    1. Sheila Shigley says:

      JR: You are a moron! El Coyote’s owner did not make any contributions to Prop 8 and it was only a former employee who made the contribution. Please get some education before you smear El Coyote. In the meantime, I will notify El Coyote to tell them about your lie so they will file a lawsuit against your for libel!

    2. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

      Sheila — The manager of El Coyote, who is the daughter of one of the owners, donated money to the pro-Prop. 8 ballot initiative.


      If they want to celebrate at a great Mexican restaurant, they should hold their party at Casita del Campo in Silver Lake. Good food, great, thick, homemade tortilla chips, and potent, tasty margaritas, all in a great, non-corporate ambience.

    3. Oh-my Lumbago says:

      What are you worried about Andrew? D!ckheads with two digit IQs are never subject to bigotry in this great country. So you’re good to go.

    4. Page says:

      Good-one,Andrew! Good-one!!

    5. Greg says:

      Yikes, Andrew. You fundamentally misunderstand the terminology and of the underlying concepts, and it is frightening. Where did you go to school? The U.S. is not–and was not designed to be–a place where majorities rule on any given topic. That would be a “Direct democracy” or “Mob rule.” The founding fathers explicitly feared that. A republic is a representative system based on a set of laws (Constitution) and certain rights belonging to people are recognized precedent to the laws. We cannot vote away fundamental human rights by majority rule. Your comment shows a complete misunderstanding of that. If you want to be able to discriminate against blacks, gays, Christians, or whomever, you’ll have to go to another country to do it. Wow, your comment is scary, as are those of the people who agreed with you. You do not understand the history and principles of this country. Please don’t vote until you go back to school and learn this stuff.

  7. jim says:

    WHAAAAAATTTTTTTT??? “Is it possible” some people still have morals?

    1. J.H. Facepalm says:

      It appears that Maroon 5 do have morals, yes.

  8. stevevguitar says:

    It should be the Moron 5

  9. Mike in San Diego says:

    Who are these guys any ways?

  10. tink says:

    well, they’re not losing just 1 fan but another one and a lot more , my good friends. Hey, Adam who cares if you don’t patronize the place.There will be a lot more people who will after this, you’ll see!

  11. JOHNNY says:


    1. J.H. Facepalm says:

      Make sure you order something with Santorum sauce. You’ll love it.

      1. hornman4u says:

        But that would require “holding the pickle” which this restaurant is definitely against.

  12. Sheila Shigley says:

    Who cares about the Moron 5! Tell me the name of the restaurant and I will eat there everyday!

  13. Sheila Shigley says:

    I guess gay people are so low to target freedom of speech!

  14. ??? says:

    how did they even find out what issues the restaurant supported? I don’t know the political stances of my local restaurants.

    1. hornman4u says:

      Yes….party of 5….the name is Moron. Oh, and by the way, do you take it uo the arse?? No?? Then I guess we’ll be eating elsewhere.

  15. J.H. Facepalm says:

    More proof that bigotry and mind-numbing stupidity go hand in hand.

    Carol, it’s “surfers”.

  16. Everyday Guy says:

    Gays forever standing on a soapbox proclaiming to be gay for all to hear is like bombarding us with second hand smoke.

  17. Ed powers says:

    The manager of El Coyote, who is the daughter of one of the owners, donated money to the pro-Prop. 8 ballot initiative.


    Now I will go all the way to Los Angeles to eat at El Coyote! Thanks for the info Sheila!

  18. Ratt says:

    Great, the GLBT Community sucks anyway.

  19. Al in SoCal says:

    Talk about hypocrisy, everyone whining about their free speech, nobody is denying it to the anti-gay hate mongers, they are simply CHOOSING to dine elsewhere.

    You can have all the free speech you want, you just have to deal with the consequences. Where is all that personal responsibility conservatives are always crowing about??

  20. groapair says:

    now they have to change their name to the gay BUFFONS 5 LOL

  21. Bubba says:

    Always thought Adam Levine has a little twinkle in his eye…

  22. Joan Dirreen says:

    your an ass

  23. Tolerance goes both ways says:

    Gee, I guess free speech is a one way street according to the pro gay marriage crowd. One court disagreed and handed down this ruling today. The court found that one’s views on gay marriage cannot be dictated by mob rule. Much like the El Coyote issue.

  24. matt says:

    Maroon five are idiots..its a restaurant…free speech is free speech another example of self promotion…. I heard they played for Gaddafi…..at one of theirs birthday bashes..

  25. Page says:

    May the Mexican restaurant keep up the good work and not weaken!!

  26. JJ. says:

    if the contribution came from an individual and not in the name of the business who cares ? everyone is free to support any legal organization they believe in no ? and the 5 group guys whoever they are are free to take their business somewhere else too…

  27. Otis Leroy Jackson says:

    After reading through the above comments, it appears that many posting here didn’t attend Jr High School.
    As far as the issue at hand, who gives a flying f***?

  28. Yes on Prop 8 supporter says:

    LIVE WITH IT! It’s the democratic WAY! Kudos to that restaurant. It’s the democratic process and majority supported Yes on Prop 8. This band is discriminating against the restaurant! Bigotry? How about IGNORANCE! Go talk to Cynthia Nixon.

  29. NO Pretenders says:

    After hearing Moron 5’s boring, whining and unorginal music over and over again over the years, I’m shocked that the restaurant didn’t have the good taste and good sense to ban THEM from ever eating there. That is reason alone to not eat at that place.

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