AGOURA HILLS (CBS) — Officers and community volunteers are searching the Calabasas Landfill in Agoura Hills Wednesday for the gun used in the slaying of a popular El Camino Real High School student.

The group is searching the landfill at 5300 Lost Hills Road to look for the weapon used to kill 17-year-old Francisco “Pancho” Rodriguez, said Officer Norma Eisenman of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Media Relations Section.

Rodriguez was shot and killed in front of his Winnetka home January 11, following a soccer game against Taft High School.

Jason Schumann, 24, and Elizabeth Ibarra, 19, were arrested on Jan. 16 in connection with the crime. Schumann was charged with murder, and Ibarra is being held on a probation violation. The suspects, who both have criminal records, remain jailed pending further court proceedings.

Ibarra, who has a child with Schumann, will be back in court on February 1. She is still being called a person of interest in the case.

Officials said that a combination of tips from the community and Crime Stoppers led to the arrest. Police asked Tuesday for the anonymous tipster that gave them a key piece of evidence to call them back with any additional information.

Authorities have not released any information regarding the relationship between the suspects and Rodriguez.

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  1. Frank says:

    These kind of people end up shooting their own, very sad indeed.

  2. Null says:

    Those murderers are obvious ga_ng ba_ngers.

    There’s a saying in Latin America that I’ll translate:
    “Tell me who you are associating yourself with and I’ll tell you who you are”

    I’ll put it out there that the victim here may have had another ga_ng related side to him. They only show the nice photo of him, but there are several more that show him in a more “th_ug-life” looking look. If it quacks…

    Then the victims sister, she sort of has the same g_ang ban_gerette look of this Elizabeth, same pulled out eyebrows because they paint them back in, a very hoo_d tradition. No seriously, you think I’m just typing nonsense, think again.

    But we’re in the USA and we have a justice system thats at work here.

    But people in those communities are responsible for their own demise, its culturally embedded now, kids today in those communities have culturally fused gan_g member ways of life, along with what seems like normal, straight path kids.

    Years before, you knew that the straight looking kid, was really on the straight and narrow. And you knew that the cho_lo or cho_la were thug criminal culture g_ang ban_gers.

    There was no real hiding of your ga_ng-ness.

    But TODAY. Its a double life many a kid lives.

    How do I know, I live amongst the….

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