LOS ANGELES (CBS) —A tall skinny vanilla latte and . . . a beer.

Starbucks announced Monday that four to six remodeled and yet to be determined Los Angeles shops will offer beer and wine to customers by the end of 2012.

Select stores in Atlanta and Chicago will also sell alcohol.

Beer and wine, offered to customers for $5 to $9, has been sold in some of the chain’s Seattle shops since 2010.

Starbucks has not announced what brand of beer and wine they will carry locally.

Burger King and Sonic have also recently announced the sale of alcohol at some of their restaurant locations.

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  1. Karyn Keyes says:

    Can we say…Coffee House? If you want alcohol go to the bar. Starbucks is a nice mellow place to go and have coffee or tea. What they don’t need is hyper-drunks hanging out.

    1. Laureen says:

      I’m not religious, but AMEN!
      I work at a Starbucks & can’t stand the hyper-drunks you are speaking of that already come in AFTER they’ve gone to the local Pubs. They are loud and annoying and hang out forever. They think being an awake drunk is better. What happens if we start selling alcohol here? Who will be responsible if they are served that one beer that puts them over and they cause the death of someone innocent???? The barista at Starbucks???

  2. debbie says:

    Why alcohol, we go to Starbucks to have coffee not alcohol i say we pick a day in March like 7th wed, and boycott Starbuck tell them NO ALCOHOL we dont want it

    1. J. Kay. says:

      I AGREE. I would march for that. They are turning into a HUGE monopolistic company and I thought America was against that…

  3. NY jOE says:

    A coffe house should be a place of innocence. Recovering alcoholics go to starbucks as an alternative and now must face the devil again head on .

    1. Laureen says:

      This is very true. I am a barista at my local Starbucks and I know several recovering addicts who come in regularly to enjoy their safe vice. They are all “friends of Bill”. It would be a very sad thing if they lost this haven of peace. I’m in the Northeast, so I doubt it will come to this anytime soon.
      Also, as a Barista, I really dislike the idea of dealing with arrogant drunks that talk too loud and hang out. There are times when intoxicated people come in stinking like a stale bar and not only do they ruin the atmosphere, but the stay well past when they should, therefore I cannot get my work done on time.

  4. ashley says:

    my question is why LA isnt it enough alcohol in LA. Why not Calabassas??

    1. CHSfootballstillsucks says:

      Nice one there Ashley, agreed. The neuvo riche yuppies ruined that city, it’s high time they see the real world. They could start with the one in the Commons, the Lost Hills Sheriff even has a sub station there, they could pop all the drunks coming out from SB’s….. Coffee and beer only belong together in a Drew Carey episode.

  5. Aw C'mon says:

    Disagree. There are many people who would be just as mellow discussing philosophy over a glass of wine OR a cup of coffee. People who want to party will not go to Starbuck’s for an evening discussion group. But, people who like to meet and discuss would probably be open to a drink while doing it. It is a certain population they are cateuring to.
    Recovering addicts can also get alcohol from The Cheesecake Factory. But, they usually don’t have to avoid going there to stay sober. Just make a good decision, folks. Noone forces you to drink.

    1. NY jOE says:

      You probably would also want McDonalds and Burger King also selling wine and beer. If you ever knew anyone killed by a drunk driver you would understand where I’m coming from.

      1. Laureen says:

        There are McDonalds and Sonic Stores in California that are already serving alcohol, NY Joe. Sad. But true. And your point about knowing people that have been killed by drunk drivers is spot on. There are already PLENTY of booze joints EVERYWHERE. Enough already!
        And fyi, I do enjoy a glass of wine or beer every so often when out with friends, so I’m not condemning casual drinking – in the right atmosphere.

    2. * says:

      not sure how i feel about this, Some Denny’s have Alchohol too – doesnt seem to be a big deal…Burger King – turning into a sit down have dinner restaurant – I can see that…. Star Bucks on the other hand Attracts teens – and business people… Anywhere there are teenage hangouts- (which of course wouldnt be banned because its just beer n wine) there shouldnt be people drinking – it also attracts a bad element – people with not such good intentions (they can drink), alchohol and teenagers – not sure thats such a good idea……

      1. * says:

        NY Joe is also accurate in the previous statement about people that are recovering or detoxing – they do go there as an alternative to the bars….they meet there because its safe and there isnt any alchohol…. I really hope they think twice about this one – they might be barkin’ up the wrong tree……

    3. Laureen says:

      Aw C’mon……..”…..a certain population they are catering to”.
      An alcoholic does not care where they get the booze. And if they are newly recovering, having it down at the corner coffee shop where they used to just buy their coffee could be to tempting. This is the place they go now, day after day, week after week, to buy their Venti non-fat Latte. They avoid the bars, because they have found a new, “safe” home where everybody knows their name. Yes. Their “Cheers”, so to speak. I see it every day. They pass by 2 bars here to come to this ONE safe gathering space where they get to hang with new friends. Sober friends. A different circle of friends. I’d hate to see their recovery spoiled by our store offering booze as an alternative.

  6. ILLEGALS says:

    Yeehaw.. I’m waiting for the day when they serve cold beer with hot buffalo wings by Bikini waitresses..

    That’s the day I’ll start going Starbucks..

    PS.. Hooters is Awful.. I hate their fake boobies..

    1. * says:

      IE – the bad element I was referring to……

    2. Richard B says:

      Another trailer trash bin who thinks he’s witty

    3. Laureen says:

      Ew. You’re obnoxious.

  7. J Johnson says:

    I hate the idea of alcohol being sold at Starbucks. The last thing we need or want is one more place awash in alcohol.

    Also, I wish Starbucks and The Coffee Bean could find a way to limit people from coming in, buying one cup of coffee (or nothing) and occupying chairs for hours on end. There are routine customers in Pasadena that spend their entire six hour evening drinking a free glass of water while paying customers get annoyed trying to find a place to sit. Nor is this establishment a place to do your entire evenings worth of homework using the web.

    Find a good way to politely get rid of the dead wood to increase sales instead of introducing alcohol. That’s what the paying customer would enjoy at Star Bucks and The Coffee Bean.

  8. SK says:

    Starbucks is already a financial rape off public. They don’t need to sell alcohol. The price of starbuck coffee is already high enough to make people feel high and drunk.

  9. NY jOE says:

    Also, people might go in with the intention of buying coffee and then suddenly this place becomes a pick up joint with alcohol . Keep alcohol in restaurants and bars where people go with the intention of drinking and keep the place where you could just be alone and focus and enjoy your day alcohol free !

  10. Mike says:

    Expect more fistfights in your local Starbucks. Selling booze is one potential way to fatten the bottom line but it’s way out of character for a coffee house. Talk about greed.

  11. Adriana says:

    wow. wow. wow. first of all, people go to bars not just for the alcohol but for the ambiance too.. i doubt people who want to get “smashed off their faces” and looking to pick up girls are going to be looking for this at starbucks. number two, seeing as the coffee is already overpriced i believe that the beer and wine will be also.. thus, catering to a certain crowd thus, becoming unappealing to all those fist-fighting/hooter’s hanging kind of people.. number three.. why does alcohol suddenly make everyone think wild table dancing and drunk fighting? first of all, you must be over 21 to buy it and i doubt that any fake id’ers are going to be trying their luck at a coffee joint! come on people, MATURITY

    1. Vicente says:

      I agree with Adriana!!!! MATURITY

  12. Paula says:

    How sad and greedy from Starbucks owners, we have enough alcoholics in this country, why they don’t donate money for programs to help children from family addict to alcohol, that’s a horrible disease in the world.

  13. John says:

    After this, they sell cigarette and porn and viagra…lol.

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