LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Dozens of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies launched an effort on Tuesday to cut down on what they say are dangerous habits for both drivers and pedestrians along one of LA’s most popular light railways.

Deputies took to motorcycle and patrol cars along the seven-mile stretch of the Metro Blue Line spanning from the Florence station in South LA to Artesia looking for traffic violations ranging from illegal left turns to jaywalkers and drivers distracted by cell phones and text messaging.

Violators “who do not pay attention to rail warning signs, signals, flashing lights, crossing arms, bells and train horns” faced a minimum fine of $100, Metro spokesman José Ubaldo said in a statement.

While Metro cited improved cooperation from the public for the reduced number of accidents along the Blue Line — particularly collisions between trains and cars and trucks — Ubaldo said jaywalking remains an ongoing safety concern for the agency.

“The public shares responsibility for their safety,” he said.

Comments (2)
  1. Sam Sindaha says:

    Los Angeles is desperate for cash like a junkie desperate for a fix, they will hit the streets to get it any way they can. Guess who they want as their next victim?

  2. georg S. says:

    It’s never about safety when it comes to giving tickets. cops write tickets for revenue. Those idiots don’t give a hoot about safety. I see them on their cell phones and on their computers in the car all the time. Dumb$hits.

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