LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Love to snail mail? That letter might cost you an extra pretty penny.

Starting Monday, the postal service is raising the price of a first class stamp a penny – to 45 cents.

Even “Forever Stamps” will get the price hike, and postcards cost three cents more to send, at 32 cents.

However, “Forever Stamps” that were purchased before Sunday will not be affected by the rate change.

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  1. BIG JOHN says:

    why not just make it .50 cents & be done with it for at least the next ten years. this way people will get mad once but will get over it & the post office will have the money to do what needs to be done. one things that needs to be redone is the pension system there needs to be a cap of some sort

  2. Mr. Postman says:

    People get mad because they raise it by one penny. Some guy picks up a letter at your home, drives it to the post office and than the airport and the same on the other end thousands of miles away, then they deliver it to the guys door…the price of this goes up a penny, one stinkin penny and people get mad…its enough to make you go postal!

    1. Rick says:

      Yeah, yet they are flogging everybody else. I often send 1 ounce BUBBLE ENVELOPES for my Internet business. When I first started the business a 1 ounce package/bubble envelope was .49 cents. On 1/21/2012 the price of the same 1 ounce package was $1.72. Went to the Post Office today, a 1 ounce package is now $1.95!!!! The price went up $1.46 in just over a decade and .23 cents in one day.
      What do we get for the increase? Packages thrown over fences, rumblings of no Saturday Mail and Post Office closures. Not to mention having to deal with the many USPS workers who do not care about you, your mail or their job.
      It is only a penny for you, the bill payer & letter sender. it is a big blow to the USA inspired home based business trying to stay afloat.

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