LOS ANGELES (AP) — One young man is dead and two others are injured after their vehicle went off a mountain highway and down a 500-foot ravine.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy Guillermina Saldana says the crash occurred before noon Saturday on Angeles Crest Highway in Angeles National Forest.

An injured man who made it back to the highway flagged down a motorist and authorities were called.

Saldana says a sheriff’s helicopter lowered a paramedic down the ravine to the other two men at the crash site and they were hoisted to safety.

Authorities say 18-year-old Vigen Sarkisyan of Tujunga was pronounced dead.

Saldana says the two other men, both between 18 and 20 years old, are being treated for serious injuries.

No details on how the crash occurred were released.

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  1. John says:

    Sad to see something like this happen. My sympathies to the families of all three men.

  2. Jag Wije says:

    I was the one who with my friends stopped to help this guy, we were driving north on Crest HYW on Saterday and saw his hand stick out of the side of the road. He was all broken up and we didn’t have cell signal, no one would stop for me and I drove south and found a pay phone and called 911. My friend Sam went down the cliff to help the other two. we called their names and one responded.
    They had fllen down the mountain Friday night while smoking by the storm drain as per the guy who got back to the top. News paper story is wrong as their car was parked in the turn out and he pointed to the car when we asked him. He is my Hero, I think his arm, leg and back was broken and blood coming out of his ear and nose.
    When my friend Sam got to them down the mountain, live one had told Sam that his friend had talked to him about two hours ago.
    None of the cops or Fire people talked to us, we stayed there for a long time and they didn’t talk to us.
    The guy who crawlled up the mountain told us that he got to the top by morning and some 20 cars went by him not stopping at all.

    1. ellie says:

      Jag who are you and why are you writing information here that is not true. The deceased man was my baby cousin and he was not there on Friday night. Where did you get your information from.

  3. Narine Keshishyan says:

    Vigen R.I.P my beautiful angel knowing you’re gone is unbelievable the thought of knowing your no longer going to be here is unbearable </3 it's times like this when i wish i picked up the last phone call from you or just listened to what you had to say and took your advice and realized you were only trying to protect me. i can't believe this i can't believe your gone but your in a better place now watching over us and protecting us. you passed away a hero. even though you are no longer here you are still alive in my heart you will always be remembered and missed my lovely cousin. 🙁 ♥ Vigen Sarkisyan 05/27/93 – 1/21/12 may your soul rest in peace. he lost his life saving two. you are a true hero.

  4. Kris keshishian says:

    Vigen jan R.I.P your an angel always with us and you always watch us from up there i can’t wait to see you up there axpers you will be missed kyank && you will stay in our hearts forever.

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