CULVER CITY (CBS) Film actress Zoe Saldana is being called a real life action hero after rushing to a woman’s aid who was involved in a nasty car wreck outside Sony Pictures Studios.

The collision took place at the intersection of Culver Boulevard and Overland Avenue in Culver City.

Saldana is credited with helping the victim by dialing 911 and notifying dispatchers of the woman’s location. Saldana also helped the woman out of her car and retrieved her personal belongings.

Culver City firefighters were not initially aware the actress was present at the scene.

“There’s a bunch of different responsibilities that each member has to do,” said Battalion Chief Bill Bischoff of the Culver City Fire Department. “And looking for movie stars isn’t generally one of those things.”

Firefighters said Saldana’s actions were helpful in this case.

“It’s nice to know that someone who might be that famous thinks a lot about other people and not just themselves,” said Bischoff.

Despite a visibly bloodied face, the victim’s injuries are said to be minor.

Saldana is best known for her roles in “Avatar” and “Star Trek.”

Comments (10)
  1. Diana says:

    Good spirited lady!

  2. smelly katz says:

    for heavens sake.. ACTION STAR TAKES ACTION . HERO
    you’d think she did mouth to mouth and open heart surgery on thesidewalk

  3. John Jason Chun says:


  4. doc says:

    LMAO, BFD. I helped a car accident victim in a hit in run incident. I wasn’t in the news and I didn’t “blow my horn” about it either.

  5. Maxwell Jump says:

    It’s great that she helped this woman, how many celebrities, or average people would have? Most would have just filmed everthing with their phones and uploaded it to boobtube.

    But calling her a hero for dialing 911, and helping the woman with her belongings? That’s a bit much!

  6. Abel Garcia says:

    Good for Zoe she did that.

  7. dave says:

    called 911 good job
    HELPED WOMAN OUT OF CAR == law suit you never know what injuries a perosn has if the car was not on fire all she should have done was call 911 and keep the lady calm

    1. GC1008 says:

      You’re right. Moving someone with possible head and neck injuries can cause more damage and even death. Zoe, if you read this, being proactive was great, but take the time to take a 1st aid or CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) course. A lot of the studios in town have both. As for those saying she was blowing her own horn… sounds like the press was just blowing things out of porportion as usual. Give the woman a break.

  8. Logo4245 says:

    LOVE ZOE!!!! Beautiful inside and out.

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