LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Hollywood gossip website TMZ.com is reporting that Supermodel Heidi Klum is preparing to divorce Seal.

According to the website, Klum is expected to file for divorce as early as next week, citing irreconcilable differences.

The “Project Runway” host and her husband married in 2005.

They have three children together.

Comments (10)
  1. ILLEGALS says:

    Not a surprise.. These hot women married for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$…

  2. FFL says:

    SEAL? Is that his real name? Or just how he acts and performs?

  3. The Truth says:

    They are like Beauty and The Beast. I don’t know what she saw in him the way his face looks. It must be that he can sing. She has tons of more money then he does.

    1. O_O says:

      Really?! The only thing people fall in love with are appearances??? It’s not possible to actually love someone because they are a good person, they treat them well, and make good friends and lovers??? You’re a sad person, The Truth, and THAT’S the truth. There are a lot more important things to a good mate OTHER THAN how they look. And, FYI, Seal’s face looks that way due to a childhood illness that left him with scars. Learn a little sympathy and understanding and don’t be so judgmental. I’ll bet you live a lonely, lonely life.

  4. rankin1 says:

    the guy looks like jr martinez.

  5. dawgmama says:

    For you morons who make stupid comments: I’ll bet you don’t have the nerve to go to battle like J.R. Martinez and other heroes, so you don’t have a right to say anything about him. The next thing is that Seal stepped up when Heidi’s first child was born and has been a parent to that little girl ever since… even Heidi has given him props for that. He’s also a great talent. If this marriage is really over, it’s very sad, but you fools with big mouths and small brains need to try being a little kinder. Karma’s a b…h!

    1. ginny says:

      dawgmama, couldn’t have said it better.

  6. chuey says:

    Why is this deemed news? For the value of her engagement ring alone, I could comfortably retire. And a talented guy like that will all of a sudden have a problem getting female attention? Gimme a break! This is another celebrity who thinks they need to be married to another celebrity…

  7. Browns says:

    Useless news….There will be a time in which celebrities will no matter to anyone anymore…..can’t wait for that…..