STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Kathryn Gallagher visited the KCAL 9 studios Friday to talk about Home Depot’s clinics every Saturday at 10 a.m. throughout January at Southland stores.

The clinics are in light of the incandescent phase out.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, there are 4 billion light bulb sockets in the country and more than 3 billion of them still use the standard incandescent technology that Thomas Edison created in 1879. While standard incandescent bulbs have been lighting our country for years, approximately 90% of the energy they use creates heat – not light.

California started a year earlier with the 100W last year and the 75W going this year, but a lot of consumer confusion remains.

There are three light bulb options now in light of the incandescent light bulb being phased out:
• The High Efficiency Incandescent (also known as energy efficient halogen) light bulbs
• 28% more efficient last 2-3 years costs about $1.50 a light bulb
• CFL (compact fluorescent light bulbs)
• 75% more efficient last 10 years and cost about $1.75 a light bulb
• LED light bulbs
• 85% more efficient 25 years and cost anywhere from $9.97(for 40W equivalent) to $25 (75W equivalent) a light bulb

Lighting Lingo: Learn the terms associated with the new bulb technologies such as lumens, kelvins and color temperature
• Lumens are brightness of the light bulb
• Kelvins is the measure of temperature – so how hot the light bulb will get
• Color temperature is the hue – for example soft white, daylight, bright light what type of lighting mood are you going for

For more information, visit Home Depot online.

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  1. noneoff says:

    The problem with CFL is that they contain mercury. They are toxic to the environment. They cannot be tossed into the trash. They must be disposed of at a toxic waste round up.