(CBS) —  Dodger fans have gotten used to watching top free agents come and go without any interest from Los Angeles, but that could soon change.

According to Jayson Stark’s column on ESPN.com on Friday, the Dodgers will be big spenders in the future.

From  ESPN.com

“Next year this time, the Dodgers will be THE team calling up every marquee free agent.  They’re going to have serious money.  They’ll be the Yankees West.” This quote is from an unnamed NL executive.

Some potential 2013 free agents include:

1B- Lance Berkman – unrestricted

SS- Stephen Drew — ($10MM mutual option with a $1.35MM buyout)

3B – David Wright  -($16MM club option with a $1MM buyout)

OF – Josh Hamilton – unrestricted

OF – B.J. Upton – unrestricted

OF – Shane Victorino — unrestricted

OF – Andre Ethier — unrestricted

OF – Ichiro — unrestricted

SP – Matt Cain – unrestricted

SP – Zack Greinke – unrestricted

SP – Cole Hamels — unrestricted

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