RONSON CANYON (CBS) — Authorities Thursday resumed their search for more body parts near the Hollywood sign after a human head, two severed hands and two feet were discovered earlier this week.

A professional dog walker and her mother made the first gruesome discovery Tuesday when one of their dogs led them to the head, which was inside a grocery bag.

Lauren Kornberg tells CBS2 the experience left her shaking.

“I looked over and it rolled down the hill and fell into a ravine,” Kornberg said. “I thought it might have been a soccer ball. I turned to my mom and said it actually looked like a head, and so we thought it was maybe some sort of a movie prop. My mom was the brave one and she walked down into the ravine and got close and saw that there was eyes and blood in hair, and that it was, in fact, a human head.”

Detectives Wednesday found two hands and two feet near the initial discovery in the 3200 block of Canyon Drive.

Authorities are hoping the hands are in good enough condition to get a fingerprint from the victim, a man believed to be in his 40s.

CBS2 spoke with a forensic psychologist who says the killer may be involved in organized crime and obviously wanted to draw attention to the murder.

“When someone commits a murder, you know, you can dispose of the body in places that are less sensational. And with the Hollywood sign, you know, it may be heard of around the world,” Dr. Don Hoagland said.

LAPD officials, however, say they don’t believe that’s the case, but are continuing their investigation.

Comments (15)
  1. David V says:

    A professional dog walker? I wonder how many college credits I need to get THAT title. If I didn’t have work today, I would have given a arm and a leg to help.

  2. Frank says:

    The killer most likely Mexican. This has always been the problem.

    1. Tired of stupid comments says:

      Okay stupid how and why did you come to that conclusion. It seems that every comment on these posts are of a racial nature. We live in America, the land of opportunity where you are innocent until proven guilty. You are judging before they even have a suspect. Get a life!!!

    2. joe says:

      No, its probably a trailer park white trash like u.

    3. Mexican And Proud says:

      Or probably your momma on WELFARE…we always have problems with white people standing at the end of the freeway asking for money.. How about you go find a job like us mexicans. We take your jobs for a reason..because all you white people do is expect everything free when we are willing to work for our money.

  3. David V says:

    Hey, Mexican and Proud… yeah, you might work alot of hours by taking the “white mans jobs”, but you’re still illegal. Try being legal first then comment. Commenting is for legals only. It’s hard to find a job out there, in California because you and your sisters and brothers and their kids and even their kids are living under ONE roof and I’m sure that roof is a one bedroom apartment.

    1. Mexican And Proud says:

      First off I am legal and I am also a graduate from UCLA. And definately do not leave under one roof with a lot of mexicans like you would like to say. My family is very wealthy and we do not need to work a lot of hours. Do not be jelous because my family came here to be succesful and yes take your job becuase you lazy ass white people all expect everything in hand. When I see white person at the end of the freeway I give them an application to my dads company and I tell let a mexican help you find a job instead of getting it for free. They have the social security they have everything they need. Why stand and beg for money?? Cause they are LAZY.

  4. francy walker says:

    Here is another reason to allow dogs off leash in LA parks.

  5. BG says:

    mex and proud,

    Gee I guess you have not been home to your POS motherland cause REAL mexican beggers are everywhere. Yeah you should be so proud of mexico,
    “chicletts meester”

    1. Mexican And Proud says:

      They are making money by selling “chicletts ” they do not stand at the end of the free way with a sign saying im homeless. Go and get your people to work ill tell my people to hook them up with some chiccletts..Lazy Lazy Lazy…Stop wanting for people to give you free money when we all work hard for our money…its time for your people to understand that.

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